Wild Forest's Insane Pre-Release NFT Sale on Ronin Blockchain!

Wild Forest's Insane Pre-Release NFT Sale on Ronin Blockchain!

Play To Earn Games | 17 May 2024 13:26 UTC

Get ready for Wild Forest's epic pre-release NFT sale on May 23rd! Score exclusive NFT packs in this insane web3 RTS game on the Ronin Blockchain. Don't miss out!

Wild Forest's Insane Pre-Release NFT Sale

You won't believe what we've got! Wild Forest just dropped the bombshell details of their pre-release NFT sale, and it's absolutely insane. On May 23rd, they're rolling out over 13,000 NFT packs filled with exclusive in-game goodies. Trust me, you don't want to miss this!

What Makes Wild Forest a Game-Changer in Web3 Gaming?

So, what's the big deal about Wild Forest? This free-to-play, web3-enabled, real-time strategy (RTS) game is like a mashup of your favorite classics, Warcraft and Starcraft. Built on the Ronin Network, you start with a tiny base, expand your empire, gather resources, and build an army to crush your enemies. Sounds epic, right?

Sky Mavis and the Ronin Blockchain

Check this out, guys! Wild Forest is the first RTS game on Sky Mavis' Ronin blockchain. After the Mavis Store launched in January 2024, with hits like Axie Infinity Origins and Battle Bears Heroes, Zillion Whales dropped Wild Forest's exclusive NFT mint. It sold out in a flash on February 22nd!

Sky Mavis co-founder and CEO, Trung Nguyen, is pumped about it. He said, "Wild Forest is a perfect fit for our strategy of delivering fast-paced mobile games through Ronin, as seen in their past success with Mushroom Wars, which garnered millions of downloads."

Well, ready to check out the game? Lets go here and have fun!

Dive Into the Play-to-Airdrop Craze!

Now, let's talk about the Play-to-Airdrop (P2A) trend. It's been the buzz in web3 gaming, and Wild Forest is riding the wave. A few weeks ago, they launched their P2A event, rewarding players who joined the fun.

Central to this is the "Honor Leaderboard," where you rack up points (and tokens) through various activities like progressing in the battle pass, owning Wild Forest NFTs, and engaging with the community. They've even added a user-friendly interface to track your progress. The Wild Forest token ($WF) is on-chain, used for ranking up cards, premium purchases, and NFT sales.

Get the Scoop on the Pre-Release NFT Sale

Get ready for something awesome! Wild Forest's pre-release NFT sale kicks off on May 23rd. There are three tiers of NFT packs: Standard, Premium, and Founder, each with escalating rewards. The Founder packs are the holy grail, guaranteeing legendary NFTs.

Three Tiers of NFT Packs: What's Inside?

Here's the breakdown:

  • Standard Pack: 10 $RON (8,000 packs)
  • Premium Pack: 40 $RON (5,000 packs)
  • Founder Pack: 120 $RON (200 packs)

These packs are loaded with Lord NFTs, Unit NFTs, and Skin NFTs. Lords give you in-game perks and priority access to future sales. Units can be ranked up to legendary status, boosting their stats. Skins offer cosmetic upgrades for units like Swordsman, Archer, Knight, Ninja, Squirrelcopter, and Juggernaut.

Secure Your Spot: How to Join the NFT Sale

Want in? Secure your whitelist spot by May 20th at Wild Forest Whitelist. If you already own a Lord NFT or joined the P2A campaign, you're eligible. Missed out? No worries! Wild Forest is hosting a livestream on May 21st to raffle off 50 extra whitelist spots. It's open to Lord holders and players with at least 15,000 points from season one. Stay tuned to Wild Forest's social media for more deets.

Wild Forest's NFT Ecosystem

Wild Forest's NFT ecosystem is packed with goodies:

  • Lords: In-game perks, early access to sales, and exclusive benefits.
  • Units: Playable characters that you can upgrade to boost their abilities.
  • Skins: Cosmetic items for unique unit looks.

All Wild Forest NFTs can be traded on the Mavis Market, making them valuable and versatile.

Discover More About Wild Forest!

Wild Forest is the next big thing in web3 RTS gaming. With its free-to-play model, deck-building mechanics, and strategic depth, it's a game-changer. Built on the Ronin network, it requires a Ronin-compatible wallet for managing NFTs and rewards. The secondary market for NFT packs and Lord NFTs is buzzing with activity, reflecting high demand.

With the pre-release NFT sale just around the corner, excitement is through the roof. Don't miss your chance to grab exclusive NFTs and dive into this innovative strategy game!

Sky Mavis' Mavis Store and Wild Forest’s Strong Market Presence

You won’t believe what’s been happening! Sky Mavis recently launched the Mavis Store in January 2024, and it’s been a game-changer. This platform has brought some serious heat with popular titles like Axie Infinity Origins and Battle Bears Heroes joining the lineup. And now, Wild Forest is making waves with its exclusive NFT mint, which sold out in a flash on February 22nd!

Activities to Rack Up Points in the "Honor Leaderboard"

Now, let’s dive deeper into how you can dominate the "Honor Leaderboard" in Wild Forest. Accumulating points isn’t just about playing; it’s about engaging fully with the game’s ecosystem. Here’s how you can earn those crucial points:

  • Advancing in the Battle Pass: Progress through the battle pass to earn points.
  • Owning Wild Forest NFTs: Hold onto those valuable NFTs to boost your leaderboard score.
  • Community and Social Engagements: Participate in community events and social activities to rack up more points.

These activities not only keep you engaged but also help you climb the ranks for awesome rewards.

Market Prices Reflecting Strong Demand

Speaking of rewards, let’s talk about the market. The demand for Wild Forest NFTs is off the charts! Current market prices reflect this strong demand, showing just how valuable these assets have become. Whether you’re trading Lord NFTs or those shiny new card packs, the market is buzzing with activity. It’s a clear indicator of how much excitement there is around Wild Forest.

More About the Specific In-Game Units and Their Skins

Get ready to trick out your units with some killer skins! Wild Forest offers a range of in-game units that can be upgraded with unique skins, adding not just cosmetic flair but also a sense of personalization to your gameplay. Here are the units you can customize:

  • Swordsman: Tough and reliable, these units look even cooler with the right skin.
  • Archer: Precision and style go hand in hand with customized looks.
  • Knight: Armored and ready for battle, now with an extra touch of class.
  • Ninja: Stealthy and sleek, these units can blend into any battlefield with style.
  • Squirrelcopter: Yes, you heard it right! Make your flying squirrels even more awesome.
  • Juggernaut: Massive and unstoppable, these units become even more intimidating with the right skins.

Each skin not only changes the appearance but can also give your units a unique edge on the battlefield. So, gear up and make your units stand out!

Conclusion: Join and Play Wild Forest

Alright, folks, we've covered everything you need to know about Wild Forest and its epic pre-release NFT sale. From the jaw-dropping launch of the Mavis Store to the exciting Play-to-Airdrop events, and the high demand for NFTs, Wild Forest is setting new standards in the web3 gaming world. Whether you're looking to dominate the "Honor Leaderboard," trade valuable NFTs, or customize your in-game units with unique skins, Wild Forest has something incredible for everyone.

The pre-release NFT sale

The pre-release NFT sale is just around the corner on May 23rd. Secure your whitelist spot, gear up for the livestream raffle, and prepare to dive into this innovative and thrilling RTS game. With its strong market presence and a vibrant community, Wild Forest is more than just a game—it's a revolution.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to join the Wild Forest community, grab those exclusive NFTs, and become part of this groundbreaking adventure. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this insane opportunity! Let's make history together in the world of web3 gaming.

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