Novopangea - Game Review
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Novopangea - Game Review

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Novopangea is a play-to-earn online blockchain strategy game where players can own NFT land and earn NOVO and OBSD tokens on the WAX network. In the game, players can own buildings and worker NFTs that can be managed down to the smallest detail on a plot of land. Only PC users can play the game. Leveling up your in-game NFT assets and exchanging the Obsidian you earn in the game for our tradeable $NOVO token to redeem additional game elements is a key driver for the game.


There are six different realms to play in Novopangea: earth, light, space, shadow, time, and water. The players will always live in the realm where they start the game. Once a player has chosen a realm, they can choose a district and claim land.

There are different ways to approach and play the game for each player. They can run their economy well because they own land and buildings and hire people with skills. To start playing, players must add an NFT land, building, or worker.

Landowners can join the game by either adding a building to their plot of land or renting it to another player who already has a building. Building owners are players who add a building to their own plot of land or to the plot of land of another player. When a player rents a building from another player, they must agree on a price. All rental fees are paid for with OBSD tokens. Also, building owners can hire teams of skilled workers who work for contractors. Workers have a shift and will need to eat and rest before taking on another task.

To work, every structure needs energy. It comes from energy mines that are all over the six realms. In addition to energy, buildings need materials. Most of the buildings need daily maintenance, improvements to how they work, and improvements to how they store things. The workers also need to eat every day. At the in-game marketplace, you can trade OBSD tokens or creator credits for energy, materials, and food.

NFT assets can be common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, or mythic, depending on how rare they are. Epic, legendary, and mythic actions have shorter cooldown times. Each rarity tier gives valuable creator credits that can be traded in the marketplace for things like packs, NFTs, and 3D models.

Token Details

Obsidian (OBSD) is a utility token that can be earned by renting out land, working in buildings and mines, and selling resources. It is used to buy and sell items in the game's marketplace. On the other hand, the NOVO token is the governance token. It lets players vote. It can also be used to make NFTs, unlock items and boosts, and stake.

Novopangea Review

Novopangea is a new and different NFT on the WAX Blockchain. It gives the community the power to tell stories, and the choices made will lead to great new NFT art that will be added to the collection. Make a plan, characters, and weapons to stay alive. With the help of community ballots, all of this and more is possible. Damn! You'll also get valuable Creator Credits that you can use to buy things from the Marketplace. Once we add Game Mode, there will be a lot more ways to make money in Novopangea. Get ready for a crazy ride!

It starts and ends the same way every time. Zine, the Creator of Creators, has given you the power to decide what will happen to Novopangea. One big piece of land surrounded by an ocean that goes on forever, and a desire to find out what's going on. Light, shadow, space, time, earth, and water are the six things that make life possible. When they work together, they are strong and well-balanced, but when they work against each other, they will have a bad future.


Novopangea FAQ

Q1: What is Novopangea?

A: Novopangea is a blockchain-based play-to-earn online strategy game developed on the WAX network. In this game, players have the opportunity to own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing land, buildings, and workers, while earning rewards in the form of NOVO and OBSD tokens.

Q2: Who developed Novopangea?

A: The game Novopangea is developed by [Insert Game Studio Name Here], although the article does not specify the developer's name.

Q3: What is the gameplay like in Novopangea?

A: In Novopangea, players can explore six different realms (earth, light, space, shadow, time, and water) and build their in-game economy by owning land, constructing buildings, and hiring workers. The game offers diverse strategies and requires players to manage their assets effectively.

Q4: How do players acquire assets in Novopangea?

A: Players can acquire assets in Novopangea by either owning land, buildings, or workers, which are represented as NFTs within the game.

Q5: What are the different roles in Novopangea, and how do they work?

A: There are three primary roles in Novopangea:

  • Landowners: They own land and can add buildings or rent their land to other players.

  • Building Owners: They add buildings to their own land or another player's land and can also rent them out.

  • Workers: These NFTs work in buildings and mines, requiring sustenance and rest between tasks.

Q6: How do structures in the game obtain energy and materials?

A: Structures in Novopangea acquire energy from energy mines located throughout the six realms. Additionally, buildings require materials for construction and daily maintenance, which can be obtained through in-game transactions using OBSD tokens.

Q7: What is the significance of NFT rarity in the game?

A: NFT assets in Novopangea come in different rarities, ranging from common to mythic. Higher rarity tiers offer shorter cooldown times for actions and provide valuable creator credits, which can be traded in the in-game marketplace for various items.

Q8: What are OBSD and NOVO tokens in Novopangea?

A: OBSD is the utility token in Novopangea, earned through activities such as land rental and resource selling. It is primarily used for transactions in the game's marketplace. NOVO tokens, on the other hand, serve as governance tokens, allowing players to vote, create NFTs, unlock items, and stake.

Q9: How does Novopangea involve the community in shaping the game?

A: Novopangea encourages community participation in shaping the game's narrative, creating characters, and designing weapons. Player choices directly impact the addition of new NFT art pieces to the game's collection.

Q10: What is the role of Creator Credits in Novopangea?

A: Creator Credits are valuable rewards obtained through community ballots and other in-game activities. Players can use Creator Credits to make purchases within the Novopangea marketplace.

Q11: Are there plans to expand the ways players can earn in Novopangea?

A: Yes, the article mentions that as Novopangea evolves, additional opportunities for income generation are expected to be introduced into the game.

Q12: Can you provide more context about the world of Novopangea mentioned in the article?

A: Novopangea is described as a vast land surrounded by an endless ocean. The game's world comprises six realms: light, shadow, space, time, earth, and water. The balance between these realms is crucial for the well-being of the game world, and player decisions influence the future of Novopangea.


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Frequently Asked Questions Novopangea - Game Review

Novopangea is a community-driven multiplayer economy strategy game on the WAX blockchain. Players can claim land, mine resources, and build their district in preparation for our PvP release later in 2023.

Game Description

Novopangea is a community-driven multiplayer economy strategy game on the WAX blockchain. Players can claim land, mine resources, and build their district in preparation for our PvP release later in 2023. Leveling up your in-game NFT assets and exchanging the Obsidian you earn in the game for our tradeable $NOVO token to redeem additional game elements is a key driver for the game.

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