Web3 Warriors - Game Review
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Web3 Warriors - Game Review

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Web3 Warriors offers the ultimate blockchain survival challenge. Defeat the undead, enhance your character, and break free from the dungeon's depths.

Gamers, brace yourselves for a gaming experience like no other in "Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon." This epic onchain survival game takes you on a thrilling adventure as you battle elemental lords, confront endless waves of undead enemies, and face terrifying bosses. But that's not all - as you progress through the game, you'll have the chance to earn $BATTLE tokens and upgrade your characters by purchasing NFTs in the in-game shop.

Built with ThirdWeb: Web3 Under the Hood

In "Web3 Warriors," the game is powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, providing you with a unique and immersive gaming experience. Here's what gamers should definitely keep in mind:

1. Invisible Wallet: Forget the hassle of connecting wallets and signing transactions. "Web3 Warriors" automatically generates personal wallets for all players, allowing you to focus on the game and login with your email.

2. Gasless Gaming: Say goodbye to worrying about blockchain gas costs. "Web3 Warriors" covers the gas expenses, ensuring a seamless gaming experience that persists across platforms and devices.

3. Gaming Contracts: Creating your own web3 game is easier than ever with 1-click deploy contracts from Explore. "Web3 Warriors" provides all the contracts you need to craft your gaming universe.

4. Unity SDK: Integrate web3 seamlessly into your gaming experience across various platforms, from native and mobile to console, browser, and VR, thanks to the user-friendly Unity SDK.

Why Build Web3 Games?

"Web3 Warriors" is more than just a game; it's a demonstration of the immense potential of blockchain technology in gaming. Traditional games often limit players in terms of ownership and a closed ecosystem. However, "Web3 Warriors" opens the door to a decentralized gaming world where players have full control over their in-game assets, can derive real-world value from their gameplay, and experience unprecedented interactivity and interoperability beyond the game itself.

Elevate Your Gameplay with NFTs:

In "Web3 Warriors," the acquisition of armor and weapon skins not only adds personalization but also introduces unique mechanics to the gameplay. These cosmetic skins, represented by NFTs, can be directly purchased in-game using $BATTLE tokens. The use of pre-built Edition Drop contracts ensures the fair distribution and ownership of these NFTs, enhancing the gaming experience.

Battle Tokens for a Balanced Economy:

To claim Armor and Weapon skins, players must spend their hard-earned in-game currency, Battle Tokens. This dynamic creates a balanced and fair in-game economy, motivating players to explore, strategize, and accumulate Battle Tokens to improve their characters.

Explore the World of Web3 Warriors:

Discover the $ARMOR and $WEAPON Edition Drop contracts, providing real-time data on obtained items and their owners. The Armory screen lets you shop for armor and weapon skins, enhancing your warrior's capabilities with Battle Tokens.

In "Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon," prepare to immerse yourself in a blockchain-powered gaming universe where true ownership, value creation, and interactivity reign supreme. Get ready to embark on an epic journey like never before.

WEB3 Warriors Review

In "Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon," gamers are in for an exhilarating journey through a blockchain-powered survival game that pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming. This unique and innovative experience offers a thrilling mix of action, strategy, and blockchain technology, making it a standout title in the gaming world.

Gameplay (4.5/5):

The core gameplay of "Web3 Warriors" revolves around battling elemental lords, confronting relentless waves of undead foes, and taking on formidable bosses. The action-packed combat is both challenging and rewarding, keeping players engaged as they strive to progress deeper into the dungeon. The addition of personalization through NFT-based armor and weapon skins adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to tailor their characters to their liking.

Blockchain Integration (5/5):

One of the game's standout features is its seamless integration of blockchain technology. The "Web3 Warriors" team has successfully eliminated the need for players to manage wallets and transaction signing, making it incredibly user-friendly. The gasless gaming experience ensures that blockchain costs do not hinder enjoyment, and the use of smart contracts for NFTs guarantees fair distribution and ownership.

Graphics and Sound (4/5):

The game boasts visually pleasing graphics that bring the dungeon and its inhabitants to life. While not cutting-edge, the graphics are more than sufficient for an enjoyable gaming experience. The sound design complements the action well, creating an immersive atmosphere within the game.

Innovation (5/5):

"Web3 Warriors" sets a new standard for innovation in the gaming industry. It not only showcases the potential of blockchain technology but also allows players to truly own their in-game assets and derive real-world value from their efforts. The interconnectedness and interoperability provided by blockchain are game-changers that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Final Verdict (4.5/5):

"Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon" is a groundbreaking title that successfully marries the excitement of traditional gaming with the power of blockchain technology. Its engaging gameplay, seamless blockchain integration, and commitment to player ownership make it a must-play for both gaming enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados. While it may not boast the highest-end graphics, its innovative approach more than makes up for it. Dive into the world of "Web3 Warriors" and experience gaming like never before.


The tokenomics of "Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon" are a pivotal element that enriches the gaming experience and empowers players with unique opportunities within the blockchain-driven ecosystem.

$BATTLE Tokens:

At the heart of "Web3 Warriors" lies the native cryptocurrency, $BATTLE tokens. These tokens serve as the in-game currency, unlocking a wide range of possibilities for players:

  1. Game Progression: Players earn $BATTLE tokens through gameplay, defeating enemies, conquering bosses, and achieving milestones. These tokens are the key to leveling up your character and enhancing your gaming experience.

  2. NFT Acquisition: $BATTLE tokens provide access to the in-game shop, allowing players to purchase NFT-based armor and weapon skins. These cosmetic items not only personalize characters but also introduce unique mechanics, enhancing gameplay.

  3. Economic Balance: The game's economy is built around $BATTLE tokens, creating a balanced ecosystem where players are encouraged to strategize and explore to accumulate tokens. This dynamic ensures fair competition and resource management.

Ownership and Value:

One of the standout features of "Web3 Warriors" is its commitment to player ownership and value creation:

  1. True Ownership: NFTs acquired using $BATTLE tokens are owned by the players. These NFTs represent cosmetic skins that players can use to customize their characters. Players have full control over these assets, and they can be transferred or traded outside of the game.

  2. Real-World Value: By introducing NFTs and blockchain technology, "Web3 Warriors" allows players to derive real-world value from their in-game assets. These NFTs have inherent value, and players can participate in the blockchain marketplace, opening up new revenue streams through asset trading.


"Web3 Warriors" goes beyond the confines of the game itself, offering a new level of interoperability:

  1. Cross-Gaming Universe: Players can carry their digital assets, represented by NFTs, into other gaming universes, creating a seamless experience across different games. This extends the utility of in-game assets beyond the boundaries of "Web3 Warriors."


The tokenomics of "Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon" are a testament to the innovative approach of the game. $BATTLE tokens, NFTs, and blockchain integration not only enhance gameplay but also empower players with true ownership and the potential for real-world value creation. This unique blend of gaming and blockchain technology sets "Web3 Warriors" apart, creating a dynamic and engaging gaming ecosystem that rewards skill, strategy, and exploration.

Community Response

  • kimmonses8365: Interesting! Will definitely look into this game.

  • andeutch7866: Great graphics, they really deserve the reward they got.

  • esport_kz: How much can I earn there for free for one day.


FAQ WEB3 Warriors - Game Review

Q1: What is "Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon"?

Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon is a cutting-edge blockchain-powered survival game developed by ThirdWeb Studios. In this game, players embark on a thrilling journey battling elemental lords, confronting waves of undead enemies, and challenging formidable bosses within a dungeon setting.

Q2: How does the blockchain integration work?

The game uses blockchain technology to streamline the gaming experience. Players don't need to manage wallets or worry about gas costs; the game handles it all seamlessly. Smart contracts ensure fair ownership and distribution of in-game assets.

Q3: What are $BATTLE tokens, and how do they work?

$BATTLE tokens are the native cryptocurrency within the game. Players earn them by progressing in the game, defeating enemies, conquering bosses, and achieving milestones. These tokens are used for character progression and purchasing NFT-based armor and weapon skins in the in-game shop.

Q4: What are NFT-based armor and weapon skins?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, represent cosmetic items in the game. Players can use $BATTLE tokens to acquire these skins, which not only personalize their characters but also introduce unique gameplay mechanics.

Q5: Can I own and trade NFTs outside the game?

Yes, players have full ownership of the NFTs acquired in Web3 Warriors. This means you can transfer or trade them outside of the game, potentially creating real-world value through blockchain marketplaces.

Q6: How does the game achieve real-world value creation?

Through NFT ownership and blockchain technology, players can participate in a broader blockchain ecosystem, trading their in-game assets in various marketplaces, expanding their value beyond the game itself.

Q7: Is "Web3 Warriors" a free-to-play game?

The base game may have a free-to-play option, but there may be in-game purchases, particularly for $BATTLE tokens used to acquire NFTs. However, players can potentially earn $BATTLE tokens through gameplay.

Q8: Can I use in-game assets in other games?

Yes, "Web3 Warriors" offers interoperability, allowing players to carry their digital assets represented by NFTs into other gaming universes, creating a seamless experience across different games.

Q9: What platforms is "Web3 Warriors" available on?

The game is designed to be accessible on various platforms, including native, mobile, console, browser, and VR, thanks to the user-friendly Unity SDK, providing a versatile gaming experience.

Q10: Who is the developer behind "Web3 Warriors"?

"Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon" is developed by ThirdWeb Studios, a forward-thinking studio at the forefront of blockchain technology in gaming.


Now watch the video game review of WEB3 Warriors:



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Frequently Asked Questions Web3 Warriors - Game Review

Web3 Warriors offers the ultimate blockchain survival challenge. Defeat the undead, enhance your character, and break free from the dungeon's depths. MetaDOS ushers in the next era of metaverse battle royale gaming, drawing inspiration from Apex Legends and the film "In Time." It's an esports-focused game where time becomes currency, offering stunning visuals and gameplay.

Experience the future of gaming with 'Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon.' Battle bosses, earn $BATTLE tokens, and own NFTs for epic gameplay!

Game Description

Gamers should keep in mind that "Web3 Warriors: Escape the Dungeon" is a groundbreaking blockchain-powered survival game that offers an immersive experience. It seamlessly integrates blockchain technology, eliminating the need for wallet management and covering gas costs, ensuring a hassle-free gaming experience.

The game's core gameplay involves battling elemental lords, confronting waves of undead enemies, and facing formidable bosses, providing an action-packed experience. Personalization is introduced through NFT-based armor and weapon skins, enhancing gameplay and allowing players to truly own their in-game assets.

The tokenomics system revolves around $BATTLE tokens, earned through gameplay and used for character progression and NFT acquisition. These NFTs represent cosmetic items that players can own and trade outside the game, creating real-world value.

In summary, "Web3 Warriors" revolutionizes traditional gaming, offering true ownership, value creation, and interoperability through blockchain technology, making it a must-play for gaming and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

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