LINE NEXT Unveils Five ‘Gamer First NFT Games’ on Game Dosi

LINE NEXT Unveils Five ‘Gamer First NFT Games’ on Game Dosi

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:26 UTC

The widely used social network Line's subsidiary, LINE NEXT, has revealed its intentions to launch five games on its Web3 gaming platform Game Dosi in the second half of 2023. The NFT-focused company with headquarters in the US has stated that it plans to increase the scope of its gaming products.

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Get ready for an immersive Web3 gaming experience as they unveil five captivating titles including Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order (VLO), KEROZ, Drawshop Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD. Each title has distinct mechanics and gameplay, according to the company.

Sweet Monster Guardians

Sweet Monster Guardians is the first game the Game Dosi platform will make available for NFT pre-sales. The game is a browser-based defense game by Movisoft that emphasizes the tactical deployment of distinctive characters.

Vestria the Last Order

Players have the chance to fully engage in a group role-playing journey in the virtual world of VLO. They can form a group and move ahead for thrilling adventures together. The SIS Studio-created PC and Mac game has a Final Fantasy-inspired feel to it.


There is a brand-new game available on the market for enthusiasts of "roguelike" dungeon crawling games: KEROZ. Superflex is the developer of this action-adventure game and it is accessible on both PC and mobile devices.

Project GD

Project GD is still a mystery, but Game Dosi claims that it will be an intense NFT-based card game. However, there is no detailed information available at this time, Project GD appears to be a promising game. It will surely take the web3 gaming industry by storm.

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is an ultimate DAO-based metaverse game. It has also signed up with LINE NEXT to provide an immersive gaming experience. DKR aimed to target a wider market for their creative game and managed to collaborate IPs between LINE DOSI and DKR.
DKR will develop DOSI IP-based NPCs (Pixel Arts) with special tools. Furthermore, DKR will airdrop them to DOSI holders to encourage community interaction.

In DKR World, you can use a Gacha Contract to build your own NFT draw machines. You can participate in Land Festivals with other users from around the world, or engage in user competition by strategically managing your Land. Additionally, you have the option to make the 2D Art Galleries that you can use to adorn the Land.

Game Dosi Prize and Giveaways

Game Dosi's official release date has been set for May 18. The business declared at launch that it will provide a subscription sale with gold- and platinum-tier NFT passes. These memberships will grant special advantages, such as early access to the newest titles.

In keeping with its motto of "Gamer First, Web3 Next," Game Dosi has announced that it will be providing NFT incentives from its upcoming Project GD game. By completing missions that are available on the company's community website, players can win incentives. They missions have be to finished by May 31st.

Game Dosi has revealed that it is planning an auction to give users a second chance to win NFT items. According to the company, the number of sign-ups on the Game Dosi Discord network will influence who gets to enter the giveaway. Game Dosi says that they will reveal another series of other games with internationally well-known material in the second half of this year.

The Finschia blockchain, originally Line Blockchain and Link Chain, is the platform that was used to create the blockchain-based game, Dosi. LINK is the native cryptocurrency of Finschia.

Previously, Line Brand stepped into the NFT market. The parent business of the adored Line Friends characters, IPX, just announced a new cooperative agreement with Chiru Labs. Chiru Labs is behind the Azuki Ethereum NFT project. Together, two well-known businesses are looking into prospects for content and merchandise that will highlight their unique intellectual properties.

About Dosi

DOSI, the name derived from the Korean word for "city," offers brands and companies support programs for NFT creation and global marketing. It empowers them to run their own branded DOSI Stores, sell their own NFTs, build communities, and implement membership programs. Users can register for their own DOSI Wallet, log in and purchase a variety of NFT collections using several simple payment options, and then benefit from the DOSI ecosystem.

DOSI Wallet provides multiple payment options, such as credit cards and mobile payment apps like Naver Pay (in Korea) that too without charging any commission fee for minting NFTs. Cryptocurrencies will soon be introduced as a payment option. A user will receive a special PFP (profile photo) NFT after they create a DOSI Wallet. They will utilize this wallet for DOSI Citizen, an NFT-based membership program.

LINE NEXT Unveils Five ‘Gamer First NFT Games’ on Game Dosi
LINE NEXT Unveils Five ‘Gamer First NFT Games’ on Game Dosi

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