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Upland: Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game - Game Review

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Upland is a play to earn metaverse game like the board game Monopoly. Upland is a blockchain-based game where players can buy and sell virtual properties based on real-world maps. It uses a collectible model and its native token UPX is built on the EOS blockchain. Players can earn passive income by owning multiple properties and unique landmarks. The game has its own marketplace and a custodian web3 wallet for users. However, the UPX token is a one-way currency and cannot be redeemed for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. While the game is a great concept, its business model is not fully tailored for blockchain adoption.

The game requires players to buy tracts of digital land and build their real estate business in the virtual world. Like the real world, in this EOS blockchain technology-based virtual world, the land is addressed according to real-world places. Therefore, making it possible for the virtual land to have actual value like the real world. Moreover, players can invest in digital land properties which are NFTs, and then put them up for sale and rent.

Upland Concept

Upland is a blockchain-based game where players can buy fake land based on a map of the real world. The game is built on the EOS blockchain, which gives players ownership contracts that prove they own a certain object. Like Ethereum's NFTs, these ownership contracts give people full control over their digital assets and make it easy to trade, sell, and earn interest from them.

One of the coolest things about Upland is that you can buy your real house in the game, as long as it is in San Francisco. This function adds a personal touch to the game and makes it more fun for people who care about their real-world property. The main way to play Upland is to move around the 2D map of the real world and buy any property you see. To buy a house, you need UPX, which is Upland's native token built on the EOS system. Players start out with 6,000 UPX, which they can use to buy their first home. For $5, you can buy more UPX with a bank card, credit card, or even another cryptocurrency. Once a player owns a piece of land, they can earn interest based on how much their property is worth. Also, if you own multiple pieces of land in the same area or unique properties like museums, you can get collectibles that work as passive skills and increase your monthly income.

Players can make more UPX each month the more land they own. Some players have already thought of ways to get other players to buy certain sites, which makes the game a bit more competitive. But there are some bad things about Upland. Like Valve's Steam, UPX is a one-way coin. This is one of the most important problems. This means that players can buy UPX with real money, but they can't turn their digital goods into cash or other cryptocurrencies like EOS. This one-way currency model makes UPX less useful outside of the game and limits its promise as a real cryptocurrency.

Another problem with Upland is that it's not very creative when it comes to how tokens can be used. The game is almost entirely about owning land and getting interest, leaving little room for UPX to be used in other ways. In terms of how tokens work, UPX is more of a utility token than a true coin. Players have to pay real money to get UPX, and it can't be used outside of the game through free trade or swap. When a player buys a property in-game, an ownership contract is sent to their EOS wallet. Other than that, there aren't many other ways to use UPX.

Even with these problems, Upland has risen to the fourth spot in the EOS DApp ranks since it started in 2019. DappRadar says that in the last 24 hours, the game was used by more than 700 people, who did a total of 3,203 deals. Upland's present EOS balance is about 2,500 EOS, which is worth a little more than $6,000 USD.

In conclusion, Upland is a great idea for a blockchain-based game, but the business model is not at all made for blockchain usage. Tokens and the blockchain could be used in a video game in a lot of different ways, but a one-way system is not one of them. Even though being able to buy real-world property in-game and make interest from virtual assets is exciting, UPX's potential as a true cryptocurrency is limited by the fact that tokens can't be used for anything and the currency model only works in one direction.

Upland Review: A Virtual Property Trading Game with a Twist

Upland is a game that allows players to buy, sell, and trade virtual properties that are mapped to actual cities. With over 50,000 daily users, it is currently one of the top ten games in popularity on Dappradar. The game has been around since 2018 and is constantly updated with new features and locations. Upland can be played on browser, Android, and iOS.

Gameplay Upland

The gameplay in Upland is similar to Monopoly, but on a grander scale. Each virtual property is a unique NFT minted on the EOS blockchain. Players can buy new properties from the bank (minting) or directly from other players. Players collect rent in UPX tokens when other players visit their properties. In Upland, there are no dice. Instead, players use movement points and pay a visit fee to move around the map.

Buying and Selling Property

Property ownership and trading is an essential aspect of the game. Properties produce 14.7% annually on the mint price, paid out every three hours. Collections can provide a boost to those earnings. There are two types of property categories in Upland: minted and unminted. Unminted properties have never had an owner, and buying them is like buying unowned property from the bank in Monopoly. The easier (and more expensive) way to buy property in Upland is to purchase minted properties from other players on the market. Players can sell their property for UPX or USD.

Placing Buildings on Top of Your Property

To construct a building, players need to acquire spark, which is equivalent to workforce hours. Players can obtain spark on treasure hunts, special events, or by achieving a net worth of 1,000,000 UPX which will award them a director status and above. Buildings increase property and neighborhood value. In the future, buildings will have more use cases such as displaying NFTs and parking cars.

Moving Around

By default, players' avatars wander the city randomly. Players start each day with a limited amount of movement points ("sends"), but they can increase their sends by collecting icons of paper airplanes on the map. Moving around also costs a visit fee in UPX. To move between cities, players can use a train or a plane. Players can purchase real estate from other players and conduct business around the map from a stationary position, collecting their recurrent UPX.

Avatar and Upland Status

As a new player, you start with the Visitor Status, and you will need to actively log in and renew your Upland visa every seven days. If your visa expires, all your assets will be confiscated and returned to the community pool. Players can level up to Uplander status when they reach a net worth of at least 10,000 UPX. Uplanders can start selling their properties for UPX and USD and take advantage of Fair State Act (FSA) properties.

Upland Information

Upland is a fun and addictive game that combines elements of Monopoly and city building games. The game's play-to-earn model and the ability to trade properties for both UPX and USD makes it appealing to both casual and serious gamers. The constantly updated map and regular addition of new features ensure that the game stays fresh and exciting. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, Upland is definitely worth checking out.


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Best Game Review - Upland

Upland is a revolutionary blockchain game that offers a unique opportunity to own virtual property based on real-world maps. With Upland, players can trade, sell, and earn interest from their digital assets, all while exploring an interactive 2D map of the world. As one of the most popular EOS-based decentralized applications, Upland offers a competitive and engaging gameplay experience, allowing players to purchase their own real-life house in San Francisco and generate a passive monthly income by owning properties in specific regions. While Upland's native token, UPX, is one-way, meaning it cannot be redeemed for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies, the game still offers endless possibilities for players to explore and interact with blockchain technology in a fun and exciting way. If you're looking for a new and innovative gaming experience, Upland is the perfect choice.

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FAQ Upland: Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game - Game Review

Upland is a play to earn metaverse game like the board game Monopoly, like the real world, the land is addressed according to real-world places.

Upland is a play-to-earn NFT blockchain game. UDU, Upland Development United, developed this game like the board game Monopoly

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