MetaDOS - Game Review
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MetaDOS - Game Review

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MetaDOS, the futuristic battle royale, employs the innovative Time-as-currency premise, presenting itself as a free-to-play eSports sensation.

MetaDOS ushers in the next era of metaverse battle royale gaming, drawing inspiration from Apex Legends and the film "In Time." It's an esports-focused game where time becomes currency, offering stunning visuals and gameplay. Players assemble a crew of outlaws, soldiers, and misfits, each with unique skills, to compete in intense meta-battles where survival is the ultimate goal. Time, a valuable resource, can be looted from opponents, and being the last one standing brings rewards. This innovative fusion of esports and blockchain technology creates a thrilling free-to-play experience. Choose legendary characters, each with distinct abilities, and engage in high-stakes battles where time is the key to victory. This isn't just a game; it's a race against the clock.

MetaDOS Review

MetaDOS introduces two distinctive game modes, each offering an exhilarating experience. In the "Time" game mode, players risk their time, essentially their lifeline, in an inventive take on the battle royale genre. A diverse cast of characters, from outlaws to soldiers, each with unique abilities, engage in the grand Meta Battle, where survival is paramount, not just against adversaries but also the encroaching Ring. Conversely, the game provides a traditional battle royale experience, where players unite in teams for large-scale battles, pitting dozens to hundreds of contenders against each other. The goal remains the same: emerge as the last warrior standing, reaping glory and honor in the world of MetaDOS.


Players select from four main character types - Offensive, Tank, Tech, and Support. With an initial offering of 10 characters, each catering to distinct playstyles, players can choose their ideal avatar. Among them are figures like Tether, the sharp-witted American Bounty Hunter; Terra, the relentless Korean fighter on a mission; Solana, the Japanese assassin with deadly precision; Cardano, the envious Italian chemist consumed by jealousy; Space Karen, the flamboyant billionaire president of SPACEZ; Ark, the cyborg survivor of a devastating fire; Dai, the farm-raised, justice-driven hero; Avax, the brilliant mind behind DOS Labs; Stellar, the compassionate lawyer turned investigator; and Tron, the tech CEO on a quest to uncover the truth behind his father's mysterious demise. Each character brings a unique flavor to the battlefield in the ever-evolving world of MetaDOS.


$TIME is the non-inflationary token of the game which work as both governance and utility token.

Community Response

  • gyulamenarik8687: Great project!

  • Myshortsmax: Best Battle Royale game

  • bidel2093: It's great, I hope you are successful, looking forward to it


MetaDOS Article FAQ

What is MetaDOS, and how does it differ from traditional battle royale games?

MetaDOS is a futuristic battle royale game that sets itself apart from traditional titles by introducing the innovative concept of time-as-currency. In this game, players use time as a valuable resource, and the last player or team standing is rewarded. This unique premise creates a distinct gameplay experience where time management is crucial.

What inspired the creation of MetaDOS?

MetaDOS draws inspiration from popular games like Apex Legends and the film "In Time." It combines elements from these sources to create an esports-focused metaverse battle royale game.

Can you explain the two game modes in MetaDOS?

MetaDOS offers two distinct game modes. In the "Time" mode, players risk their time, essentially their lifeline, in a battle royale setting where survival is paramount. The other mode is a traditional battle royale experience where players form teams for large-scale battles, aiming to be the last warriors standing.

What character types are available in MetaDOS, and can you provide details about some of the characters mentioned?

Players in MetaDOS can choose from four main character types: Offensive, Tank, Tech, and Support. The game initially offers 10 characters, each with unique abilities. Some of the characters mentioned in the article include Tether, the American Bounty Hunter; Terra, the Korean fighter on a mission; Solana, the Japanese assassin; Cardano, the Italian chemist; Space Karen, the billionaire president of SPACEZ; Ark, the cyborg survivor; Dai, the justice-driven hero; Avax, the brilliant mind behind DOS Labs; Stellar, the compassionate lawyer turned investigator; and Tron, the tech CEO on a quest to uncover the truth behind his father's mysterious demise. These characters bring distinct playstyles and personalities to the game.

How does the concept of time-as-currency work in MetaDOS?

In MetaDOS, time serves as a valuable resource and currency. Players can loot time from opponents, and the last player or team standing is rewarded. Managing and utilizing time effectively is crucial to success in the game.

What is the token used in MetaDOS, and what is its role in the game?

The game uses $TIME as a non-inflationary token, serving both as a governance and utility token within the game's ecosystem. It plays a central role in the in-game economy and governance mechanics.

Are there any specific gameplay mechanics or features that make MetaDOS unique?

MetaDOS stands out for its innovative fusion of esports and blockchain technology, as well as its emphasis on time management. The concept of time-as-currency and the diverse character roster with unique abilities contribute to its uniqueness in the battle royale genre.

Is MetaDOS a free-to-play game, and how is it positioned in the esports landscape?

Yes, MetaDOS is positioned as a free-to-play esports sensation, making it accessible to a wide range of players. It combines the excitement of esports competition with the thrill of the battle royale genre, offering a unique gaming experience.

What is the community response to MetaDOS, as mentioned in the article?

The article mentions positive comments from the community, with users expressing their support and excitement for the game's success. Players have praised it as a great project and the best Battle Royale game.

Are there any specific game studios or developers mentioned in relation to MetaDOS?

The article does not mention specific game studios or developers associated with MetaDOS. However, it highlights the game's innovative features, character roster, and gameplay modes.

Is there any information about the release date or platforms for MetaDOS?

The article does not provide information about the release date or specific platforms for MetaDOS. Further details about the game's availability may be found on official channels or announcements from the developers.


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Frequently Asked Questions MetaDOS - Game Review

MetaDOS, the futuristic battle royale, employs the innovative Time-as-currency premise, presenting itself as a free-to-play eSports sensation. MetaDOS ushers in the next era of metaverse battle royale gaming, drawing inspiration from Apex Legends and the film "In Time." It's an esports-focused game where time becomes currency, offering stunning visuals and gameplay.

MetaDOS: A groundbreaking metaverse battle royale where time is currency. Outplay rivals, loot their time, and survive the Ring to win

Game Description

Gamers should keep in mind that MetaDOS is a revolutionary metaverse battle royale game that brings a fresh twist to the genre. The innovative concept of time-as-currency adds a unique layer of strategy, making time management a critical skill. Players select from a diverse roster of characters, each with distinct abilities, in their quest for survival.

MetaDOS offers two captivating game modes: the "Time" mode, where players risk their time in intense battles, and the traditional battle royale mode for team-based competition. With a free-to-play model and blockchain integration, it's an esports sensation accessible to all.

The character choices and their playstyles provide variety, enhancing replayability. As players loot time from opponents and fight against the encroaching Ring, every moment counts. MetaDOS is not just a game; it's a race against time in the thrilling metaverse of esports.

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