MapleStory Web3 Push: What to Expect?

MapleStory Web3 Push: What to Expect?

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Web3 gaming is getting better and growing, and classic Web2 games are also starting to use technology. Companies like Neopets, MapleStory, and Atari are joining Web3 technologies with their popular and nostalgic blockchain game IPs. MapleStory is one of only a few games that have been successful and are still going strong.

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Since it came out in 2003, the game has been going strong, accomplishing rare things and building a strong, loyal community. So, what will MapleStory do next? It now wants to introduce play and own, which will take it into the uncharted territory of Web3 technologies. Why shouldn't players be able to keep all the gear and digital assets they bought to beat tougher bosses? So the only way to go is to take it to the next level. What you paid for is yours to keep.

MapleStory Announces Blockchain Integration in GDC 2023

The people who work on MapleStory recently went to the Game Developers Conference, which was held in March in San Francisco. Many of the game developers who went to the conference grew up playing the popular game, so it was like going back in time for them. But the developers also surprised the crowd with their big plans for the blockchain. These involve letting Polygon players make their own decentralized apps. This is a big step in the right direction for the MapleStory brand, which is trying to get to the next level.

Nexon's production director, Sunyoung Hwang, is in charge of the MapleStory Web3 project. He thinks that the game has become something that people of all ages enjoy. She said that the top 50% of players have been active for an impressive 15 years on average. In response, Hwang said she wanted the game's success to continue for another 10 years. But she stressed that this wouldn't happen by accident and that they would have to work hard.

Polygon Nexon Partnership

In the past few years, video games and blockchain technology have been going hand in hand. Ryan Wyatt, who used to be in charge of YouTube Gaming, is now president of Polygon Labs. The company helps people and organizations build on the Polygon protocol, which is powered by Ethereum. Nexon and Polygon have recently joined forces to bring MapleStory to the blockchain. Wyatt says that Nexon is a "high-impact brand" that can take advantage of the latest technological advances.

Wyatt said in a recent interview that he didn't always care about cryptocurrencies. But when he thought it was unfair to buy in-game items without owning them, he became interested in digital assets. Because of this, he moved from YouTube to the Web3 world.

Classic Games Continues to Push for Blockchain Integration

Even though fans are upset and against it, nostalgic gaming brands like MapleStory, Neopets, and Atari are still pushing their blockchain projects. But now they are being careful with their words and setting reasonable goals. This isn't just happening with gaming brands; it's happening more and more with blockchain projects in general.

Nexon first talked about its MapleStory blockchain project in June 2022, but it is still not available in Korea or anywhere else. Nexon has been going to different developer conferences to meet new developers and encourage them to build on the MapleStory blockchain.

Nexon's production director in charge of the MapleStory Web3 project, Sunyoung Hwang, said that the company has been using these conferences to talk to potential users, creators, and developers. Nexon plans to keep supporting the PC version of MapleStory while also making a blockchain version of the game that will be very similar to the original. In this version, items in the game will be represented by NFTs that can be traded outside of the game.

Nexon plans to open up its ecosystem once the blockchain game comes out and invite developers to make decentralized apps based on the Ethereum blockchain. Nexon didn't want to say more, but the company is also planning to make a cryptocurrency for players.

What to Expect in the Upcoming Version of MapleStory

In the new blockchain version of MapleStory, which is coming soon, there won't be a cash shop. Instead, players will get weapons and gear from monsters they kill. Each region will have its own NFT rewards. Sunyoung Hwang, who is the production director for Nexon's MapleStory Web3 efforts, talked about how the rarity of in-game items affects how much fun players have.

Hwang cited examples such as the excitement of unlocking rare loot in Diablo III or catching a legendary fish in Animal Crossing. However, changes in the game economy can affect the rarity of items, such as an increase in players fighting a particular boss, which can cause the value of the items to decrease. According to Hwang, this can negatively impact players' enjoyment of the game.

Hwang thinks that NFTs, which are only available for a limited time, can help keep the excitement and fun of the game going.

How MapleStory’s Blockchain Push is Suitable?

Some people think that the upcoming MapleStory blockchain game with NFTs makes sense. Players have already been able to spend real money in the game to get real benefits, like avoiding boring tasks or getting better gear. As a former "whale" in MapleStory who spent $4,000 on the game, I sold my weapon on a secondary fan forum for real money when I quit.

Nexon wants to bring these other sites under its control by using blockchain technology. Nexon's Sunyoung Hwang did say that players on the black market might be interested in MapleStory NFTs, but he does not support trading on the black market.

MapleStory Web3 Push What to Expect
MapleStory Web3 Push What to Expect

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