Epic Rewards in Arc8’s Moca Season Beast Leaderboard Event!

Epic Rewards in Arc8’s Moca Season Beast Leaderboard Event!

Play To Earn Games | 20 May 2024 18:24 UTC

Arc8 launches an exclusive leaderboard for Moca Season Beast owners. Grab your Beasts before May 21st to earn epic rewards and Loot.

Arc8’s Moca Season Beast Leaderboard Event!

What’s Happening?

  • Arc8’s exclusive leaderboard event is live for Moca Season Beast owners.
  • Snapshot on May 21st at 1 PM UTC determines top 1000 holders.

How to Earn Points?

  • Collect Moca Season Beasts; rarer Beasts score more points.
  • Total prize pool: 270,500 Moca Realm Points for top 1000 players.

Everyone Wins!

  • Each Beast owner gets 1000 Loot per NFT.
  • Loot use will be revealed in the final episode of the Phoenix Protocol.

Get More Beasts!

  • Mint Beasts in Arc8 or buy on OpenSea before May 21st.
  • No cooldowns affect your snapshot eligibility.

Key Dates and Rewards

  • Snapshot: May 21st, 1 PM UTC.
  • Leaderboard reveal: May 24th in GAMEE’s Discord.
  • Rewards distribution follows shortly after.

And that’s your quick rundown! Now, let’s dive into the details below.

Insane Rewards with Arc8’s Moca Season Beast Leaderboard!

Guys, you won't believe what's happening! Arc8 is rolling out something huge for all you Moca Season Beast owners out there. Mark your calendars! On May 21st, at precisely 1 PM UTC, Arc8 is taking a snapshot that could change your gaming world forever.

Snap Up Your Moca Beasts Before the Big Day!

Here’s the deal—whether you’ve been collecting these Beasts like crazy or you’re just getting started, every single Beast in your arsenal counts. Each Beast racks up points based on their rarity. Think about it: the rarer your Beast, the more points you're gonna score on this epic leaderboard. And let me tell you, the stakes are high with a whopping 270,500 Moca Realm Points up for grabs for the top 1000 holders!

Top 1000 Beasts Owners to Score Epic Loot!

Now, listen up, because this gets even better. It doesn’t matter if you're in the top ranks or not, every single Beast you own will net you 1000 Loot. Yeah, you heard that right—1000 Loot for every Beast! And guys, these aren't just any points; we're talking about Loot that you can use in the Phoenix Protocol. The mystery of what this Loot can do? Well, that’s going to be unveiled in the final episode of the Phoenix Protocol. Exciting, right?

How Do You Get More Beasts?

Wondering how you can get your hands on more of these point-packing Beasts before the snapshot? Easy! Just level up your Moca Season Beast NFT in Arc8 to level 16, or head over to OpenSea. They’re trading for about 7.5 $MATIC right now. Remember, any Beast you mint or buy before the snapshot counts—no cooldowns to worry about here!

After the snapshot, gear up for the big reveal. The full leaderboard will be announced on May 24th in the GAMEE official Discord server, and rewards will start rolling out shortly after. This is your chance to shine and show off your Beast collection!

Arc8 launches an exclusive leaderboard for Moca Season Beast owners. Grab your Beasts before May 21st to earn epic rewards and Loot.
Arc8 launches an exclusive leaderboard for Moca Season Beast owners. Grab your Beasts before May 21st to earn epic rewards and Loot.

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