Axie Infinity: AOC Token Migration to Ronin and Mavis Store Launch

Axie Infinity: AOC Token Migration to Ronin and Mavis Store Launch

Play To Earn Games | 08 May 2024 13:40 UTC

In an interesting announcement, Sky Mavis, the mastermind behind the gaming sensation Axie Infinity, has declared the migration of Axie Origin Coin (AOC) tokens from Ethereum to the Ronin network. This strategic shift is set to revolutionize the Axie gaming experience, opening up new possibilities for players and enthusiasts alike. But that's not all - Sky Mavis has also introduced the Mavis Store, an online haven for non-blockchain items, signaling a significant expansion of the company's offerings.

Sky Mavis Introduces Mavis Store for Non-Blockchain Items

The Gateway to Enhanced Gaming Experience

The Mavis Store marks a pivotal moment for Sky Mavis as it diversifies into non-blockchain items, reaching out to a broader audience. The store's primary focus is on providing an enriched gaming experience by offering a variety of products. Two standout items currently take center stage: Battle Bears Gas Cans and Origins Gems.

Battle Bears Gas Cans: Access to Battlegrounds

The first product, Battle Bears Gas Cans, is a game-changer for those diving into Battle Bears. These cans, available in packages ranging from $2 to $1000, ensure accessibility for players with varying budgets. Sky Mavis sweetens the deal with bonus schemes for in-app purchases, teasing potential future rewards for Mavis Store patrons.

Origins Gems: Fueling Axie Infinity Origins

Origins Gems, the second product, serves as an off-chain resource and currency in the Origins shop, directly tied to the popular game Axie Infinity Origins. Players can utilize these gems for purchasing in-game items, amplifying their gaming journey. Notably, 10% of the revenue from Origins Shop contributes to the Axie Community Treasury, emphasizing Sky Mavis's commitment to community growth.

Mavis Store’s Method of Payment

The integration of the Mavis Store into the Ronin wallet streamlines access for users. Multiple payment options, including RON, AXS, SLP, WETH, and USDC, offer flexibility to gamers. Sky Mavis's decision to impose a modest 5% fee distinguishes them from mainstream app stores, with the intention of supporting the gaming developer community.

AOC Token Migration to Ronin: The Countdown Begins

Migration Details

The much-anticipated AOC token migration from Ethereum to Ronin is set in motion with a scheduled snapshot of the AOC contract on Monday, January 22nd, at 7 AM UTC. Token holders need to be aware that this migration is mandatory, and once completed, the AOC contract on Ethereum will be paused.

Benefits of Migration

Upon successful migration, AOC token holders gain a unique opportunity to roll their tokens, birthing new Origin axies. The birth of one Origin axie requires 5 AOC tokens. The migration also brings the exciting possibility of new axies being born with Mystic parts, details of which will be unveiled soon. Sky Mavis reveals that 1375 AOC tokens remain unrolled on Ethereum wallets, held by only 36 holders, including the company itself, earmarked for future marketing and rewards.

The convergence of AOC token migration to Ronin and the launch of the Mavis Store marks a paradigm shift for Axie Infinity and its vibrant community. Sky Mavis's commitment to inclusivity, community growth, and innovative gaming experiences echoes throughout these developments. As the gaming landscape evolves, Axie enthusiasts can look forward to a new era filled with opportunities, rewards, and, most importantly, unparalleled gaming adventures.

Don't miss out on this gaming revolution! Stay tuned for further updates and be part of the Axie Infinity community's exciting journey. Explore the Mavis Store and gear up for the future of gaming with Axie Infinity!

Axie Infinity: AOC Token Migration to Ronin and Mavis Store Launch
Axie Infinity: AOC Token Migration to Ronin and Mavis Store Launch

FAQs: AOC Token Migration and Mavis Store Launch

1. Why is Sky Mavis migrating AOC tokens to Ronin?

  • Answer: Sky Mavis is enhancing the Axie gaming experience by migrating AOC tokens to Ronin for improved scalability and efficiency.

2. What products are available at the Mavis Store?

  • Answer: The Mavis Store offers Battle Bears Gas Cans and Origins Gems, catering to diverse in-game needs and experiences.

3. How can I pay at the Mavis Store?

  • Answer: The Mavis Store accepts payments through RON, AXS, SLP, WETH, and USDC, providing users with flexible payment options.

4. When is the AOC token migration happening?

  • Answer: The snapshot for the AOC token migration is scheduled for Monday, January 22nd, at 7 AM UTC.

5. Is the AOC token migration mandatory?

  • Answer: Yes, the migration is mandatory. Once completed, the AOC contract on Ethereum will be paused, preventing further movement.

6. What are the benefits of the AOC token migration?

  • Answer: After migration, AOC token holders can roll their tokens, creating new Origin axies. Mystic parts may also be included, adding excitement to the gaming experience.

7. How many AOC tokens remain unrolled on Ethereum?

  • Answer: 1375 AOC tokens are yet to be rolled, with 36 holders, including Sky Mavis, preserving them for future marketing and rewards.

8. How does the 5% fee at the Mavis Store benefit the gaming community?

  • Answer: The 5% fee supports the gaming developer community, distinguishing itself from mainstream app stores with a modest contribution.

9. Can I access the Mavis Store through the Ronin wallet?

  • Answer: Yes, the Mavis Store is integrated into the Ronin wallet, ensuring easy access for users along with multiple payment options.

10. What happens if I don't migrate my AOC tokens by the specified date? - Answer: Failure to migrate before the snapshot on January 22nd will result in your AOC tokens being unable to move on Ethereum, as the contract will be paused.

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