SAGA’s Multiverse Summit Takes Place Aboard a Yacht, Revealing Web3 Tech to Empower Multiverse

SAGA’s Multiverse Summit Takes Place Aboard a Yacht, Revealing Web3 Tech to Empower Multiverse

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At the Multiverse Summit, Liao from Saga shared insights about the web3 tech that will improve Multiverse, also introduced Saga Ethlet

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With the release of innovative Web3 technologies, Saga, the scaling protocol for Web3, is hoping to improve the standing of the gaming and entertainment sectors.

Surprisingly, Saga's Multiverse Summit was held aboard a yacht in the Rhine River during Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany. Saga used the conference to unveil its newest innovations and activities designed to shake up the gaming industry.

SAGA’s Multiverse Summit

Through its "Innovator" program, Saga has added 224 new projects in less than a year. Eighty percent of these projects have to do with games. At the summit, one of the most important things that happened was the release of Pegasus, the latest version of the Saga protocol. Using Pegasus, developers who use the Saga platform can automatically launch chainlets, which are completely decentralized dedicated chains.

Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) is used in this breakthrough to make it possible for chainlets and other blockchains to talk to each other. Developers can now easily move data and communications between chains, which makes it possible to keep growing and getting better. Also, Pegasus gives developers a lot of freedom by giving them different ways to charge for chainlets. With this technology, game developers can focus on making games that are fun to play instead of fixing bugs in the back-end infrastructure.

Saga Ethlet: Ethereum Scaling Solution

Saga has also made the Saga Ethlet, which is a unique way to scale Ethereum. With Ethlet, developers can use a one-click deployment method that is easy to use. It takes advantage of how fast sidechains are and how safe the Ethereum network is. This new way of doing things makes Web3 gaming better. It has the potential to be an excellent choice for scaling Ethereum.

Lio said, "We held our Multiverse Summit at Gamescom to show that Saga is the leader in game development for creators looking for new development platforms, especially Web3. It was definitely a sign of love from our team, and it was more than we had hoped for. We're especially grateful to all of the partners and attendees who worked with us to show the world a completely new vision for Web3 gaming and entertainment.

Saga is a Web3 infrastructure protocol that helps interactive entertainment and gaming apps by giving each one its own private blockspace. Using dedicated blockspace has many benefits, such as high productivity, independence from other apps that use Saga, easy upgrades, and less congestion. In other words, it gets rid of problems that were making it hard for people to use blockchain technology.

Saga lets developers use any token or currency, and gas fees are hidden by default from end users. The same validators that protect the Saga mainnet will also protect the automated rollout of exclusive blockspace. This adds a layer of security between chains. During the two-day event, there were a number of important news stories, talks from well-known experts in the field, game demos, and the first appearances of ground-breaking technologies. Liao thinks that blockchain is a better way to build the universe, which a lot of people also call the metaverse.

The Multiverse Summit

At the Multiverse Summit, more than 34 speakers from top gaming, entertainment, technology, and Web3 companies like Unity, Samsung, ESL FaceIt Group, and The Sandbox talked about how blockchain technology and games are coming together. At the end of the summit, Liao led a practice on a yacht in the Rhine. People who went to the event got to learn more about Saga's games, characters, and stories through immersive experiences on the Blue Rhapsody yacht. As the Blue Rhapsody went down the Rhine, fireworks went off to show that the summit was over.

Liao said, "We are bringing together both traditional games and web3 games around our Saga Multiverse, which is an ecosystem where developers, creators, and storytellers can freely work together and expand each other's universes." "Saga has figured out and is leading the way with Web3's main contribution to the cultural zeitgeist, which is to celebrate freedom and explore creative expression together."

Saga announced the release of a product suite that, according to the company, has features that no other platform has. In order to show how creative and innovative people can be in the Saga ecosystem, the company launched a generative AI project with the help of many leading Entrepreneurs. Shrapnel, Cosmic Exodus, and AILAND's shooting game were also shown. This showed that more and more people are making games for the Web3 revolution. Under Saga's Innovator Program, all of these exciting games were made.

Faster and Better

Liao said that the new blockchain from Saga is appealing because it is faster, cheaper, and better. She said that the company is setting up its testnet to see its scalablility before the mainnet goes live. Liao said she was looking for ways to make things less centralized. dSo, the company wants to hire more validators. She wants the system to work well, be flexible, be able to grow, and more. Liao thinks the costs will be low, around $500 per chain per month, which is a low price for business. She thinks that the company has a better idea of how to set up its coin.

SAGA’s Multiverse Summit Takes Place Aboard a Yacht, Revealing Web3 Tech to Empower Multiverse
SAGA’s Multiverse Summit Takes Place Aboard a Yacht, Revealing Web3 Tech to Empower Multiverse

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Saga's Multiverse Summit and Web3 Innovations


1. What is Saga's Multiverse Summit? Saga's Multiverse Summit is an event where Saga, a Web3 infrastructure protocol, unveils its latest innovations and activities aimed at disrupting the gaming industry. The summit gathers speakers from top gaming, entertainment, technology, and Web3 companies to discuss the convergence of blockchain technology and games.

2. Where was the Multiverse Summit held and during what event? The Multiverse Summit took place aboard a yacht on the Rhine River during Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany.

3. What is the focus of Saga's Innovator program? The Innovator program by Saga aims to support projects related to Web3 technology. Over the course of less than a year, the program has added 224 new projects, with 80% of them being related to games.

4. What is Pegasus, and how does it relate to the Saga protocol? Pegasus is the latest version of the Saga protocol. It enables developers using the Saga platform to automatically launch chainlets, which are decentralized dedicated chains. Pegasus utilizes Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) to facilitate communication between chainlets and other blockchains.

5. What benefits does Pegasus provide to game developers? Pegasus empowers game developers by allowing them to focus on game development rather than backend infrastructure. It offers the freedom to charge for chainlets in various ways, streamlining the process of creating enjoyable games.

6. What is Saga Ethlet, and how does it enhance Ethereum scaling? Saga Ethlet is a unique method for scaling Ethereum. It offers a one-click deployment process that leverages fast sidechains and the security of the Ethereum network. Ethlet has the potential to significantly improve Web3 gaming experiences and serve as a scaling solution for Ethereum.

7. What is the significance of the Blue Rhapsody yacht at the summit? The Blue Rhapsody yacht provided an immersive experience for attendees to learn more about Saga's games, characters, and stories. This experience was a unique way to engage with the Saga Multiverse ecosystem.

8. How does Saga's protocol benefit game developers and entertainment apps? Saga's protocol provides dedicated blockspace for interactive entertainment and gaming apps. This results in benefits such as high productivity, independence from other apps on the Saga network, easy upgrades, and reduced congestion issues.

9. How are gas fees handled within Saga's protocol? Gas fees are hidden by default from end users within the Saga protocol. Additionally, the same validators safeguarding the Saga mainnet also protect the automated rollout of exclusive blockspace, enhancing security.

10. What is the core message behind Saga's vision for Web3 gaming and entertainment? Saga's vision centers around celebrating freedom and collaborative creative expression within the Web3 ecosystem. It aims to bring together traditional and Web3 games, allowing developers, creators, and storytellers to work together and expand each other's universes.

11. What are some examples of games showcased at the Multiverse Summit? Games like Shrapnel, Cosmic Exodus, and AILAND's shooting game were showcased at the summit, illustrating the growing number of games developed for the Web3 revolution under Saga's Innovator Program.

12. How does Liao describe the new blockchain from Saga? Liao describes Saga's new blockchain as faster, cheaper, and better. The company is setting up a testnet to assess scalability before the mainnet launch and is focused on making the system less centralized and more flexible.

13. How much does Liao estimate the costs for the new blockchain? Liao anticipates that the costs will be around $500 per chain per month, a competitive price point for businesses seeking to utilize Saga's blockchain technology.

14. What is Liao's vision for the future of Saga's coin and platform? Liao envisions a well-functioning, flexible, and scalable system that aligns with the principles of Web3 technology. The company aims to hire more validators and make the system adaptable to growth and changes in the blockchain landscape.

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