Mystic Moose Will Launch Real-Time 3D Model NFTs

Mystic Moose Will Launch Real-Time 3D Model NFTs

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:08 UTC

No More Static NFTs in Web3 and blockchain gaming as Mystic Moose comes up with its noble idea of real-time 3D model NFTs for Planet Mojo and more.

Bring your in-game NFTs or digital collectibles to the next level by making them livelier. No more boring static NFTs, now, you can convert them into real-life 3D models thanks to blockchain game developer Mystic Moose.

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Mystic Moose is a blockchain game developer famous for its Web3 games like Planet Mojo and Mojo Meelee. The studio introduces this new idea to let gamers convert their NFTs to real-time 3D models.

Besides the conversion, the studio plans to introduce customizable features where NFT owners will unleash their creative ideas. The idea of converting NFTs to 3D models is a novel one in NFT gaming and Mystic Moose leads from the front.

Previously, NFTs were nothing more than image-based static assets with no life or movement in them.

No More Static NFTs in Web3 and blockchain gaming as Mystic Moose comes up with its noble idea of real-time 3D model NFTs.
No More Static NFTs in Web3 and blockchain gaming as Mystic Moose comes up with its noble idea of real-time 3D model NFTs.

Mystic Moose Incorporates 3D Model Animations as Digital Collectibles

Mike Levine, the CEO of Mystic Moose, stated in an interview with GamesBeat that Mojo Melee is set to become the inaugural Web3 game to incorporate authentic 3D models and animations as digital collectibles.

This idea will enable users to showcase their individual flair to the fullest extent possible.

Mystic Moose's latest announcement could potentially resolve one of the primary concerns. A concern that both game developers and gamers have had regarding NFT ownership.

CEO Mike Levine noted that previously, NFT ownership only granted access to 2D images or PFPs. It offered limited practical value if users wanted to leverage them for utility purposes.

However, with the incorporation of 3D models and animations as digital collectibles in Mojo Melee, gamers will now have the ability to modify and transform their collections on the blockchain with boundless creativity.

This groundbreaking development represents the natural evolution of gaming NFTs, as most games are already created in 3D.

The implications of this innovation are significant, as it could pave the way for NFTs to become more versatile and useful assets in the gaming industry.

Mystic Moose is gearing up to launch the first phase of its 3D collectibles on March 16, 2023, following the successful mint of Champion Chest on Magic Eden earlier this month.

The company will build upon its previous achievements and bring its groundbreaking digital assets to the forefront of the industry.

Planet Mojo Champions NFTs

Mystic Moose will release a new line of Planet Mojo Champions that will revolutionize the digital collectibles industry. Each chest will feature four champions, complete with stunning 3D models and animations.

These are rotatable, zoom in and out, and viewable from every angle on marketplaces like OpenSea. Collectors who own these champions will also have the exclusive privilege of immediately playing with them in Mojo Melee and all future games from Planet Mojo.

The company is not stopping there, as it plans to convert all existing Champion NFTs to 3D over the coming months. It will provide fans with even more exciting opportunities to experience their favorite games in a whole new way.

Mystic Moose CEO, Mike Levine, expresses his enthusiasm for the company's forthcoming 3D "Mod-able" Mojo NFTs. These NFTs focus to usher in a new era of user-generated content.

Levine emphasized that by granting players access to their 3D assets, Mystic Moose is empowering them with a significant amount of creative control. He went on to note that the company intends to fully leverage this trend by offering creator programs.

And additional initiatives for its community, further cementing Mystic Moose's commitment to user-driven innovation.

Digital Collectibles Mod-able Mojos

Mystic Moose is introducing 3D "mod-able" Mojos. These Mojos allow players to fully customize their digital assets using an array of new items and collectibles.

With the inclusion of clothing options like hats, shirts, glasses, and costumes, players can personalize their Mojos. The will have the liberty to do in a way that reflects their unique style. During gameplay in Mojo Melee, players will see these dress-up items on Mojos as they battle alongside champions in all their custom glory.

Mystic Moose is also planning to pursue brand and IP partnerships as part of this initiative. It will further expand the possibilities for players to create one-of-a-kind digital collectibles.

Moreover, in response to Planet Mojo's highly successful mint on Magic Eden, Chief Gaming Officer Chris Akhavan expressed his excitement for the innovation that Mystic Moose is bringing to the web3 space.

Akhavan praised Mystic Moose for their forward-thinking approach to digital collectibles. He notes that the integration of real-time 3D models represents a significant evolution for gaming NFTs.

Magic Eden was proud to host the mint and is looking forward to continued collaboration with Mystic Moose. They will push the boundaries of what's possible in the digital asset space.

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