Legends at War - Game Review
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Legends at War - Game Review

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Forge your Medieval Empire and engage in epic conflicts against myriad players in the thrilling MMORTS, Legends at War.

Legends at War offers an exhilarating strategy RPG experience, assembling a team of heroes on a quest to conquer the world. Legends At War enters the gaming arena as an exciting MMORTS currently in its beta phase. Operating on a customized version of Polygon Edge, the LAW Blockchain opens the gateway for players to construct villages within a Medieval empire, all within a sandbox environment. A defining feature is player ownership of in-game assets, which accrue real-world value as they expand their territorial dominion. Moreover, this dynamic encourages player engagement, with LAW actively seeking player input to refine this web3 gaming experience.

Legends at War Review

Backed by a team of over 30 dedicated developers, the game aims to forge the ultimate massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, acknowledging the pivotal role of player feedback in this quest. Additionally, this free-to-play mobile MMORTS, available on iOS and Android, immerses players in medieval landscapes, urging them to lead armies, capture castles, fortify strongholds, nurture villages, and craft a thriving virtual realm. The game, previously known as Sabre Games, underwent a rebranding to Solert Games due to copyright concerns with Sabre Interactive, affirmed by Ava Labs representatives to Decrypt.


This free-to-play P2E game lets you construct cities, enlist legendary heroes, assemble mighty armies, and engage in real-time, large-scale battles for riches and glory. Developed by a top-tier AAA mobile studio, Legends at War is a captivating strategy RPG where you assemble a formidable hero team, all vying for world domination. The gameplay unfolds with players venturing to claim lands by defeating their inhabitants. It marks the beginning of their base-building journey, powered by essential structures like the mana generator. Armed with mana, troops can be leveled up, while battles yield points and new soldiers. As the foundations take shape, explorations continue across the map to seize fresh territories. Furthermore, battles are strategically simple, with soldiers wielding distinct blows effective against specific foes. Also, featuring captivating visuals and addictive gameplay, Legends at War stands as a captivating addition to the fighting strategy genre.


$AVAX is the official token on the Avalanche blockchain technology. However, specialized token for in-game economy is being developed.

Community Response

  • OhCrapItsPayne: Was looking to play this, but it's not available in the US.

  • flash117games3: am very excited to see this!! can't wait for this to be global!

  • simon_riley_ghost_: Nostalgy ?. I remembered my first Warcraft gameplay.


Legends at War FAQ

What is Legends at War, and who developed it?

Legends at War is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game developed by Solert Games. The game was previously known as Sabre Games but underwent a rebranding due to copyright concerns related to the name Sabre Interactive. It features a medieval-themed world where players can build cities, lead armies, capture castles, and engage in large-scale battles. The development team consists of over 30 dedicated developers working to create an immersive strategy RPG experience.

What platforms is Legends at War available on?

Legends at War is available as a free-to-play mobile game and can be played on both iOS and Android devices. Players can download it from their respective app stores.

What is the gameplay like in Legends at War?

In Legends at War, players take on the role of leaders in a medieval world. The gameplay involves several key elements:

  • City Building: Players can construct and develop cities, fortify strongholds, and nurture villages within their empire. These cities serve as the foundation for their strategic endeavors.

  • Hero Assembling: Players have the opportunity to recruit legendary heroes to lead their armies. Assembling a formidable hero team is essential for achieving world domination.

  • Real-time Battles: The game features real-time, large-scale battles where players can command their armies to fight for wealth and glory. Different units have distinct advantages against specific foes, adding a strategic layer to the battles.

  • Resource Management: Managing resources, such as mana, is crucial for leveling up troops and acquiring essential in-game assets.

How does the LAW Blockchain technology enhance the gameplay?

Legends at War utilizes the LAW Blockchain, which is a customized version of Polygon Edge. This blockchain technology introduces a unique ownership model for in-game assets. Players have real ownership of these assets, and they can accrue real-world value as they expand their territorial dominion within the game. This ownership model encourages player engagement and investment in the game's ecosystem.

What is the official token used in Legends at War?

The official token used in Legends at War is $AVAX, which is part of the Avalanche blockchain technology. This token plays a role in the game's economy and transactions. Additionally, a specialized in-game token for the economy is currently in development.

Are there any geographic restrictions for playing Legends at War?

While Legends at War is available on iOS and Android platforms, its availability may vary by region. Some players have reported that the game is not available in certain regions, such as the United States. It's advisable to check your app store's availability in your specific location.

How can players provide feedback or get involved in the Legends at War community?

Players interested in providing feedback or engaging with the Legends at War community can do so through various channels. Developers actively seek player input to refine the gaming experience. You can join the official Legends at War community forums, social media groups, or other online platforms where discussions and feedback sharing take place. Your input can contribute to the ongoing development of the game and help shape its future updates and features.

Does Legends at War have any similarities to other strategy games, such as Warcraft?

Legends at War draws inspiration from classic strategy RPGs and may appeal to fans of the genre, including those who have enjoyed games like Warcraft. It combines strategic depth with captivating visuals and addictive gameplay, offering a unique experience within the MMORTS genre. Players who have nostalgic feelings for classic strategy games may find Legends at War to be a modern and engaging addition to the genre.


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Frequently Asked Questions Legends at War - Game Review

Forge your Medieval Empire and engage in epic conflicts against myriad players in the thrilling MMORTS, Legends at War. Legends at War offers an exhilarating strategy RPG experience, assembling a team of heroes on a quest to conquer the world. Legends At War enters the gaming arena as an exciting MMORTS currently in its beta phase.

Experience medieval conquest in Legends at War, a mobile MMORTS. Build cities, lead armies, and engage in real-time battles for dominance

Game Description

Gamers interested in Legends at War should keep in mind that it's an exciting MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy) game currently in beta. Developed by Solert Games with over 30 dedicated developers, it offers a captivating medieval-themed strategy RPG experience. Players can build cities, lead armies, capture castles, and engage in large-scale real-time battles for glory and wealth. What sets Legends at War apart is its integration with the LAW Blockchain, allowing players to own in-game assets with real-world value as they expand their empire. The official token used is $AVAX from the Avalanche blockchain.

This free-to-play mobile game, available on iOS and Android, emphasizes player engagement, with developers actively seeking feedback. While it may remind some players of classic strategy games like Warcraft, Legends at War offers a fresh take on the genre, combining captivating visuals and addictive gameplay. However, availability may vary by region, so check your app store for access. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in a dynamic, evolving gaming world.

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