Guide to Game Developers and their Video Game Development in NFTs, Crypto, Play-to-Earn, Web3 in 2024

Guide to Game Developers and their Video Game Development in NFTs, Crypto, Play-to-Earn, Web3 in 2024

Play To Earn Games | 23 Sep 2023 08:27 UTC

Explore the dynamic world of game development, featuring a diverse spectrum of gaming developers. From traditional video game developers to pioneers in NFT, crypto, play-to-earn, and Web3 games, our website offers comprehensive insights and reviews. Whether you're a gamer, investor, or aspiring developer, discover the latest trends and top players in the industry. Dive into our listings and stay updated on the gaming world's innovations and opportunities.

So first some questions and answers, and then the long list of video game developers 2024.

FAQ: Exploring the World of Game Development 2024

Q1: How do traditional video game developers differ from NFT game developers, and can you provide examples of both?

A: Traditional video game developers, like Electronic Arts (EA) and Naughty Dog, create games for consoles and PCs, focusing on gameplay mechanics and immersive worlds. NFT game developers, such as Axie Infinity Studios, specialize in games that use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to offer unique in-game assets. An example is Axie Infinity, where players collect and trade fantasy creatures represented as NFTs.

Q2: What are some popular crypto games and the studios behind them?

A: Cryptokitties, developed by Dapper Labs, is a pioneering crypto game where players collect, breed, and trade virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland, by the Decentraland Foundation, is another example, offering a virtual world where users buy, sell, and develop virtual real estate using blockchain.

Q3: Can you explain the concept of play-to-earn games and provide examples of leading studios in this genre?

A: Play-to-earn games enable players to earn real money by participating. Sky Mavis is a prominent studio known for Axie Infinity, where players collect and battle creatures called Axies, earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Q4: What characterizes web3 games, and can you share concrete examples of web3 game studios and titles?

A: Web3 games leverage blockchain and smart contracts for innovative gameplay. The Sandbox, developed by Animoca Brands, is an example, allowing players to create, own, and monetize gaming experiences using blockchain.

Q5: How can individuals pursue a career as game developers, and what educational steps are recommended?

A: Aspiring game developers can start by studying computer science or game design. Learning programming languages like C++, Unity, or Unreal Engine is crucial. Building a portfolio of game projects and networking within the industry are key steps.

Q6: Where can I access detailed information about specific game developers, their projects, and the latest industry updates?

A: Our website offers comprehensive developer profiles, in-depth game reviews, and listings to keep you informed about various game genres, studios, and emerging trends in the gaming industry.

Q7: Are there any notable AAA studios known for their contributions to traditional video game development?

A: Absolutely! Some renowned AAA studios include Electronic Arts (EA), known for the FIFA and Battlefield series, and Naughty Dog, famous for titles like Uncharted and The Last of Us.

Q8: What are the primary features that set NFT games apart from traditional video games, and how do NFTs impact gameplay?

A: NFT games introduce ownership and scarcity of in-game assets through blockchain technology. Players can trade, sell, or use these assets in ways that influence gameplay, adding a unique dimension to the gaming experience.

Q9: Can you recommend some popular play-to-earn games besides Axie Infinity, and what makes them appealing to players?

A: Other notable play-to-earn games include Lost Relics and TownStar. These games offer tangible rewards and economic opportunities, attracting players seeking both entertainment and income.

Q10: How can indie game developers get their projects noticed and potentially find success in the gaming industry?

A: Indie developers can benefit from platforms like Steam or for game distribution. Building a strong online presence, participating in game jams, and seeking opportunities for collaboration with established studios can also help gain recognition.

Q11: What is the significance of blockchain technology in web3 games, and how does it affect gameplay mechanics?

A: Blockchain technology in web3 games enhances player ownership and transparency. Smart contracts enable decentralized gameplay elements and asset ownership, creating novel gameplay mechanics like decentralized governance and player-driven economies.

Play-To-Earn Game Developer List 2024


  • 22Cans is a British company incorporated in 2012, founded by the legendary God Game genre creator, Peter Molyneux. The company's name, "22Cans," pays homage to Peter's dream team of 22 experienced, creative, and passionate developers. Their NFT game, Legacy, is set in the Metaverse, allowing players to own virtual real estate using Ethereum blockchain technology.


  • Aurory is a game development studio primarily focused on gaming. They also delve into crypto technology. The studio boasts a hardworking team of developers, dedicated to creating AAA-quality gaming experiences. With dozens of experienced individuals from both the gaming and cryptocurrency industries, Aurory's flagship game is a tactical and free-to-play game called Aurory, built on the Solana blockchain.

Amihan Entertainment

  • Amihan Entertainment, based in Los Angeles, USA, specializes in developing and publishing next-generation video games based on blockchain technology. Founded by a team of renowned game builders, the company aims to redefine the developer-player relationship. Their upcoming game, Everseed, is a play-to-earn MMO set in the Solana blockchain's realm.

Addicting Games

  • Addicting Games is the leading online game website in the USA, known for pioneering casual games. Operating since the turn of the century, the studio has gathered over 10 million users. Addicting Games collaborates with various developers to create and publish online blockchain games across different genres. Gamers eagerly anticipate their new releases every Thursday. Addicting Games Inc. is also responsible for the instant-play blockchain game

Astro Space

  • Astro Space, along with its game of the same name, Astro Space, introduces the first farm-to-steal mobile game on the Solana blockchain. Astrobot NFTs serve as the game's central characters, allowing players to embark on single-player quests and compete for Astro Gems (ASG). These gems can be converted into Astro Space Tokens (AST) for various in-game purposes, including building upgrades, weapon enhancements, and Astrobot NFT breeding.

Axana Games Inc

  • Axana Games Inc. has adopted the Enjin Platform and is actively developing a full-scale sci-fi MMO titled Wavelings. This game envisions a blockchain-powered future free from hunger, disease, and climate change.


  • Agate specializes in NFT game development and offers gamification solutions to clients. Based in Indonesia, the company boasts a team of highly talented and professional individuals. Their blockchain NFT game, Avarik Saga, is quickly gaining the attention of gamers.

Arker Labs

  • Arker Labs presents the blockchain game Arker: The Legend of Ohm, offering both multiplayer and player-versus-environment (PVE) and player-versus-player (PVP) gameplay modes.


  • Appxplore is an award-winning mobile game development studio from Malaysia. Their blockchain game, CrypantCrab, combines entertainment and play-to-earn (P2E) elements, allowing players to earn while having fun. Additionally, Claw Stars lets players collect NFT artifacts during their expeditions, which can be used for decoration or sale on the marketplace.

Animoca Brands

  • Animoca Brands encompasses multiple subsidiaries, including The Sandbox, Blowfish Studios, Quidd, GAMEE, nWay, Pixowl, Bondly, Lympo, and Grease Monkey Games. With a growing portfolio of over 170 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralized projects, Animoca Brands is actively contributing to building the open metaverse.

Antebellum Games

  • Antebellum Games embarked on their journey to create blockchain video games in 2021, with their first project, Antebellum, currently in its final development stages.

Albert Chen

  • Albert Chen is the developer of Genopets, the world's first move-to-earn NFT game that combines asset creation with fun and fitness. Genopets, a free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT mobile game on Solana, encourages an active lifestyle.


  • Abeats is a community-driven game distribution platform at the core of GameFi and SocialFi. Abeats Hero, their play-and-earn game, allows players to fight, breed, gather, train, and establish their own tribes for their heroes.

Altered State Machine

  • Altered State Machine holds a patent pending for AI/ML model ownership via NFTs. AIFA Football, their decentralized gaming experience, offers complete ownership of AI players and allows players to create and train NFT players using the Altered State Machine (ASM) protocol.

Alpha League Racing

  • Alpha League Racing is developing an ambitious blockchain racing game project, Alpha League Racing, one of the first racing games built on Solana.


  • ArrLabs is responsible for the Pirates of the Arrland project, comprising a team with experience in computer game development, IT projects, and the blockchain industry.

Autonomous Worlds

  • Autonomous Worlds is a decentralized gaming studio, and their game, Taurion, is a decentralized and player-oriented blockchain game based on Web3.

Axana Games Inc

  • Axana Games Inc. is developing a full-scale sci-fi MMO called Wavelings, envisioning a blockchain-powered future free from hunger, disease, and climate change.

Battle Saga

  • Battle Saga, both the game developer and game title, offers a decentralized Earn-Without-Playing (EWP) strategic metaverse game inspired by Clash of Clans. This innovative game implements a DAO system for an enhanced user experience.

Blue Monster Games

  • Blue Monster Games, based in Florida, USA, develops and publishes video games based on NFT technology, all designed for play-to-earn (P2E) experiences.


  • Bullieverse, developed by Bullieverse, allows players to become citizens of Bulliver Island by owning Bull NFTs in this engaging blockchain game.


  • BoomBit, one of the largest and most successful play-to-earn mobile game developers and publishers in Poland, has created BoomLand, a decentralized platform where NFT and cryptocurrency gamers and developers interact directly to strengthen the Web3 community.

Blocklete Games

  • Blocklete Games, a subsidiary of Turner Sports, has developed Blocklete Golf, an NFT game where players own the golfers they purchase.


  • Battlebound, a Los Angeles-based blockchain game developer, has introduced Evaverse, offering the best-in-genre gameplay and a play-to-earn model that enhances player ownership of NFTs in the games.


  • Bisonic Inc. is a blockchain video game developer with a team of AAA industry veterans. Their joint venture, The Forgotten Runes, offers various ways to earn real money.

Brightstar Studios

  • Bright Star Studios is developing Ember Sword, allowing players to collect NFTs and own assets through the Ethereum blockchain.

Big Time

  • Big Time Gaming, an Australian entertainment company, is known for the 'Megaways' innovation. They've launched Big Time, an NFT third-person action RPG playable in co-op mode.


  • Blockstars, a blockchain play-to-earn NFT game developer, enables players to form bands, climb the charts, and mix and match characters in their flagship game, Blockstars.

B-side Games

  • B-Side Games, a German blockchain game development studio, utilizes state-of-the-art Web3 gaming technology in their games. Chainmonsters is their blockchain game, adding to the growing list of massively multiplayer NFT games.

Brick Geek Games

  • Brick Geek Games introduces Champions Hunters, an NFT-based crypto game where players hunt champion monsters.

Blowfish Studio

  • Blowfish Studios, an Australian award-winning P2E game developer and publisher, is currently developing Phantom Galaxies, a blockchain-based game with a promising future.


  • BovineVerse is pioneering the Fi+ metaverse gaming platform based on Web3. Players can own NFTs in this futuristic virtual multiverse, with plans to make the project an independent decentralized metaverse gaming platform for long-term returns.

Bullieverse - Noah Labs

  • Bullieverse, developed by Noah Labs, lets players become citizens of Bulliver Island by owning Bull NFTs in this blockchain game.


  • Calystral, a German blockchain and NFT game developer, offers Synergy of Serra, a free-to-play card game where players can play and earn money using a standard deck of cards.

CFX Games

  • CFX Gaming challenges the status quo with their P2E games, contributing to the exponential growth of crypto and blockchain technology games. Their game, Cryptopolis, exemplifies this trend.

Cantina Royale

  • Cantina Royale, both the game developer and game title, offers a play-and-earn crypto gaming experience in the Web3 world. It's a gathering place for bounty hunters, space pirates, mercenaries, and smugglers.


  • Clashdome, a game developer, offers a suite of five mobile-friendly games, each featuring play-to-earn capabilities.


  • Crabada is a game developer and publisher known for their fantastic game, based on NFT technology, available on popular platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.


  • ChainMyth Inc., originating in Singapore, is spearheaded by Shubham Patil and Prabal Sharma, offering the Chain Myth game as their proud Web3 project.

Chrono Games

  • Chrono Games, a web3 game developer on the blockchain, presents Forest Knight, a mobile turn-based strategy NFT game catering to both PVE and PVP players.


  • Chromaway is the developer behind the game Mines of Dalarnia, a 2D NFT action-adventure blockchain game using DAR as its token.


  • CryptoMeda, a blockchain-based digital asset platform, aims to create a decentralized, autonomous ecosystem for digital assets. Their game, Meda Wars, and Meda Shooter are notable projects.


  • Com2uS Studios, a Korean mobile and online game development company, has developed blockchain games like Summoners War: Lost Centuria and Chromatic Souls AFK Raid, gaining popularity worldwide.

Cometh Battle

  • Cometh Battle is a video game developer focused on blockchain Metaverse, offering a hybrid community for DeFi users and gamers. Their game, Cometh Battle, is free to own and play.


  • Cornucopias Games is a game development studio creating mobile and PC games, with Cornucopias being their flagship blockchain game. It's a play-to-earn, NFT game allowing players to own land, properties, and other NFT-based assets.

Cosmos Heroes

  • Cosmos Heroes, based in Hong Kong, created the first blockchain superhero game, Cosmos Heroes.

Catheon Gaming

  • Catheon Gaming is a leading play-to-earn and blockchain gaming studio, known for developing successful traditional games. Their masterpiece, SolChick, is an NFT MMORPG game on the Solana blockchain.


  • CyBall's team of experienced blockchain experts has developed Cyball, a blockchain NFT football game where players pit their teams against each other to win coins.


  • Cartified is the game developer of War Riders, a play-to-earn game set in a vast post-apocalyptic world where players can destroy roaming vehicles and loot them for parts, all of which are NFTs tradeable using the in-game token, Benzene ($BZN).

CM Games (Creative Mobile)

  • CM Games, an independent blockchain game developer based in Northern Europe since 2010, is developing Nitro Nation World Tour, a highly anticipated upcoming blockchain game in collaboration with Mythical Games and Creative Mobile, CM Games.


  • Cryptomeda is an NFT gaming platform aiming to revolutionize the gaming sector. It is an exciting and unique system of NFT, DeFi, and community cooperation placed in the fantasy world. Cryptomeda has developed the game Meda Shooter, a series of minigames with super fun blockchain games and NFT rewards.


  • The game developer Civitas has developed the strategic city-building NFT game Civitas. In this game, each player can personalize their plot(s) of land with one-of-a-kind buildings and other items they've made or obtained. Each building built on a player's land will have an impact on its statistics and capacity to generate passive resources.

Citadel Studios

  • Citadel Studios is a London-based blockchain game maker studio that builds next-generation sandbox games. Their blockchain game, Legends of Aria, is a moddable online sandbox MMORPG, formerly known as Shards Online.

Chain X Game

  • Chain X Game is currently developing and publishing traditional as well as blockchain video games. Their blockchain game Revoland is an exciting new addition to the NFT gaming segment, based on Binance Smart Chain Technology.

Cros Games, C.R.O.S.

  • The Vietnamese CROS game studio (C.R.O.S) has a team with a unique blend of specialists hailing from several domains, including engineers, artists, developers, and more. Their game, Ookeenga (OKG), is the first Vertical Multiplayer Real Time Strategy GameFi with breathtaking 3D visuals of nature, a compelling storyline, and addictive gameplay, inspired by the Clash Royale genre.


  • Dracoo World: Dracoo World is a blockchain Web3-based video game builder on Dracoo IP, offering different types of games and communities to its users. Players can build their own exclusive games and earn money, and its exclusive ecosystem allows players to bring external NFTs into its metaverse. Dracoo Master is a card-collecting NFT game on the WEB3 that focuses on deck-building and combining different skills to create unique attacks.


  • Defination, the game developer of Age of Tanks, is an NFT DeFi play-to-earn strategy game of battling tanks on blockchain technology.


  • Dogami, the game developer of Dogami, is a game where players raise their dog NFT from a puppy through adulthood, to parenthood, and ultimately to the afterlife, creating varied gameplay experiences in each phase.

Dehorizon Official

  • DeHorizon Foundation has a team of 33 full-time members working on an ambitious metaverse project known as DeHorizon, an MMORPG DeVerse. Their projects include DeHorizon Metaverse 1.0 and DeHorizon Metaverse 2.0.


  • DEFY Labs is a Singapore-based Web3 blockchain NFT game developer, with its futuristic and technologically advanced game DEFY making waves in the gaming industry.

Decentraland / Metaverse Holdings

  • The company behind Decentraland is Metaverse Holdings. Decentraland is an Ethereum-based 3D virtual platform or Metaverse where you can buy or sell lands/plots and build various structures, creating a virtual community within the blockchain-powered platform.


  • Dacoco is a decentralized autonomous organization headquartered in Switzerland. They have an experienced team of blockchain free-to-play game designers and developers. Their pilot game, Alien Worlds, is a DeFi Metaverse free-to-play game accessible by creating a WAX Cloud Wallet.


  • Digitap, the game developer of, is a play-to-earn crypto gaming platform where players compete in tournaments for crypto rewards.

Diamond Hand Studios

  • Diamond Hand Studios, based in South Carolina, USA, developed Blockonaire, a next-generation mobile-first social app leveraging the power of Blockchain.

Day1 Entertainment

  • Day1 Entertainment, the game developer of Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends, is based on the world-renowned Pinkfong Baby Shark IP of The Pinkfong Company.

Dungeon Master

  • The game developers Dungeon Master are combining technologies of the metaverse, blockchain ledgers, and decentralized networks into a unified platform. Their game, Wombat Dungeon Master, is gaining popularity and a place in the NFT staking gaming metaverse.

Dusk Breakers

  • The game developer Dusk Breakers is behind the game Duskbreakers, a Play-to-Mint (P2M) NFT Project where technologically advanced people embark on missions to mine elements that progress humanity's future.

Dr. Disrespect

  • Dr. Disrespect is the game developer behind Project Moon, an eagerly anticipated blockchain game project.


  • Ex Populus: Ex Populus is a video game development company in Mumbai, India.

Endless Clouds

  • Endless Clouds is a Singapore-based game development studio, currently building the Web3-based metaverse game Treeverse.

Epic League

  • Epic League is the game developer of Dark Throne, an exciting 2D sidescrolling RPG with NFT elements.


  • Ethlas, based in Singapore, is a free online gaming portal hosting various games. Ethlas Metaverse is their Web3-based play-and-earn game, offering classic arcade-inspired games.

Electric Visions

  • Kongregate, represented by Electric Visions, is entering the Web3 mobile gaming world with "Blood Vessels," a vampire-themed NFT game.


  • FYX Gaming: FYX Gaming uses the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain for game records and cash rewards for its players. Their flagship game is Crypto Fights, an RPG combat game set in a fantasy world.


  • Faraway is the game developer of Mini Royale Nations, a crypto multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Hell Factory

  • Hell Factory is a software house founded in 2021, working on its blockchain game, Speed Star.

Foonie Magus

  • Foonie Magus is a Singapore-based blockchain game developer known for their flagship game, Aperion, an action-packed RPG NFT game.

Flowverse Blockchain

  • Flowverse Blockchain is the game developer of the blockchain game Arlequin and many other blockchain games, serving as a central hub for the Flow Blockchain ecosystem.

Fancy Dao

  • Fancy DAO is a mobile-based, Play-To-Earn (P2E), NFT arcade game platform known for Fancy Birds, where players breed, earn, stake, and customize NFT assets while participating in tournaments.


  • Gallium Studios: Gallium Studios is the developer behind the play-to-earn game Proxi, a 3D memory-imitation game designed by Will Wright, creator of iconic games like Sims and SimCity.

G.JIT Japan

  • G.JIT Japan is the game developer of Farmers World, the first farming game to run on the play-to-earn NFTs platform.


  • Goals is a gaming studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to revolutionizing the blockchain gaming industry with a football-themed game called Goals.

Galaxy Fight Club

  • Galaxy Fight Club is the game developer behind Galaxy Fight Club, a cross-IP PVP NFT game available on both mobile and PC, where each fighter generates in-game currency.

Gala Games

  • Gala Games is a major blockchain gaming developer with numerous titles on the market, including Spider Tanks, an NFT tank battle game.


  • Gamee is the developer behind the platform Arc8, which offers a variety of NFT-based crypto games and applications, including arcade-style games like Candy Crush and Tower Builders.

Good Gaming, Inc.

  • Good Gaming Inc. is a leader in interactive entertainment and blockchain NFT games, known for the MicroBuddies NFT collection of colorful microbes.


  • Gunstar Labs is a Singapore-based game developer specializing in multiplayer online RPG and turn-based strategy NFT games, with GunStar Metaverse as their flagship game.

Graphic India

  • Graphic India is leading India’s character entertainment revolution and is a building block of a new metaverse game.

Horizon Blockchain Games

  • Horizon Blockchain Games is a game development platform focused on building Web3 applications on Ethereum and other EVM chains. Their flagship game is Skyweaver, an exciting blockchain-based online trading card game.

Hero Land

  • Hero Land is the developer behind Heroes Land, a game that combines Match-3 puzzle mechanics with RPG elements. Players start as workers and progress to become NFT landowners, eventually becoming Lords or NFT heroes.

Heroes Chained / Inventuna Games

  • Inventuna Games is the developer of Heroes Chained, a real-time fantasy action RPG where players become Guild Masters and gather heroes. The studio emphasizes the importance of a great development team in creating great games.

Immortal Games

  • Immortal Games is a team of crypto game developers working on various projects. They've developed TCG/CCG game engines and their flagship game, Dark Country, allows players to create, manage, and own NFT cards with transparency.

Imba Games Studio

  • Imba Games Studio has developed the NFT play-to-earn game Kawaii Island, which uses Binance Smart Chain for transactions.


  • Immutable is advancing the world of NFTs through Immutable X, an NFT minting and trading platform, and Immutable Studios, an NFT game development studio. Their flagship games include Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

Irreverent Labs

  • Irreverent Labs merges AI, gameplay, and blockchain technology in games. Mecha Fight Club is one of their blockchain NFT games where players can buy and sell NFT characters using Ethereum tokens.


  • Illuvium has developed its flagship game, Illuvium, an action treasure hunting game and the first AAA game on the Ethereum blockchain.


  • iLogos is developing the game Bitbrawl for the Ethereum blockchain, creating a decentralized gaming platform.

Indie Block Dev

  • Indie Block Dev created Proof Of Treasure, a labor of love project by Dan and George.


  • Joycity developed Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict, a strategy military conquest game where players build, expand, and upgrade their military forces.

Joyride Games

  • Joyride Games developed the blockchain game Tennis Champs, a competitive multiplayer game that utilizes Ethereum for digital transactions.

Jam City

  • Jam City is a prominent player in the crypto gaming industry. Their blockchain game, Champions Ascension, is an exploration into the world of crypto gaming.

Kepithor Studios

  • Kepithor Studios develops play-to-earn mobile games, including League of Kingdoms and The Kingdom of Carnage.

Kingdom Studios

  • Kingdom Studios offers Defi Kingdoms, an 8-bit style RPG world game featuring decentralized exchange, liquidity pools, and utility-driven NFTs.


  • Kongregate is a web gaming portal and video game publisher with Bitverse, a universe featuring PVP, TCG, battle royale, and more, centered around unique characters known as Bitverse Heroes.

Kolibri Games

  • Kolibri Games developed Angry Dynomites Lab, a mobile gaming studio.

Lava Labs

  • Lava Labs developed Afar, a metaverse-based game set in a distant galaxy with ongoing expansion plans.

Loop Games

  • Loop Games offers Pethereum, a pet-farming-style blockchain game that uses Ethereum for buying and selling NFTs.

Lucky Kat

  • Lucky Kat developed Panzerdogs, a tank brawler blockchain NFT game with PvE and PvP modes.

Laguna Games

  • Laguna Games created Crypto Unicorns, a role-playing farming game where farms and animals are NFTs.

Launchpool Labs

  • Launchpool Labs specializes in blockchain game development, MVP/MVC, incubation, and community development.

Legendary Foundry Games

  • Legendary Foundry Games focuses on revolutionizing the gaming experience for the Metaverse or Web3. Their flagship game, Ascenders, is an open-world ARPG.

Lion Studios

  • Lion Studios developed Cats & Dogs, a hit blockchain mobile game based on NFT play-to-earn technology.

Lucrative Gaming (FGL)

  • Lucrative Gaming, or "FGL," pioneered web games and developed Cosmic Clash in collaboration with Mango Studios.

Mad Shapes

  • Mad Shapes is an indie game development studio in India that creates fun multiplayer games, including Cosmic Champs, a tower rush, real-time strategy game.

Mighty Bear Games

  • Mighty Bear Games is a blockchain video game development studio based in Singapore. They developed Mighty Action Heroes, a third-person real-time multiplayer Battle Royale NFT game.


  • Moniwar developed Moniwar, a dragon-hunting game with built-in blockchain technology, running on multichain blockchain technologies.

Mirai Labs

  • Mirai Labs focuses on DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and Web3 UX-based game development. They've developed Pegaxy, a Web3-based NFT game.


  • Mobland has a team of industry experts working on Mafia Metaverse in partnership with Yield Guild Games.


  • Monihub is a blockchain game developer that incorporates NFT and DeFi technologies into the blockchain with their project MoniWar.

Meta Soccer

  • Meta Soccer aims to create a soccer universe on the blockchain where players can earn cryptocurrency for their contributions.

Miracle Gates Entertainment

  • Miracle Gates Entertainment developed Battle of Guardians, a mega blockchain game based in Bali, Indonesia.

Midnight Society

  • Midnight Society is a AAA blockchain gaming studio co-founded by Dr. Disrespect, with their game, Deadrop.


  • Metaverse is an independent game development company with experienced industry veterans working on the game Angelic, combining turn-based tactical battles with colorful warriors and tradable NFT items.

Mythical Games

  • Mythical Games is a next-gen game developer focused on creating innovative concepts. Their flagship game, Blankos Block Party, uses NFTs to authenticate digital items.


  • Mytheria is a play-to-earn and create-to-earn NFT game set in a savage fantasy world, with Mytheria being the ultimate experience based on mythology.

Meta Djinn

  • Meta Djinn is a blockchain video game developer in Singapore, aiming to revolutionize the GameFi industry.

MetaKing Studios

  • MetaKing Studios specializes in P2E game development, with BLOCKLORDS being the world's first MMO grand strategy game on Seascape Web3.

MegaCryptoPolis / Supernovae

  • MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city builder strategy game running as a dApp on multiple blockchains.

Moneta Today

  • Moneta Today creates cross-chain ecosystem games with play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to become co-owners of the game and earn income from commissions. They're developing the blockchain game Honeywood.

MetaXSeed Games

  • MetaXSeed Games is a decentralized game developer in London. They focus on the metaverse and play2earn genre, with Age of Dragons being a unique addition.

Mystic Moose

  • Mystic Moose is a new player in the NFT video game development industry, based in Conway, MA, USA.

Magic of Universe

  • Magic of Universe is a blockchain game developer and publisher focused on play-to-earn games. Their game, Magic of Universe, offers an accessible blockchain NFT experience.

Moon Gaming

  • Moon Gaming is a blockchain game developer based in the UAE. They've created Medieval Empires: Ertugrul, based on the popular Turkish TV series.

Mingle Games

  • Mingle Games is an independent blockchain game development studio based in Prague, Czech Republic.

NPLUS Entertainment

  • NPLUS Entertainment is a video game developer in Singapore, known for League of Kingdoms.

Nifty Football

  • Nifty Football developed nifty-football, a fun blockchain game powered by the Flow Blockchain with amazing NFTs.


  • N3twork Studios is a San Francisco-based studio focused on the Metaverse and play-and-earn RPGs, with Legendary: Heroes Unchained as their flagship game.


  • Netvrk is a multichain metaverse on Web3, offering creation tools and launching the blockchain NFT-based game Jungle Freaks Motor Club.

Noah Labs

  • Noah Labs is a blockchain gaming studio based in Singapore, among the pioneers of Web3 Metaverse.

Noft Games

  • Noft Games is a project created by crypto enthusiasts, with sports-inspired games, including competitions where players can win prizes.


  • nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, developed the blockchain game Battlepalooza, allowing players to stake premium coins on Premium Matches.

Nyan Heroes

  • Nyan Heroes introduced cats as warriors in their sci-fi intergalactic blockchain NFT battle game, Nyan Heroes.

Ninja Syndicate

  • Ninja Syndicate is a Web3 game development studio based in Perth, Australia. They've launched Supremacy, a play-to-earn game.

NT Games

  • NT Games is the game developer of its flagship RPG blockchain game Barbarian Merge. The company is based in South Korea and specializes in developing and publishing mobile-based blockchain games on both platforms iOS and Android. Although it is new to the market, it has made its mark in the metaverse gaming industry.


  • OogaVerse are the game developers of MekaApes. An NFT game, a highly advanced ape species that has spent thousands of years traveling across space.

Olive X

  • Olive X has developed a unique game based on human fitness, Dustland Runner. In the game, players have to work out to earn points and complete the assigned tasks.

One Soft

  • One Soft is developing amazing games since the company started its operations. Metagear is a (P2E) play-to-earn, an entertaining game of car collision. Rocket Studio, a subsidiary of Onesoft has developed the world’s first pixel-based blockchain combat game. The vehicles used in the game are NFT's.

One World Nation

  • One World Nation is the crypto ecosystem that is pushing the crypto space forward. Players can play play-to-earn games around crypto markets, earn rewards & learn more about metaverse during this process. They are developing games based on blockchain and NFT. One World Nation has developed the One World Nation where players can build NFT's from the crypto coins they own and play different games linked to the cryptocurrencies.


  • Oni Mansion game is the first blockchain that Oni Squad has developed. In the game, players design and build their own houses. The players can mint their own NFTs. The game is built on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain.


  • Origin is a leading player in Web3 technology with several projects including a stablecoin, Origin token, and blockchain games. Origin has provided its platform for the launch of the blockbuster Web3-based game Blades of Valor.

Pixion Games

  • Pixion Games is the game developer behind the blockchain game Fableborne. Building Play-to-Own For Everyone. Fableborne is an action role-playing game genre promising top experience in strategic base building. The game's biggest feature is that it doesn't waste players' time but instead ensures that they have an engaging experience and return for harder challenges.

Planet Mojo

  • Planet Mojo is a new metaverse with NFT's and a Play-and-Own gaming experience. A new WEB3 game built on the Polygon blockchain developed by veteran game developers formerly associated with LucasArts, Activision, and EA. Mystic Moose is the game development studio that has made an alliance with Concept Art House to develop cool, 3D NFTs for the game and its metaverse.

Planet Quest

  • PlanetQuest is currently being developed by a diverse and talented team of people who have previously worked in Hollywood, games, AI, procedural generation and much more. These people have come together to channel their creativity into the cinematic universe, exciting gameplay, and impressive procedurally generated NFT's that define PlanetQuest. In the P2E game PlanetQuest, users take control of their own planets and can evolve and improve them to raise their worth.

Playneta Studio

  • Founded in 2015 in Cyprus, Playneta Studio is a blockchain, indie game development company. It has developed numerous blockchain games since its inception. Cryptobot is the latest blockchain NFT game the studio has developed.

Pocket Worlds

  • Pocket Worlds Highrise is a digital world that began as a simple social game in 2014. It has grown to over a million monthly players and is one of the largest digital metaverse.

Poly World

  • Poly World is a Dutch blockchain gaming studio. They develop Poly World, a Free-To-Play Creature-Collecting RPG game utilizing the best of web2 and web3.

Portal Fantasy

  • Portal Fantasy is an all-star team of people who simply love video games and tech now working on Web3, Defi, Cefi.


  • Nine Chronicles is a fantasy MMORPG game based on blockchain technology. Planetarium Labs is the developer of this exciting game.


  • The game developers of Prizefighter. It is a crypto boxing experience that is developed on the fight-to-earn and move-to-earn models of NFT games.


  • Sandbox is the flagship blockchain game of Pixowl Inc. which is one of the most anticipated blockchain games in the metaverse.

Playful Studios

  • Playful Studio's blockchain-based game Wildcard is the first installment in the Wildcard Alliance game series on the WEB3. The inspiration behind the game is storytelling. It is a great entertaining and fun-filled game for the game mongers.

Polygon Studios

  • Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, etc, and Standalone Chains like Polygon POS, designed for flexibility and independence. The game developers of 9Tales.

Parallel Studios

  • Parallel Studios is developing the next AAA sci-fi franchise and leveraging blockchain/nft tech to deploy our IP as cards, games, comics, movies, & more!

Pixalcraft Studio

  • Pixelcraft Studios developed The Gotchiverse is a virtual world where your Aavegotchi NFT can meet up, socialize, play games & farm for tokens!

Pixel Matic

  • Pixelmatic is a crypto game development studio based in Shanghai, China. The game developers from game-producing big guns like Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Relic veterans established the studio. Infinite Fleet is a new AAA game on the Liquid Network blockchain. Liquid Network is actually a sidechain of Bitcoin. The play-to-earn game is an MMORPG or as it is being called MMORTS.

PlayDay Studio

  • Playday Studios are the game developers of Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin. Solitaire is a classic game of cards that people have been playing for a long time to earn real bitcoin. Train Your Brain, Get Rewards, redeem bling points for crypto.

Quicksave Games

  • Quicksave develops video games and it is based in Finland. The development team has a vibrant experience. The team is all about quality, experience, and creativity for web2/web3 games. Quicksave game Tezotopia is a yield farming fun NFT game. In the game, players can own NFT lands called Tezotops.

QORPO Game Studio

  • QORPO Game Studio is a Next-Gen crypto game developer with end-to-end solutions for the blockchain gaming industry based in Slovakia. Its marketing office is situated in Dubai, UAE.

Raid Party

  • The game developers of Raid Party, a blockchain technology play-to-earn game of adventure where the players are the heroes.

Riot Racers

  • The game developers of Riot Racers. A new NFT game in the racing standards of the Polygon blockchain technology games.

Rivet Games

  • CryptoBlades is the flagship game of Rivet Games. It is an NFT game where the players roleplay as powerful sword-wielders and earn money while doing it.

Realis Network

  • Realis Network is the first platform for launching mobile games in the world. Moreover, Realis is a project that inducts all the best ideas of the traditional gaming genre with the integration of blockchain, Defi, and Web3-based NFT technology. Crypto Dragons is its addicting blockchain NFT game on the metaverse.

Red Door Digital

  • Red Door Digital developed the game Reign of Terror. It is a mixed reality simulation, a play-to-earn MMO game built on the Solana blockchain technology.

Roko Game Studios

  • Roko Game Studios is an Istanbul-based studio that provides gamefi platform and solutions. The Roko Game Studios also provides blockchain services to other game developers and creators in the gaming industry.

Revolving Games

  • Revolving Games is a web3 gaming studio working on giving gamers the new experience of Web3 and beyond. Moreover, their projects are developed keeping in view the needs of all platforms. The P2E games of Revolving Games include Battlestar Galactica, and Skyborne Legacy.

Space Misfits

  • The game developers of P2E Space Misfits. A blockchain-based MMORPG game that places a strong emphasis on player ownership.

Spera Soft

  • SperaSoft develops Star Atlas which is a blockchain, NFT, play-to-earn game. It is gaining popularity as time is progressing.


  • Sorare has a Paris-based team that brings a blockchain game where players can win, collect, and play digital NFT cards. These NFT cards are officially licensed by top football and baseball players. Moreover, the team uses the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 token. Players can use this token to trade or stake Sorare NFT's.

Studio ls

Stepico Games

  • The game of Stepico Games is Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated blockchain games. It is the very first in AAA blockchain-based games. The game will set a benchmark for games based on blockchain technology.


  • The team of game developers has made Splinterlands a first-of-a-kind strategy card game with a flawlessly integrated marketplace. Besides, the team made sure that players have complete control and ownership of their cards. The team uses the most advanced, robust, and innovative play-to-earn ecosystem that exists.

Supremacy Games

  • Apex Kings NFT Racing is an exemplary game that the Supremacy Games has produced. It is much more than what game mongers want. The game has a limited number of cars and according to the developers, they match the real-world number of productions.

Solido Games

  • Solido Games is a blockchain-based game studio open for players to play-to-earn games. Solido Games is the developer of the Black Eye Galaxy game. It is an Italian game development studio that is known for developing and publishing mobile games, they have developed many action games and puzzle games.

Skrice Studios

  • Skrice Studio's Heroes of Mavia is a solid addition to AAA blockchain-based builder games.

SRG Studios

  • SRG Studios is a veteran mobile game developer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The studio has published many games since it started its operations in 2014. It has already published renowned games like Ink Inc, Heroes Inc, and


  • Solana are the game developers of DeFi Land. Having hands-on experience in the crypto world, they have also explored the P2E gaming world.

Sky Mavis

  • Sky Mavis flagship game, Axie Infinity, is getting more popular day by day among game lovers. Incentive-designed Axie Infinity has transcended traditional games and evolved into a complex digital nation.


  • Supernovae is an NFT game developer. In 2018 the studio started its operations. Supernovae is a studio where talent, passion, and experience have joined hands to create innovative gaming experiences. Farsite is a multiplayer blockchain game. It is based on decentralized finance economics. The game allows players to build a base on a planet, from which they may begin their search for rare elements (NFTs). Their other hit game is MegaCrytoPolis a city-building DeFi game based on blockchain technology. Initially, it was a 2D game but now it has transformed into a 3D interface.

Skymarch Entertainment

  • Skymarch game is Zeal, which is a blockchain game in the development phase. Therefore, there isn’t much information going around about the game because it is in testing. But it is for sure that this game is competitive and will have a more AAA feel to it compared to the other crypto games currently.


  • Their flagship blockchain game first-person shooting game is Shrapnel. The weapons used in the game are NFTs.

Screen Shot Labs

  • Screenshot Labs is creating a new universe in the metaverse called Everai. The lab has already launched its first game successfully, Game of Blocks.

Tiny Digital Factory

  • The Tiny Digital Factory game has developed its game Infinite Drive. It is based on the Solana blockchain network.

Tope Box

  • Tope Box is the brains behind some NFT hits like Pocket Army, Sky Dancer; Vietnamese indie game studio TopeBox raises $1m for new blockchain game.

Touch Hour

  • 9Lives Arena is an elegantly-designed scenic game from Touch Hour. It is a flagship game of Touchhour Inc. In the game, players are able to create their own NFT fighters that engage in battles to level up.

The Nemots

  • The Nemots is a team full of talent, experience, and skill in the gaming industry. The studio focuses on going above and beyond technological boundaries to introduce next-gen gaming experiences.

The Football Club

  • The flagship game of the studio is The Football Club. It is a play-to-earn NFT metaverse game. The game has teams that are based on real-world teams and players.

Team3D (VIDYA)

  • Aimbots is the latest project of Vidya Games in the world of blockchain gaming and WEB3. It is a super fun, fast game that tests the nerves of the players.

Team NT Studios

  • Barbarian Merge is developed by Team NT Studios. It is a rising indie game studio specializing in augmented reality mobile games. Team NT Studios is situated in Tempe, Arizona.

The Harvest Game

  • The Harvest is the first MOBA Shooter on the blockchain game. It is a high-end shooter game that incorporates MOBA mechanics and pits four teams against each other. By incorporating blockchain technology, The Harvest enables players to have true ownership over in-game items, virtual land, and more.

The Red Village

  • The game developers of The Red Village is BlowFish studios. The Red Village is a success story in blockchain gaming. The Red Village is a dark-fantasy, medieval role-playing video game experience that draws on the innovative nature of web3 technology. The Red Village game is currently under development by Blowfish Studios (owned by Animoca Brands).

Trailblazer Games

  • Trailblazer Games has developed their pilot blockchain game Eternal Dragons. This interesting game is based on NFT technology.

Utopian Game labs

  • The game studio Utopian Game Labs has built its flagship blockchain game Time Raiders. It is an NFT loot-and-shoot play-to-earn game.

Unstoppable Games

  • Influence is a blockchain game that the studio Unstoppable Games has developed. The game provides players with complete control over their content.

UNDO Studios

  • UNDO Studios is a game development studio based in Lugano, Switzerland. It was founded in 2015 and specializes in creating mobile, PC and web games. The Nemesis is developed by UNDO Studio.

Upland Development United

  • Upland is a play-to-earn blockchain game. UDU, Upland Development United, developed this game like the board game Monopoly. The players invest in digital land properties which are NFT's and then they put them up for sale and rent.

Uncaged Studios

  • Uncaged Studios has developed its pilot NFT game Monkey League. It is a simple to play yet challenging game. Its fast-paced, turn-based soccer game makes it more interesting for the players.


  • The developer vEmpire DDAO, is developing a new, fairer system of DAO that rewards honor and loyalty to the DDAO in more or equal measure to monetary contributions. The game is vEmpire: The Beginning. vEmpire: The Beginning is the pioneer game project of vEmpire in the metaverse world. The Beginning is a DDAO, play-to-earn, two-player, trading-card, strategy game.

Vertigo Games

  • Vertigo Games is a game developer of its mega flagship game Blackshot M. The conventional video game BlackShot was launched in 2007. Blackshot M is the blockchain version of Blackshot. It is an online multiplayer FPS game.

Virtually Human Studio

  • Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is a next-level blockchain game developer. Zed Run is a virtual horse-racing blockchain game based on the Matic Polygon network.

We Made

  • WeMade Entertainment has developed numerous online PC and mobile-based games for video game lovers since its creation. The company is a specialist Android game developer. In the Google rankings, its apps appear in the top 100 in more than 5 countries. The most popular app is MIR4. It is one of the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem. It is a top-ranked game in many countries and has over 5 million installs.

Widow Games

  • Widow Games has created Geopoly. It is a geolocation economic simulator that allows players to play the role of a real estate global investor. In the game, players can buy, sell, and also rent some of the world's most renowned landmarks.

We Can

  • We Can is the game developer of Prospectors. Designed on the 19th-century outlook of the great gold rush of America, Prospectors is all about scavenging for gold and trading it for real cash.

WAX Blockchain

  • Blockchain Brawlers is a flagship game of WAX Studios. The players can buy the NFT wrestlers. They can equip wrestlers with equipment from the World Assets eXchange (WAX) with $BRWL to fight against other wrestlers.

World of Defish

  • The flagship game of the World of Defish is World of Defish. It is a fun-filled game, based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology.

Wonder Hero

  • Wonder Hero is a turn-based P2E game of strategy made for mobile platforms. Designed like anime characters, the game offers vivid, colorful, and attractive art. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain technology following the storyline of an apocalyptic future on earth.

Wolffun Games

  • Wolffun Games is a game development studio founded in the year 2014 by a group of young developers based in Singapore. Wolffun Games has a speciality and expertise in PvP games and is known for games like Thetan Arena which is an action RPG strategy game.

Wagyu Games

  • Wagyu Games flagship game is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Undead Blocks. Empowering gamers to play and own. Wagyu Games is leading the charge on Kill-To-Earn Gaming. The Wagyu Games flagship product is set in the post-apocalyptic world of UndeadBlocks. Their Kill to Earn, blockchain game is Undead Blocks.


  • Wildlife Studio is a Brazilian blockchain gaming studio, that came into being in 2011. Its headquarter is in Sao Paulo and other international offices are located in five countries. Castle Crush is a fun play-to-earn game where using a deck of NFT cards, players engage in 1v1 real-time fights to destroy the castle of their rival. There are no draws; games last between one and three minutes and end with the obliteration of a player's castle.


  • X-Metaverse is a Star Wars-like game on WEB3, built on the Binance Smart Chain technology. Players can use their huge spaceships to mine, breed, hunt, explore, battle out, trade, and synthesize in the X-Metaverse universe. X-Metaverse is a blockchain game developed by 3D and can run on Android, iOS and PC. All game content items and characters are based on blockchain tokens and NFTs.

Xaya Tech / Autonomous Worlds

  • Autonomous Worlds, the company behind the Xaya blockchain gaming platform, has signed a strategic partnership with Polygon to bring decentralized gaming infrastructure to Polygon's Ethereum sidechain. Autonomous Worlds will develop games in-house for the Polygon platform, adding to its existing selection of premier blockchain games such as Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite.

Zed Run /Virtually Human Studio

  • Zed Run is a virtual horse-racing play-to-earn game on the Matic Polygon developed by VHS lab. Zed Run is a horse racing game that has massive earning potential and many players have already made decent earnings through its tournaments and leaderboards.

Zumeta Studios

  • The Angry Ape Army project is developed by a team of individuals with experience in computer game development, IT projects, and the blockchain industry forming Zumeta Studios, LLC. Zumeta Studios is a game development studio based in California, US.

So in short and one more time:

A to Z Game Developers Summary:


  • Altered Gene: Developer specializing in blockchain-based games.
  • Animoca Brands: Creator of various blockchain games and virtual assets.


  • BlowFish Studios: Developer known for blockchain gaming success "The Red Village."
  • Blockade Games: A studio behind various blockchain games.
  • B-Side Games: Game developer with a focus on blockchain technology.


  • CryptoKitties: Creator of the popular NFT-based game CryptoKitties.
  • Convergence: Game developer exploring blockchain technology.


  • Dapper Labs: Known for NFT-based games like CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot.
  • Decentral Games: Developer of decentralized casino games.
  • Decentraland: Creator of the virtual world platform Decentraland.
  • Double Jump.Tokyo: A game development studio exploring blockchain.


  • Enjin: A company specializing in blockchain gaming and NFT technology.


  • Forte: Game technology platform focused on blockchain integration.


  • Gala Games: Developer behind various blockchain games.
  • GameCredits: Creator of the blockchain-based gaming currency GAME.
  • Genies: Known for creating avatars and virtual identities.
  • Good Gamer: Developer of blockchain-based esports and skill gaming.
  • GameStation: Game development studio exploring blockchain technology.


  • Hash Rush: Developer of blockchain-based strategy games.


  • Immutable: Creator of the blockchain card game Gods Unchained.
  • Infinity: Game development studio exploring blockchain technology.
  • IOI Corporation: Game developer known for blockchain integration.


  • Joy City: Game developer and publisher with blockchain projects.


  • KABAM: Developer behind various mobile games.
  • Kriptomat: Known for its blockchain-based gaming platform.
  • Kuatostudios: Game development studio exploring blockchain technology.


  • Light Trail Rush: Creator of a blockchain-based racing game.
  • Lost Relics: Developer of blockchain-based action RPG games.


  • Mythical Games: Known for blockchain-based game Blankos Block Party.


  • Nifty Games: Creator of blockchain-based sports games.
  • Nightstar: Game developer with a focus on blockchain integration.
  • Nodoka: Developer exploring blockchain technology.


  • Oni Squad: Creator of blockchain-based games like Oni Mansion.
  • Origin: Involved in Web3 technology, blockchain games, and more.


  • Pixion Games: Developer of blockchain game Fableborne.
  • Planet Mojo: Developer of a new metaverse with NFTs.
  • Playful Studios: Known for blockchain-based game Wildcard.
  • Polygon Studios: Involved in Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.
  • Portal Fantasy: Team working on Web3, DeFi, and more.
  • Planetarium: Developer of fantasy MMORPG game Nine Chronicles.
  • Prizefighter: Developer of crypto boxing experience Prizefighter.
  • Pixowl: Creator of blockchain game Sandbox.
  • Parallel Studios: Developing AAA sci-fi franchise with blockchain tech.
  • Pixalcraft Studio: Creator of virtual world The Gotchiverse.
  • Pixel Matic: Known for MMORPG Infinite Fleet.
  • PlayDay Studio: Developer of Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin.


  • Quicksave Games: Developer creating video games and solutions for blockchain gaming.
  • QORPO Game Studio: Next-Gen crypto game developer with solutions for the industry.


  • Raid Party: Developer of blockchain play-to-earn adventure game.
  • Riot Racers: Developer of NFT-based racing game.
  • Rivet Games: Creator of blockchain-based game CryptoBlades.
  • Roko Game Studios: Gamefi platform provider.
  • Revolving Games: Web3 gaming studio with P2E games like Battlestar Galactica.


  • Space Misfits: Creator of blockchain-based MMORPG Space Misfits.
  • Spera Soft: Developer of blockchain game Star Atlas.
  • Sorare: Creator of blockchain game with digital NFT cards.
  • Studio ls: Game developer exploring Web3, DeFi, and Cefi.
  • Stepico Games: Creator of blockchain-based game Guild of Guardians.
  • Splinterlands: Developer of unique strategy card game.
  • Skymarch Entertainment: Creator of blockchain game Zeal.
  • Shrapnel: Known for first-person shooting blockchain game.


  • Tiny Digital Factory: Creator of blockchain game Infinite Drive.
  • Tope Box: Developer behind NFT hits like Pocket Army and Sky Dancer.
  • Touch Hour: Known for elegantly-designed scenic game 9Lives Arena.
  • The Nemots: A team focused on next-gen gaming experiences.
  • The Football Club: Developer of play-to-earn NFT metaverse game.
  • Team3D (VIDYA): Creator of blockchain game Aimbots.
  • Team NT Studios: Developer of augmented reality mobile games.
  • The Harvest Game: Developer of MOBA Shooter on the blockchain.
  • The Red Village: Developer of dark-fantasy, medieval RPG The Red Village.
  • Trailblazer Games: Creator of pilot blockchain game Eternal Dragons.


  • Utopian Game labs: Developer of blockchain game Time Raiders.
  • Unstoppable Games: Creator of blockchain game Influence.
  • UNDO Studios: Game development studio based in Switzerland.
  • Upland Development United: Developer of play-to-earn blockchain game Upland.
  • Uncaged Studios: Known for pilot NFT game Monkey League.


  • vEmpire: Developer of DDAO blockchain game vEmpire: The Beginning.
  • Vertigo Games: Creator of online multiplayer FPS game Blackshot M.
  • Virtually Human Studio: Developer of virtual horse-racing blockchain game Zed Run.


  • We Made: Developer of popular Android game MIR4.
  • Widow Games: Creator of geolocation economic simulator Geopoly.
  • We Can: Developer of gold rush-themed blockchain game Prospectors.
  • WAX Blockchain: Creator of NFT wrestling game Blockchain Brawlers.
  • World of Defish: Developer of fun-filled game World of Defish.
  • Wonder Hero: Creator of turn-based P2E game Wonder Hero.
  • Wolffun Games: Known for PvP game Thetan Arena.
  • Wagyu Games: Leader in Kill-To-Earn Gaming with Undead Blocks.
  • Wildlife: Brazilian blockchain gaming studio with hit game Castle Crush.


  • Xmetaverse: Developer of Star Wars-like game X-Metaverse.
  • Xaya Tech / Autonomous Worlds: Creator of blockchain gaming platform Xaya and games like Taurion.


  • N/A


  • Zed Run / Virtually Human Studio: Developer of virtual horse-racing blockchain game Zed Run.
  • Zumeta Studios: Game development studio formed by individuals with experience in game and blockchain development.
Comprehensive Guide to Game Developers in NFT, Crypto, Play-to-Earn, and Web3 Worlds 2024
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    Blockchain Gaming: Gala Games, RONIN-Axie Infinity Partnership, and Nine Chronicles M Heimdall Arena Event

    Blockchain Gaming: Gala Games, RONIN-Axie Infinity Partnership, and Nine Chronicles M Heimdall Arena Event

    This in-depth article talks about how Gala Games, the RONIN-Axie Infinity partnership, and Planetarium Labs' Nine Chronicles M have changed the gaming industry. Gala Games, which is run by CEO Eric Schiermeyer, is giving up on traditional game ideas in favor of GalaChain, which will be the hub of its ecosystem. The RONIN-Axie Infinity partnership, led by Sky Mavis, sets new standards for how blockchain games can work together, getting around Ethereum's problems. Planetarium Labs also adds the Heimdall Arena Special Event to Nine Chronicles M, a mobile version of the Web3 game. This event promises fun challenges and big rewards in the world of decentralized games. Find out about the big change from custodial wallets to GalaChain's direct minting, the customized blockchain that makes Axie In...

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    Play to Earn: A Guide for Gamers in 2024 – Navigating Cryptocurrency Wallets, Mastering Game Mechanics, and Building Community

    Play to Earn: A Guide for Gamers in 2024 – Navigating Cryptocurrency Wallets, Mastering Game Mechanics, and Building Community

    Start the journey that will change the way you play games with "Play to Earn: A Comprehensive Guide for Gamers in 2024." This article, which was written by experts in the field and gamers, will help you find your way around the exciting areas where blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and gaming meet. Well-known game designers can help you learn about popular games like Axie Infinity (AXS), Aavegotchi (GHST), and Decentraland (MANA). Find out everything you need to know about cryptocurrency wallets, how to master game mechanics, and how to make strong community alliances. This guide promises to give you insights that go beyond the ordinary, whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the Play-to-Earn world. It will show you how to unlock gaming's potential as a profitable and immers...

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    Blockchain Gaming Roundup: Trudan Studios, Big Time, Cradles, Illuvium, and Gala Games

    Blockchain Gaming Roundup: Trudan Studios, Big Time, Cradles, Illuvium, and Gala Games

    This article gives a game-changing update on the constantly changing world of blockchain gaming by showing how five of the best developers in the business—Trudan Studios, Big Time Studios, Cradles, Illuvium, and Gala Games—have made big changes. When the Origin Beast Staking system goes live, Trudan Studios gets all the attention. Fans of Kuroro Beasts can look forward to special benefits and a unique staking experience. The limited-time Cosmetic Ascension Crafting Event from Big Time Studios lets players improve the way they look in-game, showing that the studio is committed to making experiences that are driven by the players. Cradles was one of the first games in the "Play to Unlock" era. It changed the way NFT games work and added new actions that tokens can do. With Beta 3, Illuvium's...

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    SpookyZ Gaming Studio Revolutionizes Gaming with Web3 Play-To-Earn Technology

    SpookyZ Gaming Studio Revolutionizes Gaming with Web3 Play-To-Earn Technology

    Welcome to the future of gaming from SpookyZ Gaming Studio! This article is a first look into SpookyZ's Web3 Play-To-Earn technology, which has the potential to change the world. As gamers, we're interested in how SpookyZ is shaking up the industry by using Blockchain to make new in-game economies and asset tokenization possible. This revolution is being led by SpookyZ Gaming Studio, which has a team of passionate experts working to change the way people play games. What makes this different is that SpookyZ has added a crypto wallet and payment gateway platform that works with any cryptocurrency, along with its own token (SPZ), which can be used in any Web2 game without any problems. The why is clear: to make Blockchain and cryptocurrency available to everyone so that gamers can earn real ...

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    Diverse Gaming Universe Exciting Updates: Bit Harvest, Daily Missions, NFT Car Sale, Fashion Integration, and Heist Mode

    Diverse Gaming Universe Exciting Updates: Bit Harvest, Daily Missions, NFT Car Sale, Fashion Integration, and Heist Mode

    With our most recent list of exciting changes in the gaming industry, you can start an exciting journey through the ever-changing worlds of games. Bit Heroes Quest adds the Bit Harvest Event, a Thanksgiving celebration with special rewards like the cute pet Yeggi and one-of-a-kind cosmetics like Bread Knight and Onion Knight. Riders can now earn $DSRUN through Daily Missions, which changes the way Derby Stars is played and opens up new rewards within the game. With the Nissan NFT Car Sale, Torque Motorsport Digital Store is a leader in the world of motorsports when it comes to blockchain technology and digital collectibles. The ALTAVA Group and Darewise Entertainment are working together to bring about a new era of fashion in the Bitcoin metaverse by adding AI-powered digital wearables to ...

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    IguVerse: NFT 2.0, Play-to-Earn Rewards, and Blockchain-Powered Pet-Centric Innovation

    IguVerse: NFT 2.0, Play-to-Earn Rewards, and Blockchain-Powered Pet-Centric Innovation

    IguVerse, a groundbreaking Play-to-Earn Social Game, integrates pet ownership with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Revolutionizing the NFT landscape, the GameFi application introduces User-generated NFTs, ushering in NFT 2.0. The innovative "Socialize to Earn," alongside "Move to Earn" and "Play to Earn," diversifies gaming experiences. Users engage in simple tasks like sharing pet photos, earning $IGUP tokens. The virtual pets, embodied as NFTs, possess attributes influencing rewards. The game's dual-token framework involves $IGU as the primary currency and $IGUP as rewards. Players craft and upgrade NFT pets using these tokens. Daily rewards at 00:00 UTC incentivize active participation. Energy levels, reflecting pet functionality, can be recharged through engagement in the three gam...

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    'Loaded Lions: Mane City': Competitive Tycoon Simulation on Cronos Blockchain

    'Loaded Lions: Mane City': Competitive Tycoon Simulation on Cronos Blockchain

    In the bustling realm of blockchain-based gaming, "Loaded Lions: Mane City" emerges as a groundbreaking idle tycoon simulation. Developed by Stepico Games, this browser-based game harnesses the power of the Cronos blockchain, offering players a captivating experience in city building and management. Here, gamers delve into a virtual world where creativity and strategy intertwine. They design and expand their dream cities, leveraging in-game land to generate valuable resources like gold and diamonds. Businesses such as gyms, banks, and record stores are meticulously constructed, each contributing to the city's economic growth. A key highlight is the competitive edge woven into gameplay, driving players to dominate the leaderboard through their prowess in gold generation. Achieving higher ra...

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    Drunk Robots - NFT RPG on BNB Chain - Post-Apocalyptic Chaos

    Drunk Robots - NFT RPG on BNB Chain - Post-Apocalyptic Chaos

    "Drunk Robots" is an NFT-based RPG game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic city of Los Machines. In this dystopian setting, players encounter a chaotic world dominated by unruly, inebriated robots who are fixated on metal, beer, and mayhem. The society of Los Machines, created by the robots themselves, values raw power over prestige. To enter this world, players must own a unique robot NFT, with a total of 10,101 Drunk Robots NFTs available. The objective of the game is to survive and thrive in Los Machines, achieved through a variety of activities. Players can engage in intense PVP battles, embark on perilous expeditions in search of valuable metal and salvage, form alliances with robot gangs, and personalize their robots with upgraded weaponry, gear, and collectibles. Importantly, ...

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    Battle Infinity: Uniting Play-to-Earn Battle Games and Metaverse

    Battle Infinity: Uniting Play-to-Earn Battle Games and Metaverse

    Battle Infinity is a gaming platform that brings together various play-to-earn battle games within the immersive Metaverse called 'The Battle Arena.' It offers a virtual universe where players can engage in battles, socialize, explore, and participate in various activities. The flagship game, Battle Beasts Soccer, features teams of powerful creatures competing in 3v3 matches, promoting strategic character selection. In Battle Beasts Soccer, matches are played by teams of three characters, and a minimum of 6 players (2 teams of 3) participate. Matches can be won during the golden goal period, where it becomes a 1 on 1 showdown between three players from each team. The game revolves around offensive and defensive tactics, including dribbling, passing, precision shooting, tackling, intercepti...

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    ArchLoot: Revolutionizing RPGs with UGC, NFTs, and Dual Tokens on Binance Smart Chain

    ArchLoot: Revolutionizing RPGs with UGC, NFTs, and Dual Tokens on Binance Smart Chain

    ArchLoot has become a leader in the rapidly growing world of blockchain games, which is pushing the limits of what is possible. This 2022 RPG takes players on an exciting journey through ALTvers, a remote realm in a very large galaxy, and offers a fully realistic experience on the Binance Smart Chain. The game is unique because it focuses on User-Generated Content (UGC) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). ArchLoot lets players not only take part in the game, but also make their own virtual world. Adding interactive NFTs, especially monster parts that can be moved around, gives games a new, dynamic aspect that wasn't there before. Players spend most of their time on ALTvers, the game's center island in the vast universe. Crafted monsters fight both local creatures and other players. They are ma...

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    Final Form: Mastering Strategic Evolution in the Interdimensional Card Battler

    Final Form: Mastering Strategic Evolution in the Interdimensional Card Battler

    Ex Populus has made a significant impact in the gaming industry with the release of "Final Form," a digital card-based auto-battler game that premiered on the Xai platform. What distinguishes Xai from other platforms is its unique "layer-3" status, designed specifically to cater to game creators operating in the Web3 space. "Final Form" offers players a distinctive gaming experience as they build new decks for each match, and their choices unfold cinematically. The game's logic is built on Arbitrum Nova, a cutting-edge decentralized blockchain, ensuring transparency and long-term sustainability for the game. "Final Form" takes trading cards to the next level, providing peer-to-peer card mobility while adhering to high ERC standards. Importantly, it's not just a product of Ex Populus but a ...

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    DEFY Mobile Game: Metaverse Move-to-Earn Augmented Reality

    DEFY Mobile Game: Metaverse Move-to-Earn Augmented Reality

    DEFY is a groundbreaking mobile game that introduces a novel concept known as "move-to-earn" while merging elements from both the virtual and real worlds to create an immersive metaverse experience. Running on the Polygon blockchain, DEFY focuses on restoring digital identity and personal data ownership within the framework of the decentralized Defiance Of Society. Players of DEFY find themselves in a world where a faceless organization called Future Systems has taken control of global networks, promising free internet access to all but at the cost of privacy and individuality. People now rely on Future Systems for basic needs, leading to dissatisfaction among some. In this scenario, players take on the role of operatives assisting a character named Kha0s, a systems administrator within...

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    Dark Throne: Exploring a Demon-Ridden RPG with NFTs & Heroes

    Dark Throne: Exploring a Demon-Ridden RPG with NFTs & Heroes

    The world of "Dark Throne" is an action-packed RPG drawing inspiration from the "hack and slash" genre. Set in a dark fantasy realm plagued by demons, the game offers players the chance to embody various heroes such as the Paladin, Assassin, and Demon Hunter, each with distinct abilities and combat styles. The storyline revolves around the kingdom of Balos, shattered by darkness and demonic invasion, pushing survivors on a mission to rid their world of the malevolent forces. Notably, the game boasts exceptional graphics and gameplay immersion, attributing this to Jeehyung Lee, an artist renowned for work with Marvel and DC Comics, who contributed as the art director. The article emphasizes the game's use of NFTs in the form of Totems, representing playable characters and providing both col...

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    Deadrop: Free To Play NFT Shooter - Game Review

    Deadrop: Free To Play NFT Shooter - Game Review

    "Deaddrop" is a newly released free-to-play AAA vertical extraction shooter (VES) that incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to elevate the online multiplayer gaming experience. Developed by Midnight Society, a game studio founded by the well-known YouTuber and content creator Dr. Disrespect (Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV), the game has garnered rapid popularity due to its unique take on the battle royale genre. Released on July 30, 2022, "Deaddrop" offers fast-paced, competitive gameplay reminiscent of titles like Call of Duty, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. One notable addition to Midnight Society's offerings is the "Founders Pass," which includes unique NFTs that grant access to special in-game content. These NFTs serve as a token of appreciation from game developers to...

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    Parallel: Sci-Fi NFT Trading Card Game with Unique Parallels

    Parallel: Sci-Fi NFT Trading Card Game with Unique Parallels

    "Parallel" is a unique trading card game set in a captivating science fiction world that distinguishes itself from traditional card games by utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs allow players to have true ownership of in-game assets, granting them the freedom to buy, sell, or trade them without restrictions. The game also offers an open-world experience, enabling players to explore and engage with the game's universe in ways that were previously impossible in conventional card games. "Parallel" periodically releases packs containing valuable Parallel NFTs, further enhancing the opportunities for players to acquire and trade valuable items. The creators of "Parallel" have dedicated considerable effort to ensure the game provides a visually stunning and immersive experience. The ...

    Read more - Solana-Based Blockchain First-Person Shooter Game - Solana-Based Blockchain First-Person Shooter Game

    Addicting Games Inc. created the instant-play blockchain game is a first-person shooter game available on ev-io, an online gaming platform. EV.IO, a Solana-based blockchain first-person shooter game, offers players instant access to seven different game modes, including team deathmatch, battle royal, capture the flag, and more, with the added feature of custom map creation. The game follows a Halo-esque battle style where players start with one gun and a sword and can find additional guns throughout the map, while also customizing their character's abilities. With a PVP style that levels the playing field for all players and NFTs that have no impact on gameplay, EV IO offers simple yet engaging gameplay, and the project's focus on creating a fun game with potential earnings ha...

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    NFL Rivals: Manage Your NFL Team - NFT Game - Mythical Games

    NFL Rivals: Manage Your NFL Team - NFT Game - Mythical Games

    Manage your own NFL team in NFL Rivals, the NFT game developed by Mythical Games and the NFL. Build a powerhouse team and dominate the competition! In the Game, players have the opportunity to live out their fantasy of becoming a manager in the NFL and earning real money through gameplay. This NFT and play-to-earn game allows players to take control of their own team, building and managing it to success on the virtual gridiron. Its an exciting mobile game developed by Mythical Games that allows players to live out their dreams of being a general manager of an NFL team. The game features fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Let get into NFT Rivals review! NFL Rivals Review: Players can collect and trade player cards featuring their favorite NFL ...

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    Cyball: Sports Strategy Trading Card NFT Game - Crypto Rewards

    Cyball: Sports Strategy Trading Card NFT Game - Crypto Rewards

    "Cyball" is a sports strategy trading card game that combines player-versus-player matches with the excitement of collecting and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game features appealing character designs and a diverse range of collectible NFTs, adding a unique dimension to the gaming experience. A standout feature of Cyball is the utilization of CyBlocks, which are cryptographically secure NFTs with distinct IDs, making them non-replicable. These NFTs hold significant value within the game, with lower-numbered CyBlocks being the most coveted. Owning a CyBlock NFT is a prerequisite for participating in Cyball gameplay, emphasizing their importance in the game's ecosystem. Cyball provides a selection of game modes to cater to various player preferences: Friendly Mode: This mode offers...

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    Kingdom Karnage: The Revolutionary NFT Card Game

    Kingdom Karnage: The Revolutionary NFT Card Game

    Kingdom Karnage is a card game unlike any other in the NFT/cryptocurrency format with a huge range of cards. These cards let players fight battles for dominance in the Kingdom. Kepithor Studios is behind the creation of the game. Kingdom Karnage is simple in its format but requires dedication, skills, and strategy to progress. In order to participate in the battle, each player would begin with an army of 30 cards with the goal of defeating the enemy card army by reducing their health before they reduce yours. This is achievable by attacking the opposition cards through various attacks, spells, and combinations. Furthermore, players can upgrade cards by adding weapons, defense, and pieces of equipment. The variations in attacks are possible by combining together different cards, or either d...

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    Big Time: NFT Third-Person Action RPG And NFT Marketplace

    Big Time: NFT Third-Person Action RPG And NFT Marketplace

    "Big Time" is an innovative NFT (Non-Fungible Token) third-person action RPG that offers a cooperative gaming experience. In this game, players have the opportunity to form groups of up to six players and embark on adventures within a vast 3D overworld, including a hub called Epoch City, which bears a visual resemblance to popular games like No Man's Sky, Destiny, Fortnite, and Skylanders. The central mechanic of the game revolves around time machines, which bear a striking resemblance to black hole portals. These machines are used to transport player teams into dungeon instances, where they engage in real-time combat against a variety of adversaries. Combat in "Big Time" combines magic-based, melee-based, and hybrid combat styles. Interestingly, these time machines can be customized using...

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    Defi Kingdoms (DFK): Cross-Chain RPG, Harmony Network NFTs

    Defi Kingdoms (DFK): Cross-Chain RPG, Harmony Network NFTs

    Defi Kingdoms (DFK) is an innovative role-playing game (RPG) set in a captivating pixelated 8-bit world. Players have the freedom to create their own characters and engage in real-time battles with other participants, offering a unique gaming experience that combines mythical cards, castles, dungeons, and strategic gameplay. The game operates on the Harmony network and employs a native token known as DEFI for all in-game transactions. DEFI also serves as the currency for purchasing items within the game. Furthermore, Defi Kingdoms features two additional tokens: ONE and JEWEL. ONE tokens are used for covering gas expenses, while JEWEL is the primary token within the game, facilitating in-game purchases and paying gas fees on the DFK chain. A noteworthy aspect of Defi Kingdoms is its implem...

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    The Sandbox Game: Creative World-Building, NFTs, Play-to-Earn

    The Sandbox Game: Creative World-Building, NFTs, Play-to-Earn

    The Sandbox is a living, breathing virtual environment filled with user-made creations. Players can develop and create their own NFTs, such as avatars, virtual items, and even games. The Sandbox is a game in which players can make their own worlds and explore them. With thousands of different-sized plots to choose from, players can build games, social places, or anything else their imaginations can come up with. The game is made up of voxels, like Minecraft, and each voxel object can be added from an outside editor. The Sandbox Game Maker is based on Unity and has a scripting language that keeps getting better. This lets builders make something truly special. The owner of a plot has full power over what is built on it. This makes it possible to make a wide variety of games, from RPGs to da...

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    Explore Decentraland: A Blockchain-Powered Virtual World

    Explore Decentraland: A Blockchain-Powered Virtual World

    Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, offering users a decentralized metaverse where they can create, trade, and explore immersive digital experiences. Founded by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, Decentraland has evolved into a groundbreaking virtual world that empowers creators and users while utilizing blockchain technology. Here's an extensive summary of Decentraland's key features and dynamics. Land Ownership and Building: At the core of Decentraland is the concept of land ownership. Users can purchase virtual plots of land called LAND. Each LAND token represents a 33x33 ft. piece of virtual land within Decentraland's metaverse. These LAND tokens are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the ERC721 protocol, making them tradeable assets ju...

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