Beta Ready: Test SpaceCatch’s New AR Blockchain Game and Explore Somnia’s Unified Metaverse

Beta Ready: Test SpaceCatch’s New AR Blockchain Game and Explore Somnia’s Unified Metaverse

Play To Earn Games | 08 May 2024 15:28 UTC

Explore SpaceCatch's AR blockchain platform & Somnia's metaverse! Dive into beta tests, trade assets, and connect worlds seamlessly. Join the future of gaming!

Welcome, gamers! In this feature, we're diving into the exciting developments that are shaping the future of gaming and virtual worlds. Today, we'll explore two innovative projects: SpaceCatch and Somnia. These platforms are making games more fair and connecting different virtual worlds. So, if you love gaming and are curious about the metaverse, you're in the right place!

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Table of Contents

  • SpaceCatch: Revolutionizing Gaming with AR and Blockchain
    • What's New with SpaceCatch?
    • Public Beta Launch: What to Expect
  • Somnia: Creating a Unified Metaverse
    • What is Somnia?
    • The Power of Betanet: Connecting Worlds

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SpaceCatch: Revolutionizing Gaming with AR and Blockchain

What's New with SpaceCatch?

SpaceCatch is a new game that uses augmented reality (AR) and blockchain to improve fairness. AR lets you play games in your real-world environment, which is super cool. Meanwhile, blockchain makes gameplay fair for everyone. No more feeling left out because of unfair advantages!

Public Beta Launch: What to Expect

The Public Beta of SpaceCatch is coming on April 22, 2024. With 20,000 spots available for testers, this event is a big deal. It's not just a test; it's a chance to be part of gaming history. Plus, you can help shape the game with your feedback!

Somnia: Creating a Unified Metaverse

What is Somnia?

Somnia is here to fix a big problem: disconnected virtual worlds. With its new technology, you can move items and identities across different games and metaverse platforms easily. It’s like having one account for all your online games!

The Power of Betanet: Connecting Worlds

Somnia's Betanet launch is changing the game. Now, creators can build their own spaces that become part of a larger world. This makes everything more integrated and fun. You can hang out, play, or work in these spaces without having to switch between different systems.

A New Chapter in Gaming and Virtual Worlds

Both SpaceCatch and Somnia are at the forefront of gaming and metaverse innovation. They are not only enhancing the player experience with fairness and connectivity but also building the foundations for a unified virtual future. For gamers around the world, these platforms offer new ways to play, explore, and connect. So, let's gear up and embrace these new possibilities together!

Game Facts You Should Know: Unpacking SpaceCatch and Somnia

SpaceCatch: Enhancing Gaming with AR and Blockchain

Augmented Reality in SpaceCatch

Augmented Reality, or AR, lets players see the game elements right in their own environment. For example, you might see an alien spaceship land in your backyard through your phone screen. This technology makes SpaceCatch not only fun but also incredibly immersive, as it blends the game world with the real world.

Blockchain's Role in Fair Play

Blockchain is like a digital ledger that is very secure and open for everyone to see, but no one can cheat. In SpaceCatch, this technology makes sure that everything in the game is fair. No player can have undue advantages, and everything from scoring to asset ownership is transparent.

Importance of Beta Testing

Shaping the Game

Beta testing is crucial because it lets players like you help improve the game before it releases fully. By playing early versions and giving feedback, you influence how the game develops, making sure it’s the best it can be.

Stabilizing the Game

Also, testing helps find and fix bugs. This makes the game stable and smooth to play when it fully launches. It’s like making sure all the pieces fit perfectly in a complex machine.

Community and Economy

AI-Driven Quests and Personalization

SpaceCatch uses AI to create quests that fit how you play. It keeps the game exciting and tailored just for you. This personal touch helps keep players engaged and coming back for more.

Social Interactions Within the Game

The game is also a place to meet and team up with other players. Whether you’re trading items or tackling missions together, SpaceCatch builds a community feeling. This makes gaming a way to connect with others.

Owning and Trading Game Assets

Thanks to blockchain, when you get an item in SpaceCatch, you really own it. You can keep it, use it, or sell it, and all of that is safe and clear. This economy inside the game adds another layer of strategy and fun.

Alien Adversaries and Hidden Treasures

Challenges and Rewards

The universe of SpaceCatch is full of mysterious aliens and hidden treasures. These elements create challenges that keep the game exciting and rewarding. It’s not just about fighting; it’s about exploring and discovering.

Somnia: Connecting Metaverses

Seamless Asset Movement

Somnia makes it easy to move and use your game items across different virtual worlds. No more barriers: your digital belongings and achievements can go with you anywhere in the metaverse.

Creating Virtual Assets

In Somnia, you can create your own items and even new parts of the virtual world. This feature gives you the power to shape the metaverse, making it a truly creative space.

SOM0 and SOM1 Protocols

Easy Asset Transfers

These protocols are special rules that let assets move smoothly between different games and blockchain systems. They help make sure that your virtual goods are safe and that they work everywhere without any issues.

Handling Millions of Transactions


Somnia can handle millions of transactions at the same time. This means lots of players can interact, trade, and play without slowing down the system. It’s built to support a huge community, making everyone’s experience smooth.

Economic Opportunities

Unlocking Financial Potential

Somnia could unlock over $100 million that is currently stuck because different platforms don’t connect well. This connectivity means more chances to use, earn, or trade virtual goods effectively.

Community Events and Social Campaigns

Betanet Exclusives

Being part of the early user group, or Betanet, lets you access special content and events that aren’t available to everyone. These exclusives can include creating unique items or participating in game-changing activities.

Galxe Campaign

This social campaign rewards you for getting involved. You can earn points, get early access to new features, and snag exclusive items just by participating and sharing your experiences.

SpaceCatch and Somnia are not just games; they are gateways to new forms of interaction and economy in virtual worlds. By using AR and blockchain, SpaceCatch ensures that gaming is fair and fun. Meanwhile, Somnia connects different metaverses, making your online presence and belongings more versatile and valuable. Together, these platforms are setting the stage for a unified, interactive future in digital entertainment. Get ready to explore these innovative landscapes where your actions have real-world impact and your adventures bring endless possibilities.

FAQ: Essential Insights on SpaceCatch and Somnia for Gamers

SpaceCatch and Augmented Reality (AR)

What is Augmented Reality (AR) in SpaceCatch?

Augmented Reality (AR) blends digital components into your real-world environment. For instance, using your smartphone, you might see an alien or a spaceship appear in your living room as part of the game. This technology makes playing SpaceCatch not only thrilling but also highly immersive, as it integrates the game's elements seamlessly with your surroundings.

How does AR enhance my gaming experience in SpaceCatch?

AR enhances your gaming by making it interactive and lifelike. As you play, the game uses your environment to create challenging scenarios. This could mean defending your space against aliens right in your backyard. Such interactions significantly boost the enjoyment and engagement levels of gameplay.

Can I use AR on any device with SpaceCatch?

Yes, SpaceCatch is designed to work with most modern smartphones which support AR. This means you can dive into the augmented reality experience as long as your phone has a camera and sufficient processing power to handle the AR technology.

Blockchain Technology in SpaceCatch

What role does Blockchain play in SpaceCatch?

Blockchain in SpaceCatch ensures fairness and security. It's a technology that records all game transactions and interactions in a way that they cannot be changed. This helps prevent cheating and creates a level playing field for all players.

How does Blockchain affect my assets in SpaceCatch?

Blockchain technology allows you to truly own your in-game assets. Anything you earn or buy in SpaceCatch is yours, much like owning a physical item. You can trade or sell these assets securely, knowing the blockchain will track ownership reliably.

Is Blockchain technology safe and private for gamers?

Yes, blockchain is both safe and private. It encrypts your data, ensuring that your personal information and game activity are not accessible to unauthorized parties. Plus, it operates on a decentralized network, which means there is no single point of failure that could compromise your data.

Beta Testing of SpaceCatch

Why should I participate in SpaceCatch's beta testing?

Participating in the beta testing of SpaceCatch allows you to experience the game early and contribute to its development. Your feedback can help identify bugs and suggest improvements, ensuring the final version is polished and enjoyable.

What can I expect during the beta testing phase?

During the beta testing phase, you will explore the various features of the game, encounter bugs, and see how the game performs on your device. Your main role will be to provide feedback on gameplay, usability, and any issues you face.

How do I join the SpaceCatch beta testing?

To join the SpaceCatch beta testing, keep an eye on the official SpaceCatch website or their social media pages. They will announce when they are accepting testers and provide a sign-up link or application form.

Community Features in SpaceCatch

What community features does SpaceCatch offer?

SpaceCatch offers various community features including AI-driven quests that adapt to your playing style, social interactions where you can collaborate or compete with other players, and a marketplace for trading assets securely using blockchain.

How do social interactions in SpaceCatch work?

Social interactions in SpaceCatch are facilitated through multiplayer modes, chat systems, and collaborative missions. These features help you connect with other players, form alliances, and compete against them in various in-game challenges.

Can I trade my SpaceCatch assets with other players?

Yes, you can trade your assets with other players in SpaceCatch. The blockchain technology used ensures that all transactions are secure and that the ownership records of the assets are accurate and up-to-date.

Interoperability in Somnia

What is interoperability in the context of Somnia?

Interoperability in Somnia refers to the ability of players to use their virtual assets and identities across different metaverse platforms without restrictions. This means you can take your digital items and persona anywhere within the network of connected virtual worlds.

How does Somnia enable asset interoperability?

Somnia uses SOM0 and SOM1 protocols, which are sets of rules that allow for the smooth transfer and management of assets across different blockchains and gaming platforms. This system ensures that your assets remain usable and retain their value no matter where you go in the metaverse.

What benefits does interoperability offer to gamers?

Interoperability offers vast benefits, including the freedom to move and use assets freely across multiple platforms, enhancing your gaming experience and providing more value from your investments in virtual goods.

Somnia's Economic Model

How does Somnia's economic model work?

Somnia's economic model is designed to maximize the utility and liquidity of virtual assets. By enabling interoperability, it opens up more opportunities for asset use and trade, increasing the overall economic activity within the metaverse.

What economic opportunities does interoperability open up?

With interoperability, Somnia helps to unlock previously isolated value in assets, potentially accessing over $100 million in total value locked (TVL). This connectivity not only enhances asset liquidity but also provides gamers with more venues to utilize and profit from their virtual possessions.

Can I create my own assets in Somnia?

Yes, Somnia allows you to create and manage your virtual assets. This feature empowers you to design items or even parts of the virtual world, providing a deeply personalized and potentially profitable metaverse experience.

Explore SpaceCatch's AR blockchain platform & Somnia's metaverse! Dive into beta tests, trade assets, and connect worlds seamlessly.
Explore SpaceCatch's AR blockchain platform & Somnia's metaverse! Dive into beta tests, trade assets, and connect worlds seamlessly.

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