Xsolla Drops: Revolutionary NFT Rewards for Game Developers to Improve Community Engagement

Xsolla Drops: Revolutionary NFT Rewards for Game Developers to Improve Community Engagement

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 30 Aug 2023 18:56 UTC

Today, Xsolla, a well-known business that sells video games around the world, made an exciting announcement. They are adding a brand-new tool called Xsolla Drops to their Xsolla Partner Network option to make it better. With Xsolla Drops, game makers can get an extra layer of marketing help to get more people to play their games, keep them playing, and make more sales. It makes it easier to promote things like virtual currencies, skins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), game keys, and premium services.

More Power to Game Developers and Publishers by Xsolla

Alexander Menshikov, the Business Head at Xsolla, was excited about Drops. He said, "This tool makes it easy for game developers and publishers to connect and reward their gamers. We're helping them find new ways to reward their fans, find new ways to get new users, and get closer to the people they already have. Drops also make it possible for game makers to make targeted campaigns for their games that offer personalized experiences on custom landing pages without the need to know how to code.

Marketing Solutions by Xsolla Drops

User acquisition costs are going up, which makes it hard for game makers to figure out which marketing channels work best. Drops solves this problem with a multi-tiered strategy that gets players excited about finding new games again and gives creators more value. It also helps spread the word about a game's name.

This all-in-one marketing tool takes into account the rising costs of finding, attracting, and keeping people on branded websites. It will also work closely with influencers, artists, people who work in esports, famous people, and well-known companies.

Scott Robinson of SprintGP on Xsolla Drops

The owner of SprintGP, Scott Robinson, was happy with Xsolla's Drops campaign. He said, "We were thrilled with how our Drops campaign with Xsolla turned out. From start to finish, the hiring process was quick and easy, taking only a few hours. We just had to fill out a form, share game design assets, and tell players how to get their rewards. Xsolla took care of everything else, like making the website and setting up the marketing. Our number of users doubled in less than 24 hours, and website traffic went up by 300%. We highly suggest Xsolla's Drops tool to any game developer who wants to find new ways to attract and keep players.

With Xsolla Drops, game developers can look forward to a way to sell their games that works well. Also, for getting players' attention and growing their user base in a very impressive way.

What Xsolla Drops Offers to the Game Developers

Drops is an extension of Xsolla's well-known marketing tool, Xsolla Partner Network. It has a lot of fun features that help game creators take their marketing to new heights.

Drops makes it easy for game creators and influencers to work together to promote their games. By using the power of well-known people, producers can reach a larger audience and make more noise about their games than ever before.

But there's more! Drops also make it possible for game developers to send players exclusive digital material. From unique things in the game to limited-time deals. Also, developers can make players feel like they are part of a small group, which increases player involvement, NFTs, and the game's overall appeal.

Stronger Player Communities and Budgetary Ease

Drops helps game developers build and grow stronger player groups and improve their marketing strategies. By giving players exclusive content and fun things to do, developers can build trust, which can lead to long-term relationships and higher player retention.

Importantly, Xsolla Drops helps game makers deal with some of the budget problems they face in today's market. Drops offers a cost-effective method that maximizes impact and makes the best use of resources by offering a complete solution that mixes influencer marketing and exclusive digital content.

Community Engagement and Player Retention by Xsolla

The groundbreaking tool, Xsolla Drops, has used the power of monetization techniques to change how players are found, re-engaged, and kept in a game. Here's how Drops makes these amazing things happen:

First of all, Drops gives developers the power to make custom programs that give players exclusive rewards, NFTs, and interesting content. Game makers can attract and keep players like never before by giving them unique experiences and interesting rewards.

Drops also has an easy-to-use layout and streamlined processes. Developers can easily set up and start their projects, which saves them a lot of time and effort.

Xsolla Drops use many different methods to reach a wide range of people. Game developers can get the most out of their strategy by focusing on different groups and demographics. This method adds some energy and thrill to the process of finding new games. It also keeps both current players and people who might want to join interested.

Drops Work Closely with Influencers

Drops is successful because it works with people who have a lot of power. Drops adds value to efforts by making it easy for game developers and influencers to work together. Through the impact and reach of these well-known people, this partnership raises the game's brand awareness and brings in a wider audience.

Drops has a low cost per lead (CPL), which means that game makers can get great results without having to spend a lot of money. This makes it easy for developers to use their tools well and get the best return on their investment.

With Xsolla Drops, creators can save time, learn more, and keep game keys from being stolen. It has various storefronts for direct-to-consumer sales, detailed analytics, secure inventory storage, and tools for building communities. Boost sales, make more people aware of your brand, and connect with players well. Drops is the best tool for game developers who want to sell their games well and keep their game communities interested.

Xsolla has released Drops, which is the best way for game developers to find and keep people and promote NFTs.
Xsolla has released Drops, which is the best way for game developers to find and keep people and promote NFTs.

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FAQ: Xsolla Drops - Empowering Game Developers and Enhancing Player Engagement

Introduction: Xsolla Drops and Its Benefits

1. What is Xsolla Drops? Answer: Xsolla Drops is an innovative marketing tool introduced by Xsolla, a renowned global video game distributor. It is designed to provide game developers with enhanced marketing capabilities, enabling them to drive player engagement, retention, and sales.

2. How does Xsolla Drops enhance the Xsolla Partner Network? Answer: Xsolla Drops is a valuable addition to the Xsolla Partner Network, offering game developers an extra layer of marketing support. It facilitates the promotion of virtual currencies, skins, NFTs, game keys, and premium services to attract and retain players.

Benefits of Xsolla Drops for Game Developers

3. What benefits does Xsolla Drops offer to game developers? Answer: Xsolla Drops empowers game developers by providing a platform to create personalized marketing campaigns without coding skills. It enables collaborations with influencers, artists, and industry professionals, resulting in wider audience reach and brand awareness.

4. How does Xsolla Drops address the challenges of rising user acquisition costs? Answer: Xsolla Drops employs a multi-tiered strategy to reignite player interest in discovering new games. This approach not only engages players but also offers creators a cost-effective solution to maximize impact in a competitive market.

Enhancing Player Engagement and Retention

5. How does Xsolla Drops contribute to player retention and engagement? Answer: Xsolla Drops helps game developers build strong player communities by offering exclusive content and rewards. This fosters trust and long-term relationships, resulting in higher player retention rates.

6. What role do influencers play in Xsolla Drops? Answer: Xsolla Drops collaborates closely with influencers, leveraging their impact and reach. This partnership amplifies brand awareness, brings in a wider audience, and helps developers achieve remarkable results with a low cost per lead.

Success Story: Scott Robinson of SprintGP

7. Can you provide an example of successful implementation? Answer: Scott Robinson of SprintGP shared a positive experience with Xsolla Drops, where their user base doubled within 24 hours, and website traffic increased by 300%. The streamlined process and effective marketing strategy contributed to their success.

Features of Xsolla Drops for Developers

8. What features does Xsolla Drops offer for developers? Answer: Xsolla Drops provides developers with an array of features, including direct-to-consumer storefronts, detailed analytics, secure inventory storage, and community-building tools. These features enhance sales, brand awareness, and player engagement.

9. How does Xsolla Drops streamline the marketing process? Answer: Xsolla Drops offers an easy-to-use layout and streamlined processes, enabling developers to quickly set up and initiate their marketing projects. This efficient approach saves developers time and effort.

Impact on Game Discovery and Re-engagement

10. What impact does Xsolla Drops have on game discovery and re-engagement? Answer: Xsolla Drops leverages monetization techniques to transform how players are found, re-engaged, and retained in a game. By offering unique rewards and experiences, it captures players' interest and maintains their engagement.

Implementation and Suitability

11. Is Xsolla Drops suitable for all game developers? Answer: Xsolla Drops is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of game developers, from indie studios to established companies. It offers valuable marketing support and resources to enhance game sales and engagement strategies.

Getting Started and Support

12. How can game developers get started with Xsolla Drops? Answer: Game developers interested in utilizing Xsolla Drops can explore its features and benefits on the Xsolla website. The platform provides resources and guidance to help developers leverage the tool effectively.

13. Does Xsolla Drops provide customer support for developers? Answer: Yes, Xsolla provides customer support to assist developers in using Xsolla Drops effectively. The support team can address queries, provide guidance, and offer solutions to ensure a successful implementation.

Contributing to the Gaming Industry's Growth

14. How does Xsolla Drops contribute to the overall growth of the gaming industry? Answer: Xsolla Drops contributes to the growth of the gaming industry by empowering developers with tools to enhance player engagement, retention, and sales. Its innovative approach to marketing offers solutions to address the evolving challenges of the market.


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