Mirandus Game Review: MMORPG Blockchain

Mirandus Game Review: MMORPG Blockchain

Play To Earn Games | 08 May 2024 12:17 UTC

Today, in the world of gaming news, we are excited to share another outstanding project from Gala Games, Mirandus, which boasts AAA-level elements. This game is a unique offering in the blockchain gaming industry, and showcases the exceptional talent and skill of Gala Games' developers. The team is known for producing high-quality blockchain gaming projects and forging partnerships to bridge the gap between traditional and Web 3.0 gaming. Mirandus is a flagship title from Gala Games, and it is a groundbreaking massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a fully on-chain economy. This means that in-game items such as magic, weapons, health, food, cosmetics, and more will all exist on the blockchain, and can be interoperable with the real-world economy. Players will also have a significant degree of control and freedom when it comes to shaping the storyline and other elements, allowing them to create their own unique content.

Mirandus Game Overview

The game shares similarities with the popular traditional game, Skyrim. Mirandus is an open-world MMORPG blockchain game that emphasizes player ownership and control. Players will have the ownership of in-game items and land deeds, which allow them to claim parts of the wilderness as their own. In the vast world of Mirandus, five player-monarchs hold sway. Unlike other games with pre-determined quests and maps, Mirandus has an open wilderness where players are free to explore, battle hidden monsters in the woods, and defeat dungeon bosses. The game allows players to shape their own story and choose their path, whether it is joining one of the monarchs' court as a knight, or conducting business in one of the realm's five citadels.

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Mirandus NFTs

When starting the game, players will begin as an exemplar, which possess unique abilities and characteristics that aid in exploring the world of Mirandus. Currently, the game is only accessible to exemplars, and only the most skilled warriors, explorers, and crafters will have the opportunity to delve into the world of Mirandus.

Exploring Mirandus comes with great risk but also the potential for high rewards. The mysterious substance known as Materium, which has magical powers, can be found in the world. It can be used to channel power into spells, craft incredible items and even bring heroes back from the dead. As an exemplar, players will venture out and search for Materium along the shoreline


In Mirandus, everything you own is considered a digital asset that has real-world value, making it interoperable with the outside economy. Everything is recorded on the blockchain, so whatever you build within the game belongs to you, whether it be your home, business, towns, cities or citadels. To build these items, players will need to purchase deeds within the game. The game offers a total of 1650 deeds that players can place anywhere in the open world where there is space. Players will have the ability to create their own real estate on plots with accurate measurements and they own it, just like in real life. Others may pay rent to use your property in the game and this will help you earn valuable in-game rewards.

Players have the option to acquire various NFTs through the Gala Games store, including ships, docks, buildings, land deeds, exemplars, and the Lantern of the Sun. Each of these NFT elements is vital for players' journey as they explore the world of Mirandus. These NFTs all have unique attributes that will aid players in achieving their goals. For instance, ships will enable players to explore the vast world beyond land, and into the waters. They will be able to gather resources from the sea, such as fish and other sea creatures. Similarly, cemeteries offer players a space to bury fallen heroes and warriors, and use Materium to cast spells to bring them back to life.

Mirandus Gameplay Quick Review

Mirandus boasts stunning graphics and artwork with a wealth of attention to detail. The game includes intricate features such as the shadows cast, the night environment, the sound of wind blowing through the grass, the chirping of grasshoppers, and the crackling of a wood fire. The game is coming together nicely as development continues. The current gameplay is still in the Alpha stage, so players should expect to see even more added to the game in the coming months. We will continue to provide updates and coverage on the game's upcoming launches, so stay tuned. 

Mirandus Game Review


Do check out our take on Gala Games plans for 2023, and what new projects it has in store for the blockchain community. Also, visit our YouTube channel to get to know more about blockchain games and their game reviews. We are adding new games every week, if your game is not in the games list, do contact us!

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