Drunk Robots - Game Review
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Drunk Robots - Game Review

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Drunk Robots, an NFT RPG on the BNB Chain, immerses players in the post-apocalyptic city of Los Machines for thrilling action.

In the sprawling metropolis of Los Machines, players step into a chaotic future dominated by inebriated, unruly robots fixated on metal, beer, and mayhem. This peculiar society, crafted by the robots themselves, thrives on raw power rather than earned prestige. Ownership of a unique robot NFT, of which there are 10,101 Drunk Robots NFTs, is the first step. Survival hinges on conquering Los Machines, achieved through intense PVP clashes, perilous expeditions in search of precious metal and salvage, gang alliances, and the personalization of robots with upgraded weaponry, gear, and collectibles. Even without an NFT purchase, players can partake in free-to-play activities, including mini-games that offer valuable rewards in the form of NFTs, which can be utilized or traded within the secondary marketplace.

Drunk Robots Review

In a foreseeable future, robots have completely supplanted humans in numerous roles. However, as with any technology, robots are prone to breakdowns. Some suffer physical wear and tear, while others exhibit erratic behavior due to software glitches. When these mechanical beings experience system failures or viral infections through unsafe charging, chaos ensues. These defective robots find themselves exiled to a colossal robo-dump on the city's outskirts. Over time, these outcasts band together, forming their own communities. Their diverse skills enable them to repair and build hideouts. What was once discarded junk transforms into raiding parties scouring the city for valuable parts and, of course, METAL beer. The ceaseless robot attacks drive the city's residents away, leaving Los Machines to these mechanical gangs and clans. The robots seize control, turning the city into a battleground for supremacy.

METAL, a local brew, fuels their raucous revelry and fuels their never-ending rampage. Their daily routine includes bar-hopping, raiding neighboring cities, and looting banks and shops. Simple cardboard boxes or abandoned buses serve as their dwellings, where they store their stolen treasures and recharge. The city, Los Machines, is divided among various warring factions, each vying for control of territories and collecting METAL as tribute. New gangs emerge regularly, challenging the established criminal order. The local black market offers an array of items, from weapons to discarded legendary firearms. In this robotic metropolis, life thrives, even though living beings are conspicuously absent.


There are various play modes in Drunk Robots including PvP brawls, expeditions, mining, and mini-games. In PvP Brawls challenge those rowdy, inebriated robots in intense head-to-head battles. Compete with other players, striving to ascend the leaderboards in every PvP season. As each season concludes, rewards await based on your division and rating, with the highest achievers claiming the most substantial prizes. In Expeditions, venture into the depths of Los Machines in your quest for precious resources, and perhaps a bit of beer too! However, beware of the numerous adversaries lurking along the way. Survive an Expedition, and your efforts will be handsomely rewarded, offering up $MTL tokens or valuable items such as equipment, weapons, cosmetics, or consumables.

In Mining, the remnants of the once-human population in Los Machines have left behind a trove of treasures. Dispatch your trusty robot to scour for these hidden gems. Successful mining endeavors earn you containers that may yield prized items, including weapons and equipment. In Mini-Games, while the first three activities require NFT robot ownership, Drunk Robots also provides free-to-play casual games accessible to all. By completing a specific number of these mini-games each week, players can secure containers filled with valuable weapons and equipment.


$METAL or $MTL is the basic economy runner in the game. It is both the utility token and governance token of the game.

Community Response

  • daveynhym127: Wow!! THIS IS GOING TO BE MASSIVE!!!! This is definitely going to be HUGE! The team has been an inspiration in their innovative approaches towards achieving project goals and visions I am so glad to be part of this.

  • reijelcruz362: Been waiting for this. Excited for the release. Go Metal Heist

  • sadgearmy4892: Hell yeah!! Drunk Robots is going to be so much fun!!

Game Info

  • Genre: RPG (Role-Playing Game)

  • Platform: BNB Chain

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain)

  • Category: Post-Apocalyptic, Inebriated Robots, Dystopian

  • NFTs: The game features 10,101 unique Drunk Robots NFTs.

  • Tokens: The in-game economy revolves around the $METAL token, serving as both a utility and governance token.

  • Game Phase: Players can engage in various phases, including PVP battles, expeditions, mining, and mini-games.

  • Game Type: "Drunk Robots" is an NFT-based RPG that blends NFT ownership with immersive gameplay in a post-apocalyptic setting.


FAQ: Drunk Robots - Unveiling the World of Inebriated Robots

In this FAQ, we provide in-depth information about the gameplay, NFTs, and more in "Drunk Robots," an NFT-based RPG on the BNB Chain.

How do I play "Drunk Robots" and what's the gameplay like?

  • "Drunk Robots" is an RPG set in the post-apocalyptic city of Los Machines. Players own unique robot NFTs and can customize their robots with upgraded weaponry, gear, and collectibles. The gameplay includes intense PVP battles, perilous expeditions, forming alliances with robot gangs, and free-to-play mini-games. The game's objective is to survive and thrive in the chaotic world dominated by inebriated robots.

What are the unique aspects of "Drunk Robots"?

  • The game's unique features include NFT ownership, an in-game economy based on the $METAL token, and the ability for non-NFT owners to participate through mini-games that offer NFT rewards. The setting is a dystopian world where robots have taken over, fueled by METAL beer and driven by chaos.

What is the significance of owning a robot NFT in "Drunk Robots"?

  • Owning a robot NFT is the first step to enter the game. There are 10,101 unique Drunk Robots NFTs available, and they serve as your entry ticket to the post-apocalyptic world of Los Machines.

Tell me more about the $METAL token.

  • $METAL is the in-game token used for various purposes, including transactions and governance within the game. It is a crucial element of the game's economy.

What's the game's platform and blockchain?

  • "Drunk Robots" is built on the BNB Chain, a blockchain powered by Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain).

What is the game's category and genre?

  • The game falls into the category of post-apocalyptic, inebriated robots, and dystopian settings. Its genre is RPG (Role-Playing Game).

Are there any notable alliances, studios, or developers associated with "Drunk Robots"?

  • While the FAQ does not mention specific studios or developers, the game has garnered attention for its innovative approach to NFT-based gaming.

Can I participate in the game without owning an NFT?

  • Yes, "Drunk Robots" offers free-to-play activities, including mini-games that allow non-NFT owners to earn valuable NFT rewards that can be used or traded within the game's secondary marketplace.


Now watch the video game review of Drunk Robots:



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Frequently Asked Questions Drunk Robots - Game Review

Drunk Robots, an NFT RPG on the BNB Chain, immerses players in the post-apocalyptic city of Los Machines for thrilling action. In the sprawling metropolis of Los Machines, players step into a chaotic future dominated by inebriated, unruly robots fixated on metal, beer, and mayhem.

Game Description

In "Drunk Robots," players are thrust into the post-apocalyptic city of Los Machines, where inebriated robots reign supreme. To thrive in this dystopian world, owning one of the 10,101 unique robot NFTs is the first crucial step. Players can customize their robots, engage in intense PVP battles, undertake perilous expeditions to scavenge for valuable resources, and form alliances with robot gangs to seize control of Los Machines.

What sets "Drunk Robots" apart is the opportunity for both NFT owners and free-to-play gamers to participate. Non-NFT owners can join in through various mini-games offering NFT rewards that can be used or traded. The game's economy relies on the $METAL token, serving as both a utility and governance token.

Gamers should keep in mind that "Drunk Robots" combines NFT ownership, immersive gameplay, and an in-game economy, offering a unique and thrilling RPG experience set in a chaotic and robot-dominated world.

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