IguVerse - Game Review
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IguVerse - Game Review

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IguVerse, a Play-to-Earn social game, leverages blockchain tech to unite pet owners in a shared digital experience.

IguVerse's GameFi application revolutionizes the NFT landscape through the integration of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies. It introduces a novel concept - User-generated NFTs, which are poised to redefine NFTs as we know them, transitioning into NFT 2.0, replacing impersonal collections. Within this GameFi platform, IguVerse introduces an inventive gaming mechanic termed "Socialize to Earn," in addition to "Move to Earn" and "Play to Earn" concepts.

IguVerse Review

Users engage in simple tasks like sharing pet photos on social platforms or tending to their digital pets, reaping rewards in return. This pioneering approach brings forth a pet-centric Play-to-Earn social-network game that amalgamates three popular gaming mechanics - the innovative "Socialize to Earn," the trendy "Move to Earn," and the classic "Play to Earn" - all within a single application. IguVerse injects a fresh perspective into the Web3 gaming arena by infusing social and community elements into the GameFi application. Moreover, this ingenious concept unites pet enthusiasts globally in a shared digital space, allowing them to earn cryptocurrency as they seamlessly integrate their daily social media routines.

Within the application, players can immerse themselves in a variety of mini-games. Each designed to reward them with tokens based on their overall performance and the attributes of their NFT assets. These mini-games include "Socialize to Earn," "Walk a Pet" (Move to Earn), "Feed a Pet" (Play to Earn), and a "Social Feed," offering a rich and engaging gaming experience.


To participate in the game, users must craft a virtual pet, which can either mirror their real-life companion or spring from their creative imagination. These virtual pets are embodied as NFTs, minted within the app. These NFTs serve as the key to accessing the application and are equipped with essential attributes, including Rank, Level, and XP, which directly influence user rewards. The longevity of NFTs hinges on player engagement and energy levels. Players can recharge their Energy Level by engaging in tasks across three game modes: "Socialize to Earn," "Move to Earn," and "Play to Earn."

During the Reward time at 00:00 UTC, the Energy Level resets and converts into rewards in the form of $IGUP tokens based on a predefined ratio. Failure to remain active within the game inflicts health damage upon virtual pets, rendering their associated NFTs nonfunctional. In such cases, restoration of these NFTs necessitates the use of $IGUP tokens.


Within IguVerse's gaming ecosystem, a dual-token framework prevails, comprising $IGU as the primary currency and $IGUP as the rewards token. Participation in the game involves minting NFTs and requires a $IGU investment. These NFTs boast upgradability, allowing users to enhance both their Level and Rank. While Level upgrades are attainable with $IGUP, ascending to a superior Rank mandates the use of $IGU.

Community Response

  • Boa Sah: Good app and all, everything is great so far, Even though I haven't attempted withdrawing yet. The only problem I have is the game I'm supposed to play with my pet. Like when I tap on the screen, it just run ahead and hit the obstacles without jumping over it and it frustrates me so much but I hope you fix it soon.

  • Fahad Khan: One of the best earning app right now, my experience is very good with app, i faced some problems but it got fixed in no time, if you're having any issues just contact support, they will answer to your queries.

  • Yuliia: A LOT of annoying bugs. To start with, it doubles and triples my input and I can't type code of another's pet. It restarts all the time and I always losing my progress! It need a LOT of nerves to play! Not to mention laggy game with freezing hops and very slow response?


Game Info:

  • Genre: Play-to-Earn Social Game, Social-Fi and Game-Fi

  • Platform: Blockchain-based GameFi application

  • Blockchain: Utilizes blockchain technology

  • Category: GameFi (Game Finance)

  • NFTs: User-generated NFTs; NFT 2.0 concept; Virtual pets embodied as NFTs

  • Tokens: Dual-token framework - $IGU as the primary currency, $IGUP as the rewards token

  • Game Phase: Ongoing (with Reward time at 00:00 UTC)

  • Game Type: Play-to-Earn, Socialize to Earn, Move to Earn, Play to Earn

  • Gameplay:

    • Users create virtual pets as NFTs, influencing rewards based on attributes like Rank, Level, and XP.

    • NFTs have an Energy Level that affects their functionality and longevity.

    • Three game modes: "Socialize to Earn," "Move to Earn," and "Play to Earn."

    • Rewards are distributed in $IGUP tokens at the daily Reward time.

    • Damage to virtual pets results from inactivity, requiring $IGUP tokens for restoration.

  • Tokenomics:

    • $IGU is the primary investment currency for minting NFTs.

    • NFTs can be upgraded using $IGUP, with Level and Rank enhancements.

  • Community Response:

    • Positive feedback regarding the app's earning potential and overall experience.

    • Some users report issues with the game mechanics, such as obstacles in the "Move to Earn" game.

    • Bugs and technical issues are mentioned, including input duplication, restarting problems, and lag.


Now watch the video game review of IguVerse:



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Frequently Asked Questions IguVerse - Game Review

IguVerse, a Play-to-Earn social game, leverages blockchain tech to unite pet owners in a shared digital experience. IguVerse's GameFi application revolutionizes the NFT landscape through the integration of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies.

Game Description

IguVerse, a pioneering Play-to-Earn Social Game, merges pet ownership with blockchain technology, introducing unique gaming mechanics like "Socialize to Earn," "Move to Earn," and "Play to Earn." Players create virtual pets as NFTs, influencing rewards based on attributes like Rank, Level, and XP. The dual-token system, $IGU and $IGUP, drives in-game transactions and upgrades. While the app boasts positive feedback for its earning potential, users report issues such as obstacles in the "Move to Earn" game and technical glitches. The game's success relies on daily engagement, with inactivity inflicting damage on virtual pets. Gamers should consider the potential for bugs and the need for active participation to maximize rewards in this innovative GameFi application.

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