Some of the Top Web 3 Games on Ultra Games Platform

Some of the Top Web 3 Games on Ultra Games Platform

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:24 UTC

Ultra Games, a web3-driven platform for gaming and entertainment, has recently launched its latest game store to transform the way people play. Ultra Games is revolutionizing the video game market through the development of an ecosystem. It goes beyond the idea of a simple game store. Also, the Uniq Marketplace, the Ultra Wallet, and the Ultra Games store are the three distinct applications that make up the Ultra client. They all work together to provide gamers with simple access to games and digital goods. 

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The web3 platform has made it feasible for users to earn extra money by enabling gamers to monetize their games through a secondary market. Furthermore, Ultra has added a wide range of web2 and web3 games. In this recap, we will discuss some of the playable titles and upcoming titles.  

Explore rich journeys filled with exhilarating action, compelling storylines, and limitless possibilities by playing adventure games on Ultra Games.

The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition on Ultra Games

The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition follows the story of a young girl orphaned by a zombie apocalypse. She navigates through the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world and meets new allies and enemies. Moreover, the game is famous for its compelling and emotionally charged storyline. It has been awarded multiple honors for both its writing and characters. The game looks better than it did when it was first released because of the "Definitive Edition". Interestingly, because of the upgraded visuals, better lighting, and other aesthetic improvements. 

Blacksad: Under the Skin

A dark corruption scandal in the heart of New York City's underworld for mesmerizing detective John Blacksad. 

In addition, Fans of the comics series will love the intriguing and challenging adventure game "Blacksad: Under The Skin,". Exploring different locations, solving puzzles, and questioning suspects are all part of the gameplay as you look for hints and details. The game has a branching narrative with several possible outcomes. Also, the player's decisions and actions have an impact on how the plot develops.

Mars4 on Ultra Games

You can explore a 3D virtual Mars that is geographically accurate, and own and customize your territory. Also, you can benefit from the world's first NFT that generates income in the Mars4 Metaverse and P2E gaming ecosystem. Moreover, users of Mars4 buy land on which they can eventually build civilizations and they can establish economies on the Ultra Games platform. Landlords have the option to develop, rent out, and sell their lots. However, there is a lot more to it. The spectacular features of Decentraland, Star Atlas, and Axie Infinity will be accessible in a variety of play-to-earn games in the mars4 metaverse.


Trifox, who was inspired by the 3D platformers, embarks on a mission to find the elusive robbers after his home is attacked and his TV remote is taken.

In the novel game Trifox, you can employ magic, strength, and a variety of tools to thrash enemies as you go through four dangerous worlds for a battle at their headquarter. Furthermore, it has a lot of important components that help create a novel and innovative experience meant to capture the essence of an old-school 3D platformer. Choose from the three classes of Engineer, Mage, or Warrior on Ultra Games.


Syberia is an adventure game having elegant graphics with an engaging storyline. Set out on a journey through time and across continents. Investigate secrets that have been buried for too long by taking on the roles of Kate Walker and Dana Roze. Discover the breathtaking scenery and well-known characters in Benoit Sokal's fantastic and poetic world. Complicated riddles and puzzles should be solved in the saga's tradition. Discover a complex and engrossing tale with unusual stakes and compelling dialogue. You can experience the journey that Inon Zur's symphonic score can provide. 

Dead in Vinland 

Dead In Vinland from Plug In Digital tests gamers' management skills. Moreover, players take control of a group of survivors on an abandoned island while gathering supplies, constructing shelters, and battling out enemies while diving into each character's individual background through fascinating dialogue and significant decisions.

Apart from above discussed titles, there are numerous web3 titles that are playable on Ultra Games. 

Microids Playable Titles Available on Ultra Games

Microids is a well-known French video game publisher and developer with a large library of titles available on the Ultra Games platform. Benoît Sokal, Paul Cuisset, Pierre Adane, Pendulo Studios, and Eden Studios are just a few of the companies they have collaborated with to provide players all over the world with the finest that games have to offer. They are one of the numerous publishing partners that Ultra has signed up for, and they will be providing feasible solutions for the current and upcoming titles.

Ultra becomes the first entertainment platform that integrates all essential gaming services under one login and makes them all conveniently accessible. With Ultra, consumers will receive limitless value, creators will compete fairly, and the games business will have access to a whole new range of prospects.

Some of the top Web 3 games on Ultra Games Platform
Some of the top Web 3 games on Ultra Games Platform

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