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Parallel is a trading card game that puts players in a fascinating science fiction world. It is different from other card games because it uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which let players really own the things they have in the game. This means that players have no limits on how they can buy, sell, or trade their NFTs.

Parallel is also an open-world game, which means that players can explore and interact with the game's world in a way that isn't possible with traditional card games. Parallel also has regular pack drops that include Parallel NFTs. This gives players even more chances to get and trade valuable items. The people who made Parallel took a lot of time to make sure it was a beautiful and immersive experience. The artwork for the game's non-playable characters (NFTs) is top-notch, and the game's science fiction setting comes to life with stunning visuals and an interesting story. Parallel is a new and exciting game that puts the player in control and puts them in a science fiction setting. It's no surprise that it's already got a big, passionate fan base among both gamers and collectors.

In the universe of "Parallel," the Earth has run out of energy and is no longer able to support human civilization. In an attempt to find a solution, scientists turned to anti-matter as a source of energy. The game's story follows humanity's efforts to explore outer space and establish new civilizations on other planets in order to survive. Players can join in this quest to save the human race.

Unfortunately, the use of anti-matter as a source of energy had unintended consequences that forced some humans to evacuate Earth. These refugees had to adapt to life in unfamiliar territory as they journeyed through space. However, not everyone was able to escape the effects of the new energy source, and most of the remaining humans on Earth were killed by radioactivity.

After some time had passed, the Earth regained the ability to produce energy that could be harvested and incorporated into wearable technology. Now, humans wish to return to Earth, but they will likely face conflict with the "parallels," a group of beings that also inhabit the planet.

Who are the Parallels?

Five parallel streams of human evolution are featured in the game. These are notably distinct from one another, the website claims, because of their unique techniques and strengths.

Still, these human evolution streams are fighting to get control of Earth and wish to rule it. The player is urged by Parallel Life to select their character in order to assert their claim to their ancestral land. Indeed, the factions are poles apart due to their distinct philosophies and goals.

There are a total of 5 parallels in the game:

  • Earthen

  • Marcomalian

  • Augencore

  • Kathari

  • Shroud

How to play?

You need a full deck of cards in order to play the game. The website made it clear that these card sets had to be connected to one of the five Parallels. Similar to that, you can create a variety of decks to play any game you like. However, before each game, you can mix and match the cards from your set.

Fortunately, not all Parallels are required to play the game. You can begin your game once you have a full deck from your favorite Parallel.

You will require an ETH wallet to store your NFTs because Parallel is an Ethereum-based NFT. Also, you can buy, sell and trade these NFT cards on any NFT platform.

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Game review: Parallel is a science fiction trading card game that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to allow players to truly own their in-game assets. It's an open-world game with regular pack drops that offer valuable Parallel NFTs. The game's stunning artwork and immersive setting have already made it a popular choice among gamers and collectors alike.

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Parallel - Parallel is an open-world sci-fi universe NFT trading card game that offers game assets and true ownership to players. 

Parallel Studios is developing the next AAA sci-fi franchise and leveraging blockchain/NFT tech. Game Developer of Sci-Fi NFT game Parallel.

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