Arc8 Welcomes New Updates, GAMEE Announces Plans

Arc8 Welcomes New Updates, GAMEE Announces Plans

Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 08 May 2024 09:08 UTC

Learn about the latest updates and plans for Arc8, GAMEE's Web3 mobile gaming dApp, and the GMEE token in 2023.

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On board the Web3 gaming train as Arc8, one of the top-ranked Polygon games, will see its biggest upgrade to date in 2023. This massive upgrade will introduce an NFT collection along with new app functionalities and features, live multiplayer games, and a streamlined web3 onboarding process. The GMEE token utility will also deepen, primarily serving as an access token. Players can use GMEE to buy NFT league passes, and in-game items, and vote on roadmap games and platform features. Web3 projects and communities can also use the GMEE token to run custom game experiences and sponsorship.

Arc8 has a strong foundation for this upgrade, having already achieved several successes as one of the top-ranked Polygon games. The company has recorded 116 million gameplays and created 2.5 million wallets, in addition to partnering with twenty blockchain partners and collaborating with high-profile entities such as Manchester City, Planet IX, Cool Cats, Benji Bananas, and Atari.

A Perfect Start to 2023 for Arc8

Arc8 has continued to grow despite market turmoil in the first quarter of 2023, with significant improvements in several key metrics from January 1st to March 13th. The average day-one gameplay retention has increased from 18% to 31%, daily playtime hours have increased from 4.5 hours/day to 6.4 hours/day, and the average number of daily gameplays per user has increased from 13.69 to 17.57.
Since its launch in October 2021, Arc8 has achieved several notable successes, including 116 million gameplays, the creation of 2.5 million new wallets, partnerships with 20 blockchain partners, and high-profile collaborations with Manchester City Football Club, Cool Cats, Atari, Planet IX, and Benji Bananas. The company has also established a loyal player community on Discord with 50,000 members and maintained an average app store rating of 4.7. Additionally, Arc8 has remained one of the top dApps on Polygon and is a key member of the Animoca Brands family.

Major Upgrades in Arc8

Since Arc8's launch in October 2021, the GAMEE team has grown in both number and expertise, and the company has gained valuable insights into its current and prospective audience. These findings have reshaped the company's roadmap for the year ahead.

Some of the more significant discoveries include the fact that partnerships are a driving force for engagement, with players excited about interoperability and connecting with other web3 communities. Additionally, players best understand the concept of digital ownership in terms of NFTs. GAMEE has also learned that a play-to-earn model does not easily retain casual or less-competitive players, which is why the company is adopting a play-to-own concept.

Arc8: A New Era

GAMEE, inspired by their recent insights, has disclosed that they are working on a new version of the Arc8 application that will include new games, features, and upgrades in the year 2023. The major changes will be rolled out during the third and fourth quarters of the year, and the existing popular features of the application will be preserved. The new features will reflect what they have learned in the last 18 months, such as live multiplayer, NFT-linked game progression, decentralized systems to enhance partnerships, and fresh game modes for the casual players to enhance their gameplay experience.

GAMEE will gradually update the roadmap alongside the more specific announcements related to the forthcoming Arc8 updates. The roadmap is available in a text-based layout on the GAMEE Wiki. Detailed communications about the roadmap items will be provided promptly through various channels such as Medium, Twitter, Discord, and in the quarterly Token Holder updates.

Web3, Gamee, Arc8 Welcomes New Updates as GMEE Announces Plans to Deepen Utility of GMEE Token in 2023
Arc8 Welcomes New Updates as GMEE Announces Plans to Deepen Utility of GMEE Token in 2023

GMEE Token: The Future is Bright

In 2023, the primary focus for GMEE token is to enhance its utility. As a result, the token will primarily function as an access token. For players, this means that they can use GMEE to buy and exchange League Pass NFTs, buy in-game items, vote on the game's roadmap, and use GMEE as a currency of action for G-Bot NFTs to fund their breeding, upgrading, and evolution. Meanwhile, web3 projects and communities, they can use GMEE for sponsorships and custom game experiences.
As of now, the GMEE token has 53,800 holders spread across three networks - Polygon, Ethereum, and BNB chain. Among these, Polygon has the highest number of token holders at 50,000, followed by Ethereum with 2,300 token holders, and BNB chain with 1,500 token holders. Moreover, GAMEE has announced a buy-back of the GMEE token in 2023, which is good news for the token holders.

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