Blankos Block Party Goes Mobile: Mythical Games Strategic Shift and Impact on the Gaming Industry

Blankos Block Party Goes Mobile: Mythical Games Strategic Shift and Impact on the Gaming Industry

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 10:25 UTC

Mythical Games just announced plans to move their multiplayer game Blankos Block Party to mobile devices (Android and iOS)

The incredible multiplayer game Blankos is coming to iOS and Android, and Mythical Games will make the official announcement regarding release plan soon. Jamie Jackson, CEO and co-founder of Mythical Games shared some detailed information about their decision to launch a mobile game before the actual announcement. This surprising move can pave the way for widespread adoption in the mobile gaming community and empower Blankos Block Party to keep players engaged with exciting updates.

Blankos Coming to Mobile Devices

There is no doubt that the social party game Blankos Block Party has failed to catch on with players in the time since the first blockchain gaming boom. So it shouldn't come as much of a shock that developer Mythical Games just announced plans to move the game to mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Mythical has stated that they are relocating their development focus from the PC to Blankos Mobile. However, the change was viewed as a need of time to appeal to a larger audience and simplify the gameplay. This seems expected given the success of Mythical second mobile app, NFL Rivals, which was released earlier in 2023 and has recently achieved an NFT trade volume of over $1 million and over 2 million downloads.

Blankos Block Party Witnessed Early Success on PC

Blankos, the flagship game from Mythical flagship product was released on PC and set several records in the world of gaming. It was the first blockchain game to reach one million players and the first to be published by Prime Gaming, the ESRB, and major brands including Burberry, Godzilla (Toho), Pop-Tarts, and Deadmau5. It was also the first blockchain game to be graded by the ESRB and PEGI. By introducing the Web2 audience to Web3 on PC, Blankos paved the way for blockchain technology to be used in the gaming business.

In terms of accessibility and immersive gaming experience, Blankos is ideal for mobile devices. The mythical plan is to increase the game's impact and player base by adapting it to mobile devices, and with more than 2.4 billion mobile gamers around the world, this decision can drive positive results. They are optimistic that the PC user base will ultimately switch the platform and appreciate this fantastic experience as they shift all of Blankos' development efforts to mobile.

Moreover, players can use the same Blankos account for both devices. A Mythical account grants you unrestricted use of all of the services, with all of your data and assets following you wherever you go. Mythical plans to bring Blankos to mobile devices soon, and with that comes a plethora of new features, including more collaborations, opportunities to play and compete with friends, and customization options for your Blankos. Nothing more than the planned upgrade of Blankos over time.

About Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party, one of the most notable blockchain games, was released in November 2020 and hosted on the Mythical blockchain. In addition to becoming the first blockchain game overall, it was also the first title on the Epic Games Store to reach 1 million users. Sorare is yet another blockchain game to have raised more than $260 million.

The missions of Blankos Block Party revolve around discovery, production, and collection. When you log in as a player, you'll have access to the platform's user-created content. In other words, you can try out the games that other people have made. You can party, race, and shoot your way through a variety of levels. You can also create your own unique set of memories. Gameplay rules and levels will also change. All you need is some imagination and interest. Other people can test out your creation, and then provide feedback afterward.

Final Word

Exciting new features like a battle royale mode and a crafting system will be available in the mobile version. This change predicts the expansion of game's user base by capitalizing on the growing mobile gaming industry. The Blankos Block Party continues to be a leader in this evolution by fusing creativity and collectibility. However, this important decision poses a lot of challenges to the firm as mobile game versions will need specific attention to detail to grab the interest of gamers and keep them entertained with improved infrastructure. It appears to be a significant investment that will surely allow them to remain in the spotlight. Furthermore, the mobile version will deliver an immersive mobile gaming experience like never before.

Mythical Games just announced plans to move their multiplayer game Blankos Block Party to mobile devices (Android and iOS)

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FAQ: Blankos Block Party Mobile Release

1. When will Blankos Block Party be available on mobile devices?

Blankos Block Party for mobile is currently under development, and an official release date has not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates from Mythical Games regarding the release schedule.

2. Which mobile platforms will Blankos Block Party be available on?

Blankos Block Party will be available on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring that players on a wide range of mobile devices can enjoy the game.

3. Can I use my existing Blankos account on the mobile version?

Yes, Mythical Games plans to allow players to use their existing Blankos accounts on the mobile version of the game. This means you can seamlessly switch between PC and mobile devices while retaining your progress and items.

4. Will there be any differences between the PC and mobile versions of Blankos Block Party?

While the core gameplay experience will remain consistent, there may be some differences in user interface and control schemes to accommodate mobile devices. Mythical Games aims to provide an enjoyable experience on both platforms.

5. What new features can we expect in the mobile version of Blankos Block Party?

The mobile version of Blankos Block Party is expected to introduce exciting new features, including a battle royale mode and a crafting system. These additions aim to enhance the gameplay experience for mobile users.

6. How will Blankos Block Party maintain its creative and collectible aspects on mobile devices?

Mythical Games is committed to preserving the creative and collectible elements of Blankos Block Party on mobile. Players can continue to explore user-generated content, create unique memories, and engage in various game modes.

7. Are there plans for cross-platform play between PC and mobile users?

Mythical Games has not confirmed cross-platform play at this time. However, they are actively exploring ways to connect players across different platforms, so stay updated for potential developments in this area.

8. How will Mythical Games address potential challenges in adapting the game for mobile devices?

Mythical Games is dedicated to delivering a high-quality mobile gaming experience. They will invest in infrastructure improvements and attention to detail to ensure a smooth transition to mobile while maintaining the game's core features.

9. What impact will this move have on the existing PC player base?

Mythical Games aims to bridge the existing PC user base to mobile by offering a consistent experience and allowing players to use the same Blankos account on both platforms. The transition is designed to expand the game's community rather than replace it.

10. Will the mobile version of Blankos Block Party support in-app purchases or microtransactions?

Details about in-app purchases and microtransactions in the mobile version of Blankos Block Party have not been disclosed yet. Mythical Games will provide more information on this aspect closer to the release date.

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