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Mecha World




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Mecha World

Mecha World: A post-apocalyptic NFT game about building, questing, and battling with mecha animals on the WAX Blockchain.

The Mechas are your base NFTs. At launch, there will be 36 different looks based on Canine body shapes and colors. You can give your Mecha a unique look by fitting Parts, making thousands of unique combinations possible.

Level up your Mechas by sending them on quests or battles against Mechas from other players. Mecha World will feature several PvP battle modes, starting with the introduction of Dice battles in Q3 2022.

The Mechas:

Your starting NFTs are the Mechas. Based on the body shapes and colors of dogs, there will be 36 various styles available at launch. By adding Parts, you can give your Mecha a distinctive appearance. Sending your Mechas on quests or engaging in combat with other players' Mechas can help them level up.

Your Mechas can be enhanced by fitting Parts NFTs to it. There is a wide variety of Parts available, of which some will also visually change the appearance of your Mecha NFT. Parts will come in different rarities. They make your Mecha stronger during battles and will increase your chances or finding NFTs during quests. Modifying your Mecha is a specialist job that needs to be carried out at a Workshop. Workshops and Battle Arenas are player-owned and can function as a Token income source.

You can improve your mechanic by adding Parts NFTs to it. There are many different kinds of Parts available, some of which will also alter the way your Mecha NFT looks. Parts will arrive in a variety of rarities. They boost your chances of finding NFTs while on quests and make your Mecha stronger during combat.

The Land:

Arenas and Workshops can be erected on the land. By allowing other players to use your Workshop services or participate in battles in your Arena, you can participate in the Mecha World economy.

Crafting in Mecha World

You can attach parts NFTs to your Mecha once you have obtained them. This will boost your battle power and enhance the likelihood that you'll discover NFTs while completing tasks. Your Mecha has to be modified by a professional, who must work at a Workshop. Players own workshops, which are a potential source of Token income.

Your mechs will gain experience points (XP), which are used to level up, by going on quests. Along with the experience points, completing quests could also net you some FGL Tokens or perhaps NFTs like Parts & Upgrades or another Mecha. The yield increases with quest length.

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