NFL Rivals Mobile Launch with NFTs on iOS and Android

NFL Rivals Mobile Launch with NFTs on iOS and Android

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:50 UTC

NFL Rivals, the first official NFL-licensed web3 game by Mythical Games on blockchain technology, now featuring NFT player cards

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The NFL and Mythical Games officially launch NFL Rivals with NFTs on iOS and Android. It is the first and official NFL-licensed game incorporating blockchain technology in it. The game lets you play as a manager and create and own your NFL dream team. Now, the web3 game has the NFT ability which lets players purchase their favorite NFT player cards via iOS and Android apps but on secondary marketplaces. This is a massive upgrade for NFL Rivals as previously it was only limited to the game’s web version on Mythical marketplace. This new NFT feature in the game comes after Google’s recent blockchain policy for its Android App Store. The policy allows NFT purchases and in-app integrations. 

How Can You Purchase NFTs on NFL Rivals?

The recent upgrade in the game requires players to grind their way to level 4 or higher. This will let players unlock and upgrade NFL players and buy digital collectibles. The way to do this is to go to the Improve My Roster and buy suggested NFT players. This will take the player to a secondary marketplace where they can buy it. As of now, the game features a limited marketplace browsing experience with limited suggestions for NFL player cards. However, we can expect in the coming months that Mythical Games will bring in features that will allow players to both buy and sell NFTs via iOS and Android. Despite all the Web3 technology integration and intricacies, it is the gamers' first approach to NFL Rivals that has made the game enjoyable for millions of players. 

NFL Rivals Credits for In-Game Utility

The game’s blockchain marketplace is available on mobile devices as in-game content. This will make it easier and user-friendly for the NFL Rivals gaming community. This innovative Marketplace will show a wide range of things, and guess what? It's paid for with Credits from Rivals. The icing on the cake is that this currency is easy to get through in-app purchases (IAP). You can purchase Credits through fiat currency in the Play Store or App Store. A bundle of 140 Credits is available for $1.99, and 7000 Credits are purchasable for $99.99. This setup is already working well for another web3 move-to-earn game StepN on the iOS app. However, the NFL Rivals NFTs are available for the same price on all the platforms whether you buy them from mobile devices or the web3 marketplace. 

There is also the NFT creator community in the game. If an NFT creator makes a sale by listing an NFT on the marketplace, then the creator will get the compensation in the Myth crypto token. 

But wait, there's a good reason why things are set up this way. We now know that this smart move was necessary to follow both the App Store and the Google Play Store rules. After all, safety comes first!

The best part is that the prices for the items on the list are set for now. But that's not all! The people who came up with this idea, Mythical, are cooking up a plan to launch an exciting bidding system soon. Prepare to bid, win, and take over!

NFL Rivals NFTs on iOS

When playing NFL Rivals on iOS, the NFT suggestions are surprisingly cheap, costing less than $3 worth of Credits each. It is surprising because iOS takes a hefty cut and usually NFTs on iOS are 30% more expensive. The Mythical Chain, a blockchain that works with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, is used to make these NFTs related to NFL Rivals. But it's important to know that Mythical Games has plans to move its business to the Polkadot blockchain in the future.

Mythical Games announced on Thursday that the free-to-play NFL Rivals game has reached a whopping figure of more than 2 million downloads and counting since its soft launch in April. This is great news. The big day came Thursday, when the game was released all over the world, just in time for the start of the 2023 NFL season.

Mythical Games and NFL Rivals Offers a Lot to the Community

Mythical Games and NFL Rivals are giving NFL fans a new way to get to know their favorite teams on a deeper level. Besides, the popular NFL team the Miami Dolphins are getting a lot of attention because they just made a big deal with NFL Rivals. NFL Rivals' logo and name will be front and center at Dolphins home games, right in the stadium. And there's more to come—fans will have great chances to win VIP experiences at all of the Dolphins' home games this season.

This move fits in with a growing trend in which sports leagues are looking into Web3-powered games as a way to not only make more money but also get fans more involved. Sorare stands out among the lot as the most important of these efforts. This platform has partnerships with well-known organizations like the NBA, the MLB, and several of the best soccer leagues in the world.

NFL Rivals Mobile Launch with NFTs on iOS and Android
NFL Rivals Mobile Launch with NFTs on iOS and Android

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FAQ for NFL Rivals:

The First Official NFL-Licensed Web3 Game with NFT Player Cards

1. What is NFL Rivals? NFL Rivals is the first official NFL-licensed web3 game developed by Mythical Games, incorporating blockchain technology. It allows players to take on the role of a manager, creating and owning their own NFL dream team.

2. What is the significance of NFTs in NFL Rivals? NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital collectibles that represent unique items or assets on the blockchain. NFL Rivals now features NFT player cards, which fans can purchase to enhance their gameplay and collection.

3. How can I purchase NFTs on NFL Rivals? To purchase NFTs in NFL Rivals, players need to reach level 4 or higher. This will unlock the ability to buy suggested NFT players. By accessing the "Improve My Roster" feature, players will be directed to a secondary marketplace where they can buy the NFT player cards.

4. Can I buy and sell NFTs via iOS and Android apps? While the current version allows purchasing NFTs through the secondary marketplace, Mythical Games plans to introduce features that enable both buying and selling NFTs directly through the iOS and Android apps in the coming months.

5. What are NFL Rivals Credits and how can I use them? NFL Rivals Credits are the in-game currency used within the NFL Rivals game. These credits can be used to access the blockchain marketplace to purchase various in-game items and NFTs. Players can obtain NFL Rivals Credits through in-app purchases.

6. How can I acquire NFL Rivals Credits? Players can purchase NFL Rivals Credits through in-app purchases using fiat currency, such as through the Play Store or App Store. There are different bundles available for purchase, with prices ranging from $1.99 for 140 Credits to $99.99 for 7000 Credits.

7. Is there a compensation system for NFT creators in NFL Rivals? Yes, there is a compensation system for NFT creators. If an NFT creator lists an NFT on the marketplace and makes a sale, they will receive compensation in the form of the Myth crypto token.

8. Will the prices for NFTs in NFL Rivals remain fixed? For now, the prices for NFTs in NFL Rivals are set. However, Mythical Games is planning to introduce an exciting bidding system in the future, allowing players to bid on items and potentially win them through bidding.

9. Why are NFT suggestions on iOS cheaper than expected? NFT suggestions on iOS are surprisingly cheap, costing less than $3 worth of Credits each, despite the usual trend of NFTs being more expensive on iOS. This is due to the use of the Mythical Chain, a blockchain that works with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

10. What is the future of NFL Rivals and Mythical Games' plans? Mythical Games has plans to move its business to the Polkadot blockchain in the future. NFL Rivals has already achieved over 2 million downloads since its soft launch in April, and it continues to grow. Additionally, Mythical Games is collaborating with NFL teams, such as the Miami Dolphins, to enhance the fan experience.

11. How are sports leagues utilizing web3-powered games? Web3-powered games like NFL Rivals are becoming popular among sports leagues as a means of engaging fans and generating revenue. These games, often involving NFTs, offer fans a deeper connection with their favorite teams and players. Platforms like Sorare have formed partnerships with major sports leagues to explore this trend further.

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