Win a $50K Grant with Galactic Hubs in Alien Worlds!

Win a $50K Grant with Galactic Hubs in Alien Worlds!

Play To Earn Games | 17 May 2024 06:12 UTC

Get a $50K grant with Galactic Hubs for your game in the Alien Worlds ecosystem! Explore game genres, leverage $TLM tokens, and join a metaverse community.

Insane $50K Opportunity to Revolutionize Gaming with Alien Worlds!

Hey, Game Developers! You won't believe this! Galactic Hubs is launching a mind-blowing $50,000 grant program to supercharge your game development. This is huge, guys! Ready to get into the details? Let's dive into this incredible chance and change the way you game!

What's the Buzz with Alien Worlds?

First off, let's talk about Alien Worlds. It's not just any metaverse—it's a universe bustling on the WAX blockchain, and yes, it also touches the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems. What’s the hook? This platform is all about strategy, exploration, and raking in rewards in Trilium ($TLM), the game's native cryptocurrency. Engage in activities like mining and completing missions to earn your $TLM and dominate!

A Call to All Web2 and Web3 Developers!

Now, this is epic! Whether you're mastering traditional web2 or diving into the web3 realm, Galactic Hubs offers you a golden ticket. Imagine merging your game with Alien Worlds NFTs for a gameplay twist that’s totally out of this world. It’s your chance to stand out and bring fresh excitement to gamers.

Explore a Multiverse of Game Genres

Think you've got the next big game idea? Whether it's a heart-pounding Endless Runner, a strategic Tower Defense, or even something as niche as Fallout 3 Hacking, there’s a place for you. Each genre opens a new portal to creatively integrate with the Alien Worlds universe. Unleash your creativity and surprise us!

The Magic of Trilium ($TLM) Tokens

Wondering about Trilium? It's the secret sauce of Alien Worlds. Use these tokens to juice up your games, reward players, and keep the lights on. From server maintenance to content updates, $TLM tokens have got your back, ensuring your game runs smooth and steady.

Why This Matters

By weaving your game into the Alien Worlds ecosystem, you're not just launching a game. You're spotlighting it in the Alien Worlds games portal, catapulting your visibility and access to an enthusiastic community of players. Want more details? Dash over to the Alien Worlds website to grab all the info you need on this game-changing grant program.

Final Thoughts

This initiative marks a significant leap in expanding the reach and depth of the Alien Worlds metaverse. It's more than just a grant—it's your gateway to engaging with a vibrant community and leveraging the unique elements of the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Jump on this insane opportunity to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the gaming universe! Don’t miss out, folks—let’s make gaming history together!

Getting Started in Alien Worlds: A Beginner’s Guide

Create a Wallet: First things first—players need a WAX wallet to store Trilium (TLM) and NFTs. Alien Worlds offers an easy setup through their web browser login, guiding new players to create a WAX wallet right off the bat.

Acquire a Starter Pack: Once the wallet is set up, new players should grab a starter pack. This includes a basic avatar and a shovel tool, which are essential for kicking off your mining adventures in the Alien Worlds universe.

Choose a Planet: The Alien Worlds metaverse is vast, with several planets governed by their own Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Players need to pick a planet where they’ll start their quest for TLM.

Start Mining: With your shovel in hand, it’s time to start mining! The success of your mining efforts and the rewards you earn depend on the type of land you mine and the tools at your disposal. As you progress, you might consider investing in better tools and land, available on the Marketplace.

Participate in Governance: As players accumulate TLM, they can stake it to a planet's DAO. This not only helps them earn more TLM but also grants them voting rights in governance matters, influencing the development and rules of their chosen planet.

Quick Facts Overview

What's on Offer?

$50,000 Grant: That's right, a whopping $50,000 up for grabs! Galactic Hubs is handing out cash to game developers who are ready to innovate within the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

Who's Invited?

All Game Developers: Whether you're pioneering in web2 or breaking new ground in web3, this opportunity is for you!

What's the Buzzword?

Trilium ($TLM) Tokens: Your new best friend! Use them to power up your games and keep your community hooked.

Why Participate?

Visibility and Community: Joining means more eyes on your game and an entry into a thriving metaverse community. Let’s get your game on the map!

Dive Into the Details

The Grant

$50,000 to Innovate: Galactic Hubs isn't just talking big; they're backing big dreams. This grant is designed to fuel your creative fires and help integrate your games into the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

The Developers

Web2 and Web3 Unite: It doesn't matter if your expertise is in traditional or blockchain gaming. This grant bridges the gap, offering a platform for all creative minds to shine.

The Currency

Leverage $TLM Tokens: These aren't just digital coins; they're a way to revolutionize how players interact with your game. Reward them, fund operations, and more—all through $TLM.

The Opportunity

Beyond Just Funding: It’s a chance to skyrocket your game’s popularity. Featured on the Alien Worlds games portal, your game will gain unprecedented exposure.

The Call to Action

Seize the Moment: This isn’t just a grant; it’s a launchpad. Propel your game into the spotlight with Alien Worlds and show the gaming world what you’ve got. Ready, set, innovate!

Get a $50K grant with Galactic Hubs for your game in the Alien Worlds ecosystem! Explore game genres, leverage $TLM tokens, and join a metaverse community
Get a $50K grant with Galactic Hubs for your game in the Alien Worlds ecosystem! Explore game genres, leverage $TLM tokens, and join a metaverse community

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