The Sandbox Breach, Messi, Dr Disrepect, Champions Ascension, ImmutableX and Warner Bros

The Sandbox Breach, Messi, Dr Disrepect, Champions Ascension, ImmutableX and Warner Bros

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:05 UTC

Check out all the updates in Web3 on blockchain games including The Sandbox breach, Champions Ascension, Messi, Dr Disrespect, Immutable.

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Welcome to our Super Sunday news roundup, where we put together the best Web3 gaming stories from the week. Several new things have happened this week that show that the blockchain gaming trend is still going strong. Several non-fungible token (NFT) blockchain games are adding new features, and blockchain companies are launching new projects and forming new partnerships.

This week we saw football legend Lionel Messi’s company supporting an upcoming blockchain game Matchday. We also saw the popular video game streamer Dr. Disrespect coming out guns blazing in support of NFT games. Immutable X entered a partnership with Warner Bros. and the Sandbox security breach. As for Web3 games, we have Continuum World First Explorers going live, Champions Ascension rolling out team arena battles, launching Snipe the Streamer Mode, NFT crafting in Chronos, and more.

Let’s check out the highlights of the game below:

  • Champions Ascension Team Arena Battles
  • Make NFTs in Chronos
  • Continuum World First Explorers Now Live
  • Matchday Gets Support from Messi
  • Dr. Disrespect Reiterates Support for NFT Games
  • ImmutableX and Warner Bros Partnership
  • The Sandbox Security Breach

Champions Ascension Team Arena Battles

Exciting news for fans of Champions Ascension, as the Emperor of Massina has announced the introduction of team-based combat in the arena. The new mode features two teams of three battling it out amidst a more complex map, with destructible fences, a spike trap in the center, and two types of power-ups available on the map. One power-up provides a damage boost, while the other heals players. In addition, players can now lock-on to specific targets, and upcoming improvements include the ability to queue as a team and voice chat. Expect ongoing tweaks and changes as the Champions Ascension team works on balancing this new mode.

Make NFTs in Chronos

Fans of Chronos will be happy to hear that the multiplayer, side-scrolling, action blockchain game is getting a new crafting system, which is great news. Players can now craft NFT items and trade rare items they find in-game with the Shady Merchant. Chronos has kept building and adding to their game since the open beta came out earlier this year. They have added new game modes, new maps, a mail system, tournaments, new biomes, and more! And their most recent update gives players the chance to make their own game NFTs. To craft, players have to go to town and talk to the Shady Merchant. The Shady Merchant's stock is always changing, and he gives different players different choices. So, the best way to find the best deals is to visit him often.

Also, players will have to pay a small amount of Gems, the game's currency, to make new items. But you can get everything else you need to make things in-game. Active players can even turn this into a way to make money by gathering resources, making NFTs, and selling them on the markets. Travelers and Item NFTs are for sale on Open Sea for anyone who wants to buy them.

Continuum World First Explorers Blockchain Game Now Live

After a few weeks of delays, Continuum World has finally released the first live version of their blockchain game, First Explorers. In this free-to-play game mode, players can collect resources, build structures, and finish missions to get different rewards. In First Explorers, players can get materials from land plots, either in the wild or through a building made by another player. Wild resources appear at random, and players can get harvest bonuses by putting clothes or accessories on their Umi. In this blockchain game, there are also random chests that show up. You can put UM tokens or trophy points in these. Players need energy to gather wild resources, which come back slowly over time or can be bought in the form of batteries.

Matchday Gets Support from Messi

Play Time, which is owned by Lionel Messi, has put money into Matchday. It is an upcoming football game on the Web3 blockchain that gives real ownership through NFTs. FIFA and Matchday's studio are working together to make Web3 games, and the project just got $21 million in seed money to make a variety of soccer games. One of the companies that helped fund Matchday is Play Time Sports - Tech HoldCo LLC, which is owned by soccer star Lionel Messi. Other venture capital firms have also put money into the project. These include Courtside Ventures, Greylock, Capricorn Investment Group, Horizon Ventures, and HackVC.

Dr. Disrespect Reiterates Support for Blockchain Games

Dr. Disrespect is known for his aggressive gameplay and controversial videos on Twitch and YouTube. On his Twitter account, he has been showing more support for NFTs and blockchain gaming. Even though some of his fans criticize him, he is still committed to making Deaddrop, a blockchain game, through his studio, Midnight Society. In recent tweets, he has shown how much he likes the technology and called those who don't like it "brain-dead headline followers."

The Sandbox Breach, Messi, Dr Disrepect, Champions Ascension, ImmutableX and Warner Bros, NFT, Web3
The Sandbox Breach, Messi, Dr Disrepect, Champions Ascension, ImmutableX and Warner Bros

ImmutableX and Warner Bros Partnership

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports is using the blockchain platform from ImmutableX for their upcoming mobile Web3 game, Blocklete Golf. Through this partnership, game players can fully own tokens that can't be exchanged for anything else (NFTs). Players can buy, train, and trade virtual golfers with them. Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and ImmutableX have been working together, and the partnership will grow when Blocklete Golf is released using the ImmutableX blockchain platform.

Blockchain Game The Sandbox Security Breach

In 2023, the first security breach on Web3 makes the news. The blockchain game Sandbox gets hacked, and phishing emails are sent to users of the game. After a security breach, The Sandbox, a popular metaverse company, warned the people in its community. Unauthorized third parties got into an employee's computer, which could have put user information at risk. Phishing emails were sent to users because of the breach. These emails have links to malware that could give attackers access to their digital assets. This is the first big Web3 breach of 2023, and The Sandbox is telling its users not to open any strange emails.

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