Immutable and Polygon Partner for New zkEVM Ethereum Network

Immutable and Polygon Partner for New zkEVM Ethereum Network

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:06 UTC

Immutable and Polygon join hands to employ zero-knowledge technology in blockchain games; zkEVM for scaling Web3 transactions on Ethereum.

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Polygon and Immutable are all set for a massive collaboration to create a gaming-specific blockchain employing zero-knowledge technology to expedite the creation of decentralized games and move Web3 one step closer to mass deployment.

ImmutableX and Immutable zkEVM for scaling Web3 gaming transactions on Ethereum are powered by Immutable.

Two Power Houses Rolling Out Immutable zkEVM

The upcoming months will see the release of Immutable zkEVM. It is a brand-new ZK-rollup that is EVM-compatible, driven by Polygon technology, and fully supported by the Immutable ecosystem.

Game developers may now get early documentation so they can start integrating with Immutable zkEVM immediately. The Immutable Platform, which is built on Immutable zkEVM, will make it quicker, simpler, and less expensive for both large game studios and individual developers to create Web3 applications.

The collaboration of Polygon Labs and Immutable, dubbed by Delphi Digital as "the undeniable champions of Ethereum gaming," comes at a crucial time for Web3. Games accounted for 50% of all blockchain activity in 2022.

And 75% of game developers foresee developing Web3 games in the future. The collaboration streamlines the decision-making process for developers. Additionally, it offers the quickest path from idea to release.

And provides end users with access to the biggest and most liquid environment. Scaling methods for Layer 2 Ethereum is produced by Polygon Labs for the Polygon blockchain technology.

Also, the announcement comes one week before Polygon zkEVM enters Mainnet Beta. The zkEVM technology, also called "the Holy Grail of Ethereum scaling," significantly boosts the transaction process.

Moreover, it lowers prohibitive fees while still being functional with Ethereum and maintaining its robust security architecture. Several previously unfeasible use cases are now possible because of its scaling capability, including the potential of multiplayer online games.

Ryan Wyatt: President of Polygon Labs on the Partnership

“Partnering with Immutable is a monumental step forward in our mission to empower developers and enable users to truly own their in-game assets. By leveraging Immutable's top world-class gaming platform, game development becomes seamless, allowing for the creation of rich and unique gaming experiences.”

The Polygon network is already doing business with some of the largest blockchain gaming companies and publishers. Some of them include Ubisoft, Atari, Animoca, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox.

The Polygon ecosystem, which has over 220 million unique user addresses, is host to tens of thousands of decentralized apps. Additionally, it also hosts significant international corporations like Robinhood, Stripe, and Adobe.

With its all-in-one gaming platform, Immutable has been at the frontline of Web3 gaming. Developers will put in little effort to launch Web3 games using blockchain mechanics.

Many native-Web3 and legacy game projects, including Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Delysium, EmberSword, and GameStop, that adopted the Immutable network for their gaming platform, have made use of the Immutable tech stack.

Immutable President and CEO: Robbie Ferguson shared his view on Immutable zkEVM

By combining the #1 web3 gaming platform – currently serving hundreds of game studios and millions of players – with Polygon’s best-in-class zkEVM technology, we are building an Ethereum-centric gaming ecosystem that is poised to take Web3 mainstream.

Moreover, it will bring digital ownership to millions of people around the world”.

Immutable and Polygon Collaborates for New zkEVM Ethereum Network, blockchain game
Immutable and Polygon Collaborates for New zkEVM Ethereum Network

He further adds, “Billions of dollars of skins are sold each year with no rights for players. We’re changing that so players are in control, and ownership is the expectation”.

The two stated that Immutable zkEVM represents the best of both worlds. A network that will make use of Polygon's cutting-edge scaling technology while drawing on the gaming infrastructure that Immutable has established.

The combo will offer a potentially desirable location for developers to establish themselves as the Web3 gaming market grows. Wyatt thinks that despite earlier opposition from many conventional video game players, Web3 gaming is getting closer to becoming widely accepted.

He used the upcoming live event for the Polygon-powered shooter Deadrop, developed by a studio Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm of Twitch fame established, as an illustration of how Web3 games may have a wide audience.

Two businesses that got about $2 billion in investor capital in 2022 are now in partnership. The businesses expect it will significantly improve the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry. It will come out during the San Francisco Game Developers Conference.

If traditional gamers don't adopt blockchain games, this kind of partnership isn't all that exciting. Wyatt observed that in 2021, there was a lot of criticism of blockchain games. They were claiming that the games were ineffective, or otherwise of no consequence.

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