HyperPlay: Revolutionizing Gaming with the World's First Web3 Blockchain Game Launcher in Early Access

HyperPlay: Revolutionizing Gaming with the World's First Web3 Blockchain Game Launcher in Early Access

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:04 UTC

HyperPlay is a Blockchain Game Launcher in Early Access

Hyperplay is the first Web3 blockchain game launcher of its kind and is being made for MetaMask by Game7 and Jacob.eth.

HyperPlay, a Web3 blockchain gaming launcher, is currently available for early access. The software was co-created by Web3 gaming DAO Game7 and former MetaMask operations lead, who goes by the pseudonym Jacob.eth. The app is available for all major platforms but is developed and optimized especially for MetaMask users.

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HyperPlay is the world's first Web3 game launcher. It lets users bring their wallets, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into any game they want to play. HyperPlay is really permissionless and was created for the Web3 community. Instead of charging developers fees, the new platform plans to make money through cryptocurrency services like exchanges and bridges.

Jacob.Eth on HyperPlay

Jacob told Decrypt that HyperPlay is "fixing the distribution problem and freeing game developers from the fear of being de-platformed by major monopolies like Apple and Google, or Steam." He prefers to go by his first name or his ‘.eth’ handle in order to protect his privacy. Jacob explains that, unlike the Apple store, they prefer not to take the 30% share of the developer's in-game economy.

"We're an extremely developer-friendly product,” He clarified. Instead, Jacob stated that HyperPlay will make money by providing "convenient features" within the software; much like MetaMask does, rather than taking a percentage of game sales or transactions. At launch, HyperPlay will have a lot of games, such as Undead Blocks, DeFi Kingdoms, The Sandbox, Voxie Tactics, and The Bornless, to name a few. Both Web3 games and non-crypto games will be supported by the launcher.

Game7 and Jacob.eth Join Forces to Launch Web3 HyperPlay, blockchain game, metamask
Game7 and Jacob.eth Join Forces to Launch Web3 HyperPlay

MetaMask Wallet Optimization in HyperPlay

Jacob clarifies that HyperPlay is most effective with MetaMask wallets. However, it will be accessible to users of Windows, Mac, Steam Deck, and Linux as well. Moreover, WalletConnect, which supports more than 40 different crypto wallet providers, is compatible with it. HyperPlay is more than just a game launcher; it also brings together game stores, including the Epic Games and Good Old Games stores.

The In-Game Experience with Blockchain Game Launcher

Jacob states that HyperPlay's launcher "paints" a MetaMask layer on top of the gameplay experience so that users don't have to minimize their game or open another window to complete transactions, much like Steam's in-game overlay. According to the App’s developers, the blockchain game will not integrate with the gamers' keys in any way. One would not want the game to learn their secret recovery phrase if the app is harmful. "HyperPlay's security strategy safeguards players even if one of its scrutinized games gets compromised for any reason,” he added.

Users of the MetaMask mobile are instantly detectable when playing on a desktop and will see popups for transactions on their phones. “If you have the MetaMask browser extension on your computer, HyperPlay can actually detect that it’s already installed,” Jacob said.

Web3 Security Protection Feature

While game launchers like HyperPlay's are not strictly necessary for players to enjoy Web3 games, they can add an extra layer of protection. Each game undergoes consideration and examination before it makes it to the blockchain game launcher. The whole process of game submission to HyperPlay's launcher lasts roughly a week.

Jacob explained how the app secures the in-game data of the players. The App has a rigorous mechanism in place for reviewing security and viruses. It’s not an attempt to vouch for the viability or sustainability of a game's economy. Players should truly make that choice of their own. But, the developers have strong opinions about how to stop malware and all other forms of malevolent bad actors. Also, these games are unable to access the wallet's keys.

Additionally, HyperPlay is creating its own sandboxes so that it can isolate each submitted game and limit any undesirable capabilities or features that would pose a threat to user security.

Web3 Game Launcher Vision

Jacob talks about why he thinks a Web3 game launcher is important for cryptocurrencies to become widely used. Moreover, gaming serves as a gateway for people to learn about the bigger decentralized web in different ways. MetaMask data shows the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Colombia, and Brazil as the key markets. These countries actively played games; however, they did not have access to the financial system.

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