Minecraft Will Not Reconsider NFT Ban

Minecraft Will Not Reconsider NFT Ban

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:38 UTC

Minecraft Shows No Signs of Changing Their Decision Regarding NFT Ban.

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Mojang, a game developer owned by Microsoft, said last summer that it planned to change its rules about how to use games to make it clearer how certain restrictions apply to the use of NFT tokens, which are used to identify digital assets. Blockchain technologies can't be built into either the client or server programs for Minecraft. They do this so that their users can have a safe and full experience.

This move shocked everyone in the web3 community, but it hasn't been done yet. Mojang said, "We won't usually support or allow NFT integrations in Minecraft."

Microsoft Comes with an Update About NFT Ban on Minecraft

Even though it was announced, there have been no changes to Minecraft's rules and no actions have been taken right away. But a Microsoft representative recently confirmed that the official guideline update is still going on and that the policy hasn't changed.

The ban was made because of unofficial Web3 projects made by the community that were based on Mojang's popular game. Microsoft thinks that by 2021, 141 million people will play the game every month on all devices.

With these special tokenized assets that were added to the game, the company's ideas about diversity and working together in new ways were not met. The Web3 community was interested in what the Swedish game developer said, and it made people hope for a quick answer. But Minecraft's rules stayed the same, which surprised both users and developers.

Mojany has doubts about the prices of NFTs and the way investors think. It said that the change in priorities hurts the happiness and future success of Minecraft's users. Also, the person who made the game wants to stop other developers from making NFT assets based on licensed game materials.

Reports say that this decision has had an effect on projects like NFT Worlds, which grew out of Minecraft servers. NFT Worlds was replaced by Topia, a game that was made from scratch but was inspired by Minecraft.

Microsoft Involvement in Minecraft

In February 2021, to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Microsoft put out a set of digital items related to the Minecraft video game. A plugin made by Enjin, a company that makes cryptocurrency games, lets you use these NFTs in the game.

Even though Microsoft is involved in NFTs, it's important to remember that the ban is mostly aimed at third-party NFT assets that let you use real Minecraft game materials.

Token Gating

Mojang makes it clear that fan-run game servers can't use NFT assets to "gate" or limit access to certain content or features. Mojang lets players charge for server access, but everyone who buys these resources must be able to use them. They can limit access for a number of asset owners by using NFTs.

When NFTs and other blockchain technologies are used, scarcity and exclusion are used to promote digital ownership. This goes against Minecraft's values of creativity for everyone and shared adventure. NFTs fall to include everyone in the community and find a middle ground between those who have access and those who don't.

"The speculative pricing and investment mindset around NFTs takes the focus away from the gameplay and encourages profiteering, which we don't think is good for the long-term happiness and success of our players," Mojang said.

The statement says that third-party NFT assets that are related to any official in-game asset will also be locked out of Minecraft. The expected changes will have an effect on Web3 projects built on Minecraft Server by people other than Minecraft. The most powerful project on the Ethereum scaling network polygon is now NFT Worlds. It sells unique pieces of land as NFTs and wants to set up a Minecraft server just for NFTs. After the people behind that project changed their minds, Topia was made. It's a "created from scratch" game, but it's similar to Minecraft.

Final Thoughts

The expected ban on Minecraft is a big step forward in the ongoing discussion about how NFTs should be used in the gaming industry. As the Web3 idea changes, people in this debate have given a wide range of responses. But some NFT experts think that the restriction is a sign that Minecraft is working on its own blockchain plans and that this regulation effectively bans potential third-party blockchain competitors from the Minecraft Market, giving them control over all possible Minecraft P2E offerings.

Minecraft Shows No Signs of Changing Their Decision Regarding NFT Ban
Minecraft Shows No Signs of Changing Their Decision Regarding NFT Ban

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