Dreams Quest - Game Review
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Dreams Quest - Game Review

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Dreams Quest, a decentralized free-to-play RPG card game, offers a play-to-earn experience. It's a mobile action-adventure RPG set in an open world.

Dreams Quest is on the verge of creating a groundbreaking metaverse-driven ecosystem, an autonomous DreamsVerse where individuals can engage in a decentralized play-to-earn RPG using dynamic NFTs. Enigmatic variables will influence character attributes within the game. At the same time, post-game outcomes dynamically inscribe alterations to NFT card attributes on the blockchain, acting as ethereal records of each card's gaming history. The game boasts breathtaking artistry and exceptional gameplay, setting it apart. It transcends being a mere game; it's a full-fledged Play-to-Earn experience complete with its own Metaverse.

In the inaugural season of Dreams Quest, players will have the choice between two realms, Celestial and Infernal, and various character races. They can embark on solo adventures or form factions with guildmates for epic battles. With seven diverse lands within the DreamVerse Metaverse, players will encounter myriad opportunities, from quests and events to tournaments, while uncovering new items and accumulating wealth along the way.

Dreams Quest Review

The game also presents a multitude of quests that challenge players to solve intricate puzzles and uncover enigmatic mysteries. In the era before the Inclision event, the world thrived in an age of enlightenment, guided by Totemics, which formed the foundation of existence for the five ancient races. This harmony and prosperity allowed them to coexist in unity. During this period, the Ancients harnessed the potent force of Weka, granting them mastery over time, space, and matter. They wielded this power to interact with elements, crystals, and organic matter, shaping the very essence of their world. However, the Discord era threatened to obliterate Azoria until Cima and Arvid, notable figures within the Council of Ancients, intervened and averted catastrophe.

Yet, following the Inclision event, the world plunged into a dreamlike realm, defying the laws of physics, time, and space. Arriving in this altered reality, individuals sought allies and navigated a landscape filled with uncertainty. As they embarked on their journeys, they uncovered a complex tapestry of truths and deceptions, guided by enigmatic beings, some of whom were surviving Ancients. Through hints, clues, and relics, they unearthed the connection between this tumultuous present and a forgotten era marked by equilibrium and harmony.


In Dreams Quest, players embark on an epic journey, creating characters and selecting factions to guide them through a realm of adventure. Character progression is driven by gaining experience and acquiring formidable items. Each character's origin grants two introductory decks. Questing takes players to diverse territories, seeking treasures for trading in the marketplace and challenging dragons for rewards and rankings. Cooperative play allows friends to join forces on these quests. As players advance, they collect cards to expand their strategies, earned through quests, tournaments, and events. Cards can be forged, upgraded, or traded. PvP mode enables thrilling battles using NFT cards and items, where outcomes shape the cards' attributes. Every card is a dynamic NFT, influenced by in-game scenarios, evolving with each play and outcome, making every card's journey unique.


$DREAMS is going to be the in-game currency for governance and utility factors.

Community Response

  • cassybaguio666: This is so fantastic! Kudos to Dreams Quest's team.

  • johndarvas8830: This so magical and the graphics are on point! I can't wait for the game to be live?

  • shaunroberts2688: These details are awesome! The lighting is perfect and there's just the right amount of fantasy!

  • wendycai6038: It's enchanting! Can't wait for this to be launched.

Game Info

  • Genre: Action-Adventure RPG

  • Platform: Mobile

  • Blockchain: Utilizes blockchain technology for dynamic NFTs and in-game tokenomics.

  • Category: Decentralized Play-to-Earn RPG

  • NFTs: Dynamic NFT cards play a central role, with attributes influenced by in-game scenarios.

  • Tokens: $DREAMS is the in-game currency for governance and utility.

  • Game Phase: Ongoing, with plans for future updates and seasons.

  • Game Type: Free-to-play, with in-game purchases and a focus on card collection and strategy.


FAQ - Dreams Quest

What is Dreams Quest and Who Developed It?

Dreams Quest is a decentralized, free-to-play RPG card game that combines action-adventure elements. It's set in an open world with a rich lore and dynamic NFT card mechanics. The game is developed by an independent studio called "DreamsQuest Studios," known for its innovative approach to blockchain gaming.

What Genre Does Dreams Quest Belong To?

Dreams Quest falls under the genre of "Action-Adventure RPG." Players embark on epic journeys, create characters, and engage in quests, battles, and card collection.

What Platforms Can I Play Dreams Quest On?

As of the latest information available, Dreams Quest is primarily designed for mobile platforms, allowing players to enjoy the game on their smartphones.

How Does the Blockchain Element Influence Gameplay?

The blockchain technology in Dreams Quest is integral to the game. It enables the creation and management of dynamic NFT (Non-Fungible Token) cards. These cards have attributes influenced by in-game scenarios, ensuring that each card's journey is unique.

What Category of Game Is Dreams Quest?

Dreams Quest is categorized as a "Decentralized Play-to-Earn RPG." Players can earn in-game rewards and trade NFT cards, enhancing the play-to-earn experience.

What Role Do NFTs Play in the Game?

NFTs in Dreams Quest are dynamic cards representing in-game characters, items, and abilities. These NFT cards evolve based on in-game outcomes, making them valuable assets and collectibles.

What Is the In-Game Currency and Its Purpose?

The in-game currency for Dreams Quest is called "$DREAMS." It serves multiple purposes, including governance within the game and utility for various in-game transactions.

What Game Phases and Updates Can We Expect?

Dreams Quest is an ongoing project, and the game is expected to have future updates and seasons, adding new content, features, and challenges to keep players engaged.

What Type of Game Experience Does Dreams Quest Offer?

Dreams Quest is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases. It offers players the opportunity to collect, trade, and strategize with NFT cards, participate in quests, events, and battles, and explore the immersive lore of the game.


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Frequently Asked Questions Dreams Quest - Game Review

Dreams Quest, a decentralized free-to-play RPG card game, offers a play-to-earn experience. It's a mobile action-adventure RPG set in an open world. Dreams Quest is on the verge of creating a groundbreaking metaverse-driven ecosystem, an autonomous DreamsVerse where individuals can engage in a decentralized play-to-earn RPG using dynamic NFTs. Enigmatic variables will influence character attributes within the game.

Game Description

Gamers diving into "Dreams Quest," a decentralized free-to-play RPG card game, should keep a few key elements in mind. This mobile action-adventure RPG promises a groundbreaking play-to-earn experience set in an open world. Dynamic NFTs play a central role, with character attributes influenced by enigmatic variables and in-game outcomes inscribed on the blockchain. The game's immersive world offers two realms, Celestial and Infernal, and various character races, where solo adventures or faction-based epic battles await.

What sets "Dreams Quest" apart is its unique lore, featuring an age of enlightenment and powerful ancient beings, providing depth to the gameplay. Players progress by gaining experience and acquiring items, and PvP battles use NFT cards, with outcomes shaping card attributes. The in-game currency, $DREAMS, adds a governance and utility layer. With an enthusiastic community response, "Dreams Quest" promises a captivating and dynamic gaming experience, merging fantasy with blockchain technology.

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Welcome to PlanetQuest, where you become a planetary explorer and guardian, shaping the destiny of your own celestial creation. In this expansive universe, you not only build and enhance your planet but also engage with fellow players, forging alliances, trading resources, and competing in thrilling challenges. It's more than just a game; it's a cosmos of possibilities waiting to be explored. In PlanetQuest, the adventure begins with exciting expeditions to gather resources, construct bases, and face off against alien monsters. Imagine traversing the universe, discovering valuable artifacts, and inviting friends to join your intergalactic escapades. The game's decentralized storyline adds a unique twist, allowing players to vote on pivotal decisions that shape the overarching plot. It's a dynamic and engaging experience where your choices matter. PlanetQuest introduces a revolutionary play-to-earn economy, where collaboration is key. As you progress, earning individual and quantum rewards becomes integral to your success. Players can even lend equipment to one another for a quantum price, fostering a sense of community and shared growth. Owners of planets and guilds may receive quantum bonuses based on their players' achievements, creating a symbiotic relationship within the gaming ecosystem. Navigating the Cosmos Together: One of the defining features of PlanetQuest is its collaborative spirit. Working with other players, planets, and guilds, you contribute to a shared vision of a brighter future. It's not just about personal glory; it's about building a thriving universe where every player's efforts contribute to the collective success. Genesis Engine: Crafting One-of-a-Kind Planets: At the heart of PlanetQuest lies the Genesis Engine, a powerful tool that empowers players to craft their own unique planets. Accessed through your browser, the Genesis Engine generates detailed 3D characteristics based on natural laws. Polar caps form based on temperature, plant life flourishes or recedes according to available water, and clouds dance across the sky. Each planet becomes a masterpiece, a testament to your creative prowess. The Genesis Engine Chronicles As I experimented with the Genesis Engine, I marveled at the level of detail it allowed me to achieve. From majestic mountain ranges to serene bodies of water, every element felt meticulously crafted. The sense of awe as I witnessed my planet come to life was unparalleled. PQX Token: Powering Your Journey Central to the PlanetQuest experience is the PQX token, the game's utility currency. With a total supply of 2.5 billion units distributed over a six-year period, PQX is the gateway to market interactions, gear creation, interplanetary travel, planet renaming, and activating antiquated artifacts. Understanding the tokenomics is crucial to navigating the game's economic landscape. PQX Tokenomics Unveiled Approximately 17% of PQX's supply is available through public and private transactions, supporting the game's growth. A significant portion, 22.5%, goes to the dedicated development staff, ensuring continuous improvements and updates. A reserve of 5% provides stability, while advisors receive 2.5%. However, the heart of PQX lies in the remaining 46%, dedicated to reward distribution. A Personal Insight: Quantum Rewards and My Journey As I delved deeper into PlanetQuest, the allure of quantum rewards became apparent. Owning planet and guild NFTs proved to be a gateway to passive earnings, but with a twist – player activity within your influence area matters. It wasn't just about personal success; it was about creating an environment that fosters engagement and collaboration. Gear NFTs: A Dual Purpose Asset In the dynamic world of PlanetQuest, gear NFTs serve a dual purpose. Beyond being essential tools for your journey, they also act as rental assets. As a player who owns gear NFTs, you contribute not only to your own progress but also to the growth of the gaming community. It's a symbiotic relationship that exemplifies the interconnected nature of PlanetQuest. A Gear NFT Tale: Empowering Others I vividly recall the moment I decided to lend my high-tier gear NFT to a fellow player. It wasn't just about the quantum price; it was about contributing to someone else's success. The interconnectedness of the gaming world truly came to life as I witnessed how my actions positively impacted the broader community. Conclusion: Your Cosmic Odyssey Awaits In the vast universe of PlanetQuest, every decision, every choice, and every interaction contributes to the rich tapestry of the gaming experience. Whether you're exploring uncharted territories, shaping unique planets with the Genesis Engine, or participating in the play-to-earn economy, the journey is as much about personal growth as it is about collective success. So, gear up, embrace the cosmos, and embark on your epic odyssey in PlanetQuest. The universe is waiting for your unique imprint, and the PQX token is your ticket to a world where creativity knows no bounds. Join the community, forge alliances, and let the adventure begin!

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"Tales of Elleria" (TELL) is a 3D GameFi (Game Finance) RPG that exists within the Arbitrum One ecosystem. It offers an immersive role-playing experience, allowing players to summon heroes, undertake missions, go on quests, and explore uncharted territories. The game is set in the world of Elleria, which was once a thriving land but was devastated by a colossal dragon named Ignacio. However, the Goddess of Elleria, Elysis, intervened and subdued Ignacio, leaving behind a prophecy. Players take on the role of citizens of Elleria who can summon heroes and use Ellerium, a valuable resource, to defend the city from impending monster threats and fulfill the prophecy. Gameplay in "Tales of Elleria" involves heroes embarking on missions to earn Medals, which enhance heroes, enable quests, and improve equipment. Players must battle formidable monsters to collect resources and rewards. The ultimate goal is to unite with other players and vanquish Ignacio, who resides in an uncharted lair. Summoning heroes is a crucial process that involves integrating them into the player's MetaMask wallet and binding their souls to bring them into the game. The game features 10,000 Genesis heroes with different classes (Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Ranger) and rarity levels. Heroes can be equipped with gear and possess unique skills, which add complexity and diversity to combat. Traits, though currently preset, affect hero behavior during quests. Quests are essential for progression, yielding Elm, Medals, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The in-game economy of Elleria relies on various tokens and NFTs, including Heroes, Equipment, Drops/Relics, $ELLERIUM (ELM) as the primary currency representing the Goddess's blessing, and $MEDALS as a supplementary token for daily transactions within the City. The community response to "Tales of Elleria" has been positive, with players expressing excitement and anticipation for the game's release. Some have been following the game's development since the beginning and have shown strong support. In summary, "Tales of Elleria" is a GameFi RPG set in the Arbitrum One ecosystem, offering players the chance to explore the world of Elleria, summon heroes, and engage in epic quests to protect the city from looming threats. The game's tokenomics and unique gameplay elements have garnered interest and support from the gaming community.

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