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One World Nation




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One World Nation

One World Nation (OWN) is a Cryptoverse of fantasy, casual, and hyper-casual games.

The Cryptoverse has 12 warrior clans, each clan representing a Crypto (BTC, ETH, SOL, etc.). Each clan has warrior NFTs called Cryptonites. Use these Cryptonites in various games to win and make tons of real money.

The main game on the platform is - Crypto Fantasy. Imagine a crossover between Football Fantasy and Crypto markets. The objective of the game is to create a winning team of 5 Cryptonites which will gain the maximum number of points within a specified period of time. Points will be awarded to each Cryptonite of the team based on the performance of the underlying crypto in the real world.

Daily rewards of 3500 USDC are being given out across 3 games daily. Apart from this we just launched a Prediction game where you can predict market behavior and earn rewards.

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