Top Blockchain Games August 2023 And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry

Top Blockchain Games August 2023 And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 10:25 UTC

Explore the most popular blockchain games in August 2023, why Alien Worlds saw a decline despite being being ranked by DappRadar and much more.

Having nearly 3 billion players annually, the gaming business is still one of the biggest industries in the entire world.  With the rise of blockchain games, players have transformed from being passionate content consumers to being much more than that. In fact, there is no term yet that properly describes what modern gamers do. People who take advantage of the opportunities include a mix of gamers, collectors, artists, leaders, and business ventures.

This blog delves into the performance of some incredible titles based on DappRadar’s recent analysis. Some of the games are still struggling to recover from the unstable behavior of cryptocurrencies; however, some exciting titles managed to close last month with an impressive boost in their active users.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds has different ways to play than other games. The native Trilium (TLM) token can be mined, and players can also earn NFT points and trade them in for real NFTs like mining tools, minions, and weapons. Many of these NFTs can be used in games made by the community, like Battledome, which was made possible by funding from Alien Worlds' Galactic Hubs Grant Programme.

Alien Worlds has always been ranked as the best on-chain game by DappRadar. To stay ahead of the competition, the developers and community members who have been given power keep adding new projects and features and making the environment bigger.

While Alien Worlds (built on WAX) remains the most popular blockchain game in terms of on-chain activity, it has seen a significant drop in popularity in recent weeks, with less than 150,000 daily active wallets now. It's unclear why, although a current effort to combat bots may be the cause.


With a surge in daily usage at the end of August, Splinterlands (HIVE) regained second place, surpassing Farmers World, whose usage has been on the rise steadily since July.

In a statement, Splinterlands announced that since the company founded in 2018, it has hosted more than 2 billion transactions on its website. This stands as another important sign of the rapid and steady adoption of this Web 3.0 collectible trading card fight game. Even though the coin market was very volatile in 2022 and will continue to be so in 2023, Splinterlands is still getting a lot of new users. Currently, an average of more than 250,000 people play Splinterlands every day, and the platform hosts more than 5 million fights daily.

Nine Chronicles

PC role-playing game Nine Chronicles and the new cross-platform launch Untitled Platformer, both powered by the SKALE L2 blockchain, have over 30,000 DAUWs, indicating a more upbeat mood among games with tens of thousands of active users.

Nine Chronicles is the first game made with the Libplanet blockchain engine, which is run by the Planetarium gaming platform.  It's an MMORPG because there are thousands of people online at the same time and the game works like a role-playing game. But it's different from standard MMORPGs because you don't get to go on raids.

Axie Infinity

The number of daily active user sessions on Axie Infinity has increased from 10,000 to over 15,000. Players can fight "Axies," which are fictional creatures that can be traded on the market for excellent rewards. The fun gameplay and strong player-driven economy of Axie Infinity have attracted a large and committed group of players and investors.

But lately, the Axie Infinity coin hasn't been very good. Just in the last one month, the price of AXS has dropped by 6.1%. The trade volume of Axie Infinity also went down by 7.34% overnight, which is also in the red. Also, all of Axie Infinity's moving averages showed "sell" signs.


Upland, a mobile game similar to Monopoly, has a stable DAUW of over 20,000. It is a real estate mogul game based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that was built on the open-source EOS system. In the game, "digital landowners" create homes and land that are linked to real properties in the real world. So far, people who have traded homes in Upland have made more than $10M USD.

There are two exciting mobile apps that pay you to walk around every day. The most well-known of them is Sweatcoin, which operates on Ethereum and NEAR and has shown extremely volatile usage patterns, with occasional surges in usage far over 100,000 DAUWs.


Superwalk, which is built on the Klatyn blockchain, gained over 50,000 DAUWs shortly after its release but has been steadily losing users ever since. The game wants people to be able to use their NFT footwear on ZEPETO, which has 300 million users, and get real trainers from Kream, which is East Asia's fastest-growing site for selling trainers. SuperWalk will make a distinctive fitness environment around the world by combining in-app exercise data, metaverse societies, and real-world shoe rewards.

Final Word

DappRadar showcased these statistics about the performance of leading blockchain games in the last month. However, unfavorable market conditions and gaming experience badly impacted Alien Worlds; while, Splinterlands notably recorded massive numbers and managed to close a month on a high note after months of struggle.

Top Blockchain Games August 2023 And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry
Top Blockchain Games August 2023 And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry

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Q1: What are blockchain games, and why are they gaining popularity?

A1: Blockchain games are video games built on blockchain technology, which offers transparency, security, and true ownership of in-game assets. They're gaining popularity because they empower players to have real ownership of digital assets, enabling them to trade, sell, and use these assets across different games and platforms.

Q2: What is DappRadar, and how does it rank blockchain games?

A2: DappRadar is a platform that tracks and analyzes decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain games. It ranks blockchain games based on various metrics, such as daily active users, transaction volume, and token activity, providing valuable insights into their performance and popularity.

Q3: Why did Alien Worlds see a decline in popularity despite its previous top-ranking status?

A3: Alien Worlds, built on the WAX blockchain, experienced a decline in popularity due to factors like efforts to combat bots and possibly changing player preferences. The exact reasons for its decline may vary and are subject to speculation within the community.

Q4: What sets Splinterlands apart from other blockchain games?

A4: Splinterlands, operating on the HIVE blockchain, is known for its collectible trading card fight gameplay. It stands out due to its consistent growth and high daily user numbers, even amidst cryptocurrency market volatility.

Q5: Can you explain the concept behind Upland and its success?

A5: Upland is a mobile game similar to Monopoly, built on EOS blockchain. It allows players to create and trade digital real estate assets linked to real-world properties. Its success stems from the innovative integration of blockchain and real estate, enabling players to earn real money by participating in the game.

Q6: What is Superwalk, and why did it experience a decline in users?

A6: Superwalk is a blockchain game built on the Klatyn blockchain, offering in-app exercise data, metaverse elements, and real-world shoe rewards. While it initially gained over 50,000 daily active users, its subsequent decline could be attributed to various factors, including evolving player preferences or competition.

Q7: Are these blockchain games affected by cryptocurrency market fluctuations?

A7: Yes, cryptocurrency market fluctuations can impact the performance of blockchain games. Players and investors often monitor the value of in-game tokens like AXS in Axie Infinity, and market instability can influence user behavior and investment decisions within these games.

Q8: How can I get started with blockchain games?

A8: To get started with blockchain games, you'll need a compatible wallet to store and manage your blockchain assets, such as Ethereum-based tokens or other blockchain-specific assets. You can then visit blockchain game platforms, create an account, and start playing. Make sure to research and understand each game's mechanics and community before diving in.

Q9: Are blockchain games only for gamers, or can anyone participate?

A9: Blockchain games are for everyone. While gamers are a significant user group, blockchain games also attract collectors, artists, investors, and entrepreneurs looking to explore the potential of blockchain technology. You don't need to be a traditional gamer to engage with these unique ecosystems.

Q10: Where can I find more information about the latest developments in blockchain gaming?

A10: To stay updated on the latest developments in blockchain gaming, you can follow platforms like DappRadar, blockchain gaming news websites, social media channels of blockchain game developers, and join relevant online communities and forums. These sources provide valuable insights and updates on the ever-evolving world of blockchain gaming.

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