How was the Alpha Playtest of the Web3 Version of Ember Sword?

How was the Alpha Playtest of the Web3 Version of Ember Sword?

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 21 Apr 2023 18:29 UTC

Explore the world of Ember Sword's Alpha playtest, an upcoming MMORPG Web3 game. Join as a knight, battle wild animals, players, and bosses. Read our review for an inside look!

Ember Sword, an upcoming MMORPG Web3 game had its Alpha test on the 18th and 19th of April. Each registered player got 30 minutes of playtest experience with plenty to experience from. The playtest offered five main quests involving PvE combat where players encountered wild animals like boars and bears. Moreover, the playtest had resource collection and crafting experience. And at the end of the playtest, we had a survey questionnaire asking for feedback and experience. In today’s article, we will review the Ember Sword Alpha playtest, let’s get into it.

Ember Sword Alpha Playtest Gameplay

First Look

The alpha playtest was fun where you as a knight head out to various parts of the map and fight wild animals, other players in the arena, and boss fights. So, head out to the deep forest as a knight and kill monsters, harvest, mine, and build. The game offers a unique blend of colorfully stylized art graphics with cool environments, backdrops, and multiple landscapes. The trees, mountains, beautifully constructed houses, towns, cubical tree tops, chic rocks, harvesting fields, fantastic capital, and dense forests make the outlook no less than eye candy. The smooth gameplay and chic minimalistic graphics using limited resources whilst running on a browser make the web3 game impressive.
The Ember Sword map contains several places from towns to rocky mountains, dark mountain zones, greens and mountain biomes.

Combat Mechanics in Ember Sword Alpha Playtest

Right from the beginning of the Alpha test, you can test the hack-and-slash combat mechanic. A player has 4 abilities to use in combat offering a unique range of attack and damage capabilities. Some of the notable ones were jump and smash or pound, and sword spin and swirl attacks. The jump and smash or stomp ability also helps players in changing positions if they are stuck in a vulnerable position. Additionally, the jump and smash animation is also pretty cool. It all begins with level 1 and the more you kill the higher your level. Each upgrade brings you an improved weapon.

PvE Gameplay

The PvE can take place all over the map where players can find wild boars charging and attacking. You can navigate the game by heading to the map and seeing where you are heading. The playtest also offered quests that players had to complete, like killing treeants in the deep forest. There wasn’t much of a challenge to players in PvE except for one boss fights in the deep forest. However, as this is an alpha playtest, we can definitely expect fierce fights and competition in PvE in the full game.

Ember Sword Alpha Playtest Bugs

The alpha test also has had a fair share of glitches and bugs. The most apparent was the invisible player bug where you can only see the players' number count on top of the character and not the character. During the playtest, at times a number of player characters vanished with only the top numbers visible. Moreover, during PvE combat, there were instances where environment objects blocked a player’s view or made the enemy hidden. In the deep forest, there were trees that disappeared and appeared whilst navigating making it look a bit off.
The arena offers PvP mode where there are no rules. So, it is a no holds barred matchup and free-for-all, there are no friends.
finally, Ember Sword looks pretty promising and a super valuable addition to the world of next-generation MMORPG games. We can expect more playtime this summer, so stay tuned and gear up for more.

More About Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a real doozy! What makes Ember Sword so special, you ask? Well, let me break it down for you. First of all, it's backed by the Immutable X blockchain, which means that the web3 game's economy is completely decentralized and transparent. No more worrying about shady transactions or fraudulent items - everything in Ember Sword is completely legit.
But that's not even the best part. Ember Sword takes place in a vast open world called Pangea, which is chock full of challenging quests, dangerous enemies, and hidden treasures. And let me tell you, this world is HUGE - you could spend months exploring every nook and cranny and still not see everything.

In Ember Sword MMORPG web3 game, you're the boss of your own destiny! You get to choose your own adventure and play the way you want. Maybe you're a lone wolf who loves nothing more than exploring every inch of the vast open world of Pangea. Or perhaps you're a PvP master who lives for the thrill of battle. And hey, if you're the cooperative type, you can always team up with other players to take on epic raids and quests together.

How was the Playtest of the Web3 Version of Ember Sword?
How was the Playtest of the Web3 Version of Ember Sword?

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