Google Updated Advertising Policies: Impact on NFT and Crypto Games, Guidelines, and FAQs

Google Updated Advertising Policies: Impact on NFT and Crypto Games, Guidelines, and FAQs

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 10:25 UTC

A fresh update in favor of NFT games as Google allows ads by changing Google Policies while some strict guidelines for NFT and crypto games. Google's FAQ on New Advertising Policies for NFT & Crypto Games: Allows NFT game ads, limits crypto betting ads, effective Sept 15

Google has updated its advertising guidelines for cryptocurrencies, enabling marketers to endorse blockchain video games that employ NFTs. Google imposes limitations on crypto games that involve betting and reward token holding. The new regulation will undoubtedly impact the promotion of NFT games and will ultimately promote the creation of new titles. Markets will now have the ability to globally promote NFT games, a practice previously restricted by the new rules. This update will finally enable developers to remain in the spotlight and surpass competitors by addressing a huge target audience.  

Google Modifies Policies in Favor of NFTs

Tech giant Google is taking the next step towards building an open yet governed strategy for blockchain and NFT gaming with the implementation of this modification to the advertising rules on September 15. For games that provide in-game cosmetics, weaponry, or other in-game stuff like NFTs, Google advertisements can be made.

Google's most recent improvements to its ad policies prohibit any cryptocurrency or NFT game that allows players to "wager or stake NFTs in return for an opportunity to win anything of real-world value," including NFTs, from using Google to place advertisements. Similar to how Google doesn't allow "real money betting" games to utilize its platform for purchasing adverts, it also disallows any "social gambling game" that rewards users NFTs from broadcasting advertisements.

Gambling and Betting NFT Games are Strictly Prohibited

In addition, games that permit players to stake or "lock up" their cryptocurrency or NFTs to gain cryptocurrency over time are prohibited according to Google's new crypto advertisements policy, the post states.

Anything that incorporates components of what Google considers "gambling" will be subject to extra regulations and require businesses to obtain gambling license or certification via Google's gambling application. Why is this important? Another indication that Google understands the distinction between games where NFTs represent in-game objects that improve gameplay and games where NFTs support gambling mechanics for players.

Guidelines for NFT Mobile Games

Google issued updated guidelines for its mobile Google Play Store in July, enabling Android developers to include NFTs as long as their games don't include gambling mechanics. The new Play Store guidelines state that developers should avoid selling NFT "bundles" using gacha or loot box-style mechanics.

At the time, Google's head of sustainable advertising, Scott Spencer, declared that the business would continue to treat cryptocurrency-related advertisements with "extreme caution" because it had "seen enough adverse effects or potential for consumer harm."

In June 2021, Google relaxed the restrictions to permit some businesses building "cryptocurrency transfers and wallets targeting the United States" to place ads on the platform, provided they were registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as a financial services business or a federal or state-chartered bank entity.

The new Google advertising guidelines for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based games will come into play on September 15th. In case of restricted activities and violation of policies, instant account suspension won't happen without a warning. A straightforward notice will be sent, at least 7 days before your account is suspended.

Final Word

This exciting news comes with the hope of new players stepping into the gaming market and adding more productivity. Moreover, it will allow NFT games to monetize and manage endorsement similar to traditional games. They will be able to generate lucrative profits as they have already made hefty investments to develop their NFT project.

Google Brings Massive Policy Changes, Allowing NFT Game Ads With Some Standard Restrictions
Google Brings Massive Policy Changes, Allowing NFT Game Ads With Some Standard Restrictions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Google's New Advertising Policies for NFT and Crypto Games

1. What are Google's recent advertising policy changes regarding NFT and crypto games?

Google has updated its advertising policies to allow the promotion of blockchain games that use NFTs while imposing restrictions on crypto games involving betting or staking NFTs for real-world value.

2. When do these policy changes come into effect?

These policy changes are set to take effect on September 15th.

3. How will these changes impact NFT games and developers?

The changes provide new advertising opportunities for NFT game developers, potentially allowing them to reach a wider audience. However, they also introduce limitations to protect users.

4. Can NFT games now advertise globally on Google's platform?

Yes, these policy changes enable NFT games to advertise globally on Google's platform, removing previous restrictions.

5. What are the limitations imposed on crypto games under Google's new policies?

Crypto games that involve betting or staking NFTs for real-world value are prohibited from advertising on Google.

6. What types of crypto games are strictly prohibited from advertising on Google?

Google strictly prohibits any crypto games that enable players to wager or stake NFTs in return for real-world value or NFT rewards.

7. What does it mean for a game to involve "gambling" according to Google's policies?

A game involving "gambling" typically refers to games where NFTs or cryptocurrencies are used in ways that resemble traditional gambling activities.

8. Are there additional regulations for games that incorporate gambling elements?

Games that incorporate gambling elements may be subject to additional regulations, and developers may need to obtain gambling licenses or certifications.

9. How do these policy changes align with Google's approach to cryptocurrency-related advertisements?

Google aims to strike a balance between supporting innovation in blockchain gaming and ensuring consumer safety by treating cryptocurrency-related ads with caution.

10. How did Google treat cryptocurrency-related ads before these changes?

Before these changes, Google had stringent restrictions on cryptocurrency-related ads, allowing only certain registered businesses to advertise.

11. Are there any exceptions for certain cryptocurrency-related businesses under Google's policies?

Google had previously allowed exceptions for certain registered cryptocurrency-related businesses targeting the United States.

12. What happens if a developer or advertiser violates Google's new advertising guidelines for crypto and NFT games?

Violations of these guidelines may lead to account suspension, but Google typically provides a warning at least 7 days before suspension.

13. Is there a grace period or warning before an account is suspended for policy violations?

Yes, Google will typically send a warning notice at least 7 days before suspending an account for policy violations.

14. How do these policy changes affect NFT games and their monetization strategies?

These changes offer new monetization and marketing opportunities for NFT games, potentially increasing profitability and visibility.

15. What potential benefits do these changes offer to the NFT gaming industry and its players?

These changes may attract new players to the NFT gaming market and enhance the industry's overall productivity. Players can benefit from a broader range of gaming options and potential rewards.

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