Top20 Web3 Games Coming in Q3 2023: Part I

Top20 Web3 Games Coming in Q3 2023: Part I

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:56 UTC

Discover the top 20 Web3 games set to revolutionize gaming in Q3 2023. Part I explores innovative titles reshaping the future of play. The use of blockchain technology and NFTs gives a sense of ownership and creative freedom, as well as a sense of reward in web3 games.

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With the release of Web3 games, the gaming industry has been on the verge of a big change. The use of blockchain technology and NFTs gives gamers a sense of ownership and creative freedom, as well as a sense of reward and freedom. In this article, we'll explore the exciting worlds of the top 20 Web3 games, where players become real stakeholders in virtual realms.

The first 10 are: Infinite Victory, Words3, Wild Forest, SpeedThrone, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicle, Rumble Arcade, Project T, Inmates, Galaxy Commanders, Battle of Three Kingdoms – Sangokushi Taisen.

Infinite Victory

"Infinite Victory," a game made by Bit Fry Games and Immutable in a groundbreaking partnership, changes the way games are made by mixing basketball with elements from other sports. The goal of the game is to teach players about 'phygital' ownership by connecting the web2 and web3 gaming worlds in a seamless way. Reward systems go beyond how well you do in-game. They also include active participation in the community and a fun and inclusive gaming experience.

The use of blockchain technology and NFTs gives web3 gamers a sense of ownership and creative freedom, as well as a sense of reward


Words3 takes a big step into the world of blockchain games by putting a crypto-based twist on the popular casual crossword game Scrabble. This new on-chain game from Small Brain Games is based on four key ideas: players get letters to make words, the costs of letters change over time, players get higher scores when others use their letters, and the final score determines whether players win or lose ETH.

Wild Forest

Wild Forest is the newest third-party game from Ronin. It is a masterpiece of real-time strategy made for mobile devices. This free-to-play gem gives you an exciting player-versus-player deck-building experience that is made better by card-collecting features. Your main goal in Wild Forest is to destroy your opponent's castle before they destroy yours. Wild Forest is different from other games because it uses Web3 features. It has in-game assets like unit and skin NFTs that make it stand out. When a unique WF token is added to a game, it adds a layer of blockchain-based interaction and ownership.

The use of blockchain technology and NFTs gives web3 gamers a sense of ownership and creative freedom, as well as a sense of reward


SpeedThrone, made by the Swedish company Orion Eunix and powered by Unreal Engine 5, will be the best esports racing game ever. It combines car NFTs and adds the CRS token to Cardano. It also has plans to grow. Even though the game is free to play, players can buy NFTs that improve gameplay and give them access to special events. A collection of 1000 NFTs from the Prime series acts as a VIP membership and lets you take part in all in-game events. Strategic NFT combinations also give VIP game access. When it comes out in Q4 2023, SpeedThrone will combine esports racing with blockchain technology, changing the way competitive games are played.

The use of blockchain technology and NFTs gives web3 gamers a sense of ownership and creative freedom, as well as a sense of reward

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicle

ChampionsVerse is buzzing with excitement because Champions Tactics is finally here. Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, which is about to come out on the Japanese gaming blockchain Oasys, is a PC RPG that is very immersive. This magical adventure takes place in a world where mythical champions live and where tactical battles and the magical world of Grimoria come together to make legendary stories and adventures. It promises that the journey will be exciting and memorable.

The use of blockchain technology and NFTs gives web3 gamers a sense of ownership and creative freedom, as well as a sense of reward

Rumble Arcade

When Finnish game company Tribo Games announced Rumble Arcade, a captivating web3 game that focuses on tactical battles, it made a lot of noise in the gaming world. In Rumble Arcade, players can work together to form teams and make strategic choices as they move through a world full of different battle scenarios. As Rumble Arcade gets ready to be put on the Ethereum blockchain, excitement is building. Unique Flamey NFTs are already available on Opensea.

Project T

Sky Mavis, who made the very popular game Axie Infinity, has just released Project T, a virtual meetup game that is meant to help players feel more connected to their communities. This creative project encourages player interaction by giving them a variety of fun minigames to play. Project T also shows players the mysterious world of the sapidae, which were the first species of axie. At the moment, Project T is running on Ronin, Sky Mavis's native blockchain. Fans can get to it through the Mavis Hub or the App.axie game page.


On the Cardano blockchain, the Inmates project is a very interesting NFT ecosystem project.

This unique virtual world places players in a prison setting where they can purchase and wager on various characters such as prisoners, cellmates, and guards using the game's dedicated marketplace and betting platform. Staking these characters earns you SMOKES tokens, while unstaked NFTs may yield new ones. In early 2023, they introduced and sold out coins featuring male inmates. In Q4, they are set to produce the highly anticipated coins featuring female inmates.

Galaxy Commanders

Galaxy Commanders presents a space-based player-versus-player game where the focus lies on employing strategy to obliterate opponents' battleships. In addition to PVP action, it has cooperative modes and challenging missions that keep you coming back for more. Players also have the opportunity to enhance their battleships, and there are upcoming intentions to introduce NFTs that players can enhance in the future, thereby expanding the avenues for customizing and building their ship collections. The experienced MagmaByte team is planning to release the game on Immutable's zkEVM rollup.

Battle of Three Kingdoms – Sangokushi Taisen

Even though Sega's role in web3 has been questioned recently, the company is still involved through double.jump tokyo's Battle of Three Kingdoms. Battle of Three Kingdoms is a trading card game that you play on your computer. It is already getting people excited by revealing new game characters on its Twitter page. The game is almost ready to go live on Oasys, and a full launch is planned for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Top20 Web3 Games Coming in Q3 2023: Part I
Top20 Web3 Games Coming in Q3 2023: Part I

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FAQ General Questions

What are Web3 games, and how do they differ from traditional games?

Web3 games represent a new generation of video games that utilize blockchain technology and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to offer players enhanced ownership, creative freedom, and in-game rewards. Unlike traditional games, Web3 games integrate decentralized technologies, allowing players to have true ownership of in-game assets and engage in the broader blockchain ecosystem.

How do NFTs work in Web3 games?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets that represent ownership of in-game items, characters, or assets. In Web3 games, NFTs are often used to grant players ownership of in-game items, skins, characters, or even virtual real estate. These NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on blockchain marketplaces, providing players with real-world value for their in-game achievements.

Top 10 Web3 Games

What is "Infinite Victory," and what sets it apart from traditional sports games?

"Infinite Victory" is a groundbreaking Web3 game that combines basketball with elements from other sports. It introduces the concept of 'phygital' ownership, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming worlds. The game encourages active community participation and offers an inclusive gaming experience that extends beyond in-game performance.

How does "Words3" integrate blockchain technology into a crossword game like Scrabble?

"Words3" takes the classic crossword game Scrabble and infuses it with blockchain technology. Players use letters to create words, and the costs of these letters change over time. The game introduces a crypto twist by allowing players to earn higher scores when others use their letters, with the final score determining ETH rewards.

What distinguishes "Wild Forest" from other real-time strategy games, and how does it leverage Web3 features?

"Wild Forest" is a mobile real-time strategy game that offers player-versus-player deck-building gameplay. What sets it apart is its integration of Web3 features, including in-game assets like unit and skin NFTs. These NFTs introduce blockchain-based interaction and ownership, enhancing the gaming experience.

How does "SpeedThrone" combine esports racing with blockchain technology, and what are the benefits of owning NFTs in the game?

"SpeedThrone" is an esports racing game that merges car NFTs and the CRS token on the Cardano blockchain. While the game is free to play, players can enhance their gameplay and gain access to special events by purchasing NFTs. VIP memberships through NFT collections and strategic NFT combinations provide exclusive in-game advantages, redefining competitive gaming.

What makes "Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicle" an immersive PC RPG, and where does it fit into the Web3 gaming landscape?

"Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicle" is an immersive PC RPG set in a world of mythical champions. It offers players tactical battles and magical adventures, promising an exciting and memorable journey. The game's integration with the Japanese gaming blockchain Oasys enhances the overall gaming experience.

More Web3 Games

What can players expect from "Rumble Arcade," and how is it poised to transition to the Ethereum blockchain?

"Rumble Arcade" is a web3 game that focuses on tactical battles, where players collaborate to navigate various battle scenarios. The game's impending transition to the Ethereum blockchain is generating excitement, with unique Flamey NFTs already available on Opensea.

What is "Project T," and how does it aim to foster player interaction and community engagement?

"Project T" is a virtual meetup game by Sky Mavis, the creators of Axie Infinity. It encourages player interaction through a variety of fun minigames and offers insights into the mysterious world of sapidae. Running on Ronin, Sky Mavis's native blockchain, it provides players with a unique opportunity to connect with their communities.

What is the concept behind the "Inmates" project on the Cardano blockchain?

The "Inmates" project on the Cardano blockchain immerses players in a prison setting, allowing them to purchase and wager on various characters such as prisoners, cellmates, and guards. This unique virtual world includes a dedicated marketplace and betting platform, where staking characters earns players SMOKES tokens. Upcoming releases of coins featuring different characters add depth to the gameplay experience.

How does "Galaxy Commanders" offer a space-based gaming experience, and what customization options are in store for players?

"Galaxy Commanders" provides a space-based player-versus-player game with a focus on strategic ship battles, cooperative modes, and challenging missions. Players have the opportunity to enhance their battleships, and future plans include the introduction of customizable NFTs, allowing players to further personalize their ship collections.

What can players anticipate from "Battle of Three Kingdoms – Sangokushi Taisen," and how is it connected to Sega?

"Battle of Three Kingdoms – Sangokushi Taisen" is a trading card game designed for computer play. Despite recent questions about Sega's role in the Web3 space, the game is generating excitement by revealing new characters and updates on its Twitter page, promising an engaging gaming experience.

Stay Updated

How can players stay informed about the latest developments in the Web3 gaming industry?

To stay informed about the latest developments in the Web3 gaming industry, keep an eye on official game websites, social media channels, and blockchain community forums. Additionally, consider joining gaming communities and participating in discussions related to your favorite Web3 games to stay up-to-date with news and updates.

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