Game Overview Apeiron

Game Overview Apeiron

Play To Earn Games | 08 May 2024 12:35 UTC

Once somebody starts playing God, sooner or later things get out of hand, or do they? It’s about time that you yourself find out by playing God. Yes, we are not kidding. In today’s gaming news, we are excited to bring you a one-of-a-kind God game where you embody a god and will create a storyline depending on your actions, either good or evil. Apeiron is a play-and-earn NFT blockchain game that gives players true ownership, an action RPG, and a tri-token system. The in-game NFTs are in the shape of stars, planets, and relics. Moreover, the game is an NFT metaverse with several constellations in the Apeiron Universe. The game takes a lot of inspiration from classic God games like Black & White, Populous, and roguelike titles. The game holds a lot of potential and promises, as it took years to develop. Apeiron is a worthy addition to the blockchain and metaverse gaming industries.

Game Overview Apeiron: A Blockchain NFT Metaverse Game
Apeiron is a Play-and-Earn Game

What is Apeiron Game?

Apeiron is a simulation RPG where you embody a god. The game’s goal is to make players gods and give them planets to look after. It's up to you and what you do to decide whether the world is the best example of goodness or a real hell where evil rules. As a result, your moral choices will be reflected in the game. However, you need not worry; there is a cycle in place, and you, as a god, have the power to inflict Armageddon to start all over again. Moreover, whatever you create in this game is yours. You can sell, trade, and use your NFTs in the wider metaverse of the game.

So, who are you going to rule over or look after? The Doods! The Doods are cute, fun little creatures ready to party and enjoy life. However, they aren’t as intelligent as they look, and more often than not, they will screw things up, and you, as a God, will look after them. Your supernatural powers will help Doods with natural elements like fire, earth, air, and water. Split open mountains for Doods to expand their civilization, cause rain to grow food resources, throw fire to stop the mischief, and more.

Apeiron blockchain nft metaverse play-and-earn game
Apeiron Planet - Play-and-Earn - Metaverse

How to Begin Playing Apeiron?

Planet NFTs are the places where the main gameplay occurs. So, players will need to buy at least one NFT planet to begin playing the game. Besides, you can also apply for a seeded planet. This means that the game also offers free-to-play options via gaming guilds. Moreover, each planet has a unique set of skills and features depending on its class and type. To upgrade planets and call planetary avatars, you will also need to get the majority of the Doods to back you up. At a certain level in the game, you will play the action-adventure elements of the gameplay. Your avatar will participate in GvG battles, raids, and competitive esports.

The Action RPG Element in Apeiron

After some time, you, as a god, have dedicated followers of Dood. From here, you will summon your avatar into the game and have full control over it. By raiding dungeons, your avatar will be able to explore nearby galaxies and other things in space. The monsters in the dungeons are hard, and the boss fights are based on your skills and happen in real time. You can also return to Eden as a god and continue to look after your planet.

How is Apeiron different from other NFT and blockchain games?

Apeiron introduces a tri-token system in the game, an innovation that other NFT blockchain games didn’t use before. The three tokens are:

  • Apeiros: It is the game’s governance token which allows players to stake claim in the universe. 
  • Anima: These are the in-game rewards, and you play-to-earn tokens.
  • Ringularity: It is an alliance currency that will help in the promotion of social gameplay and will act in the later stages of the game. This token is powerful and acts as a permanent power.

According to the roadmap, the game is in phase 5, and the open beta is ready to roll. Check out the prototype gameplay below:

Apeiron Teaser

Apeiron also gives new players free seed planets every month so they can try them out before buying a planet. The NFT marketplace uses an L2 solution for Ethereum and Polygon Network. This guarantees lower fees and faster transactions for users. So, Apeiron is doing things its way and looks like one of the most promising upcoming blockchain games in the future.

Check out our report on how the blockchain gaming industry performed in 2022. Keep visiting us for more gaming news, or check our YouTube channel for more video game reviews.

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