9Lives Arena - Game Review
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9Lives Arena - Game Review

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9Lives Arena is a beautifully designed scenic NFT game where the players are able to create their own NFT fighters that engage in battles to level up.

The players start the game at level 0. The fighters can also upgrade their levels by crafting their weapons, designing the armor, learning new spells, and developing different skills. It is a pure play to earn game as the game’s marketplace only contains items related to cosmetic and appearance changes instead of buyable power and level growth items.

9Lives Arena Review

As gradually, the fighter’s levels advance to level 30, the true gaming experience begins. From here on you will enter the main battle arena. So, at level 30, all the weapons, skills, and features of the fighter are locked to them and they cannot lose these attained features.

This fighter will participate in different 1v1 fights and after dying for the 9th time the character will face “Permadeath.” This means that the character turns to stone along with its features forever. So, players can no longer use it in the great battle arena. However, players can create new fighters with the help of Ooogy, your AI guide, and a companion in the game who will help you reach level 30.

The game economy uses Enjin token which uses the Ethereum ERC-1155 blockchain technology.

9Lives Arena (9LA) has burst onto the competitive online RPG scene, introducing an exhilarating gaming experience that breaks the mold of traditional RPGs. With a focus on 1v1 PvP combat, permadeath mechanics, persistent progression, resource gathering, and item crafting, it offers a unique and thrilling adventure. The game also introduces the world's first cross-platform companion, Ooogy, who tirelessly works for you as long as you keep him well-fed. Let's dive into the details of what makes 9Lives Arena stand out.

Ooogy Companions: At the heart of 9Lives Arena's cross-platform experience is the Ooogy companion, a groundbreaking feature that combines the game on PC and consoles with the My Ooogy App on mobile devices. Think of Ooogy as a Tamagotchi on steroids, working for you even while you're offline. These companions add depth and strategy to the game, making them an essential part of your journey.

Permadeath and Persistent Progression:

9Lives Arena introduces a fascinating permadeath mechanic that sets it apart from other RPGs. In the Training Arena, players can fight, level up, and practice strategies without losing lives. However, the real challenge begins in the Inferno Arena, where victories count, and a loss means the permanent loss of a life. When a character finally succumbs, they turn into a statue, with the top three statues on display in your Training Arena for other players to see.

While equipped items are lost upon death, anything stored in your bank box persists across your account. Blueprints, spells, and abilities you've unlocked remain at your disposal, giving your new hero a head start. The Ooogy companion is the ultimate game-changer in balancing permadeath. Its progression is persistent, and it works tirelessly, even when you're offline, reducing the need for tedious grinding.

Gameplay and Combat:

Combat in 9Lives Arena is skill-based and takes place in real-time. Your character's fighting style depends on how you've built them, including their spells, abilities, and item strategy. You can create various character types, from mages to rogues or DPS builds, allowing for diverse and exciting combat encounters. The customization options ensure that no two fights are the same, adding depth to the gameplay.

Pay-to-Win Concerns:

One of the game's standout features is its commitment to avoiding the pay-to-win model. All purchasable blueprints offer limited-edition, cosmetic enhancements with no impact on gameplay. The starter blueprints are just as effective as store blueprints in terms of item stats, ensuring a level playing field. This approach maintains the game's competitive integrity, preventing players from gaining an unfair advantage.

Blockchain Integration:

9Lives Arena incorporates blockchain technology for the trading of limited-edition item blueprints. While not required to enjoy the game fully, blockchain-based items offer players true ownership and the ability to trade securely. This unique approach allows players to potentially profit from their in-game purchases, making it a game-changer in the industry.

Spirit Hunters and Immortals:

When a character dies, a spirit hunter takes their place in the slot. These spirit hunters can fight to regain nine lives, with each fight potentially bringing them back to life as an Immortal. Immortals have a special leaderboard and gain lives upon winning fights, making them formidable adversaries with a maximum of nine lives.


9Lives Arena is a game that defies conventions, offering an innovative blend of permadeath, persistent progression, and cross-platform companions. The Ooogy companions and blockchain integration add depth and uniqueness to the experience. With a commitment to fairness and exciting combat mechanics, 9Lives Arena is a game worth keeping an eye on as it continues to evolve through alpha and beta phases. Get ready to challenge your skills, forge rare items, and embrace the exciting world of 9Lives Arena.


FAQ: 9Lives Arena - Permadeath RPG and Ooogy Companions

What is 9Lives Arena, and who is the studio behind it?

9Lives Arena (9LA) is a competitive online RPG with a unique focus on 1v1 PvP combat, permadeath mechanics, and cross-platform companions called Ooogies. The game is developed by Touchhour Inc., a game development studio known for their innovative approach to gaming.

What sets 9Lives Arena apart from other RPGs?

9Lives Arena distinguishes itself through its permadeath mechanic, where character deaths result in permanent statues. The game's cross-platform companions, Ooogies, are groundbreaking additions, working for players even when they're offline. These features create a dynamic and challenging gaming experience.

How does the Ooogy companion system work?

Ooogies are cross-platform companions that serve as a central element of 9Lives Arena's gameplay. They combine the game on PC and consoles with the My Ooogy App on mobile devices. These companions work for players around the clock, even when offline, adding depth and strategy to the game.

Can I have multiple Ooogies in my world?

Currently, players can have one active Ooogy at a time to ensure fairness and balance. If you own multiple Ooogies, you can switch between them to level them up. The developers may consider adding more features for multiple Ooogies in the future.

How does the permadeath mechanic work, and what is persistent progression?

In 9Lives Arena, players can engage in battles in the Training Arena without losing lives, allowing them to level up, gather resources, and practice strategies. The real challenge comes in the Inferno Arena, where victories count, and losses result in the loss of a life. When a character permanently dies, they become a statue, with the top three statues displayed in the player's Training Arena.

Persistent progression ensures that while equipped items are lost upon death, items stored in the bank box, blueprints, spells, and abilities remain accessible to your new hero. The Ooogy companion also contributes to persistent progression by working on your behalf, reducing the need for extensive grinding.

What is the combat system like in 9Lives Arena?

Combat in 9Lives Arena is skill-based and unfolds in real-time. The outcome of battles depends on your character's initial build, including spells, abilities, and item strategies. You can create various character types, such as mages, rogues, or DPS builds, allowing for diverse combat experiences. The customization options make each fight unique and exciting.

Is 9Lives Arena a pay-to-win game?

No, 9Lives Arena is committed to avoiding the pay-to-win model. Purchasable blueprints offer limited-edition cosmetic enhancements with no impact on gameplay. Starter blueprints are just as effective as store blueprints in terms of item stats, ensuring fair competition among players.

How does blockchain integration work in 9Lives Arena?

The game offers limited-edition item blueprints as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. While not mandatory for gameplay, blockchain-based items provide true ownership and secure trading. Players have the potential to profit from these in-game purchases, a unique feature that sets 9Lives Arena apart.

What are Spirit Hunters and Immortals?

When a character dies, they leave behind a spirit hunter in the character slot. These spirit hunters can fight to regain nine lives, with each victory potentially leading to resurrection as an Immortal. Immortals have a special leaderboard and gain lives upon winning fights, making them formidable adversaries with a maximum of nine lives.

When and how can I play 9Lives Arena?

9Lives Arena is currently in alpha and will progress to open beta and full release. As an online game, it will receive updates and evolve post-release. To join the alpha, you can purchase a Founder Pack. Keep an eye on the official website for more information and updates on release timelines.

Can I stream my gameplay during the alpha/beta phases?

Yes, you are encouraged to share your gameplay experiences during the alpha and beta phases. However, it's important to note that there may be bugs and issues during the alpha, so it's advisable to inform viewers that the game is in an alpha state.

How many characters can I create per account?

Premium accounts, which come with all Founder Packs, offer a total of five character slots. When a character dies, you can create a new one in that slot as often as you like. Character switching can be done by interacting with a character's chair in your hub.

How many players can be in 9Lives Arena, and will there be multiple servers?

Currently, the game server is located on the east coast of the US. As the player base grows with the beta launch, additional servers will be added globally to ensure low latency across all regions.

Will 9Lives Arena have in-game voice chat?

At this point in time, the game does not plan to implement a native in-game voice chat system.

What languages will 9Lives Arena support?

Apart from English, the developers aim to translate the game into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese during the beta phase. They may also support more languages in the future.

What are Blueprints in 9Lives Arena?

Blueprints are crafting recipes that allow players to craft unlimited amounts of items based on that blueprint. These items are essential for character customization and progression.

Can blueprints provide an unfair advantage?

No, blueprints are neutral by design, similar to skins in games like League of Legends or Fortnite. They do not provide any advantage in terms of power but offer cosmetic enhancements and customization options.

Why are some blueprints more expensive than others?

The price of blueprints is determined by their rarity. Some blueprints are limited to a very small number of copies globally and will never be sold again, making them highly valuable. Players who own rare blueprints can craft items based on them, sell those items to others, or even trade the blueprints themselves due to blockchain integration.


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Frequently Asked Questions 9Lives Arena - Game Review

9Lives Arena is a beautifully designed scenic NFT game where the players are able to create their own NFT fighters that engage in battles to level up.

9Lives Arena is a scenic game. It is the game of Touchhour Inc. Players are able to create their own NFT fighters that engage in battles to level up.

Game Description

In 9Lives Arena, a groundbreaking RPG developed by Touchhour Inc., gamers are in for a unique and challenging experience. The game's standout feature is its permadeath mechanic, where character deaths result in permanent statues displayed in the Training Arena. However, persistence is key, as blueprints, spells, abilities, and items stored in the bank box persist across your account, allowing for a fresh start with each new hero.

Combat is skill-based and unfolds in real-time, with diverse customization options for character builds, from mages to rogues and DPS. Importantly, 9Lives Arena is not pay-to-win, as all purchasable blueprints offer only cosmetic enhancements. The introduction of Ooogy companions, the world's first cross-platform companions, adds depth to the gaming experience, working for players even when they're offline.

9Lives Arena also embraces blockchain technology, offering limited-edition item blueprints as NFTs, providing true ownership and potential profit for players. With plans for translations, multiple servers, and a commitment to transparency, 9Lives Arena promises a truly innovative and evolving RPG adventure for gamers to keep in mind.

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