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Armored Kingdom




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Armored Kingdom

Armored Kingdom is a genre-defying, multiplatform, immersive universe, NFT card game, that is a character-driven tale of conflict, deceit, and mystery that takes place in a medieval fantasy universe.

Three opposing armies are ready to engage in a crucial battle that might completely destroy all three armies: the humans of the Veldt, the sea creatures known as the Costraca, and the anthropomorphized jungle animals from the Kingdom of the Horn. Before any blood is shed, though, a mystery city-sized spacecraft appears as a new foe. The ship doesn't move, but the inaudible menace compels the three empires to form a tenuous alliance.

However, there are rivals among them. And the confusion offers opportunities to those who want to take control at all costs. When the coalition leader is killed, a motley crew of fugitives must establish their innocence while embarking on a desperate search for magical relics that have gone missing. These potent weapons could be their only chance to stop an extraterrestrial invasion.

This fundamental narrative will create synergy throughout our expanding universe of comics, games, and animation. It happens by drawing on a rich, multicultural world with intricate backstories and a serialized plot full of startling twists and turns.

Armored Kingdom Overview

Players will start the game with minimal equipment and must deliberately choose what to equip. Moreover, players do this while engaging in assault and defense phases during each turn. Beyond just matching gear to gear, choosing when and how to strike or defend will add a layer of strategy. Extremely well-trained warriors try to parry everything that is thrown at them and rely on acid to quickly dismantle their opponent's equipment.

The game prevents players from trying to use a pay-to-win strategy. It maintains the game's accessibility for both newbies and seasoned players. It uses a system that matches individuals based on their record and total deck power.

Each player controls a warrior, who has a certain amount of health at the beginning. Killing your opponent's warrior is how you win a game.

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