Genesis League Sports: Play-to-Earn Soccer Game with NFTs - Review
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Genesis League Sports: Play-to-Earn Soccer Game with NFTs - Review

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Genesis League Sports stands as a blockchain-powered platform tailored for play-to-earn gaming, focusing on sports games and NFTs.

The minds behind Splinterlands and Genesis League Sports have teamed up with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) to introduce a dynamic strategy game, utilizing NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain. Genesis League Goals, the result of this collaboration, draws inspiration from the MLSPA roster. It presents players with the opportunity to engage in fast-paced, head-to-head gameplay sessions where quick strategic decisions are crucial. By collecting MLSPA player cards, constructing teams, and competing in turn-based matches, players aim for victory.

Moreover, a unique feature of Genesis League Goals is the capacity to enhance NFT value through player card upgrades using equipment and skill components, enhancing team efficiency. Built around the globally adored sport of soccer, the game appeals to millions of fans, enabling them to manage teams composed of favorite MLSPA players in NFT form.

Genesis League Sports Review

With a focus on providing enjoyable and swift gameplay, Genesis League Goals becomes a dedicated space for soccer enthusiasts to relish their passion in a digital arena. Central to the game's mechanics are its cards, each carrying distinctive attributes that shape gameplay. These cards encompass both player and coach entities, available as NFTs in purchasable packs. Moreover, equipment and skill cards can be earned as rewards through gameplay progression. Elevating card value is a progressive system where duplicates combine, accumulating experience points (XP) for ascension to higher levels. Advancement comprises two key dimensions: XP level, boosted through card deployment in matches, and star level, achieved by merging similar cards to unlock new skill and equipment slots. By uniting cards, players can access enhanced functionalities and capabilities. Moreover, the cards' aesthetics offer depth as well, featuring two foil types: non-foil and illustrious gold foil, representing rare assets within the game's ecosystem.


The game offers a variety of engagement options, including collecting, renting, ranked matches, leagues, and tournaments. At its core, the match mechanics involve participants entering tournaments with teams led by coaches, composed of around 30 players. A team consists of 7 starters, up to 5 substitutes for in-match changes, and a potential of 10 reserve players for inter-match swaps. Also, player cards, available in regular and gold foil, carry stats derived from real-world player performance, determining initial attributes. Complementary coach cards are essential for gameplay, providing diverse in-game boosts. Additionally, the distinctive feature lies in player card upgradability through attached skills, including unique passive and active abilities, enhancing card diversity and market value.


$GLX is going to be the in-game token for Genesis League Sports.

Community Response

  • icewolf: I loved Football so much back when the Genesis was in its prime. I miss football games as accesible for gamers back in the day. Genesis again brings it back.

  • jadosa29: Man this game takes me back.

  • JCdragon81: Oh man. The amount of hours myself and both brothers put into sports talk baseball and World Series baseball was insane.  What incredible good memories this game bring back.


Genesis League Sports FAQ

1. What is Genesis League Sports?

Genesis League Sports is a blockchain-powered platform that focuses on play-to-earn gaming, specifically in the realm of sports games and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It offers a unique gaming experience centered around soccer, allowing players to collect, trade, and engage in strategic gameplay using NFT player cards.

2. What is Genesis League Goals?

Genesis League Goals is a dynamic strategy game developed in collaboration with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA). It utilizes NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain. In this game, players collect MLSPA player cards, build teams, and compete in fast-paced, head-to-head matches that require quick strategic decisions.

3. How do I acquire player cards in Genesis League Goals?

Player cards, as well as coach cards, can be acquired by purchasing packs that contain NFTs. These packs are available for purchase within the game using cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can earn equipment and skill cards as rewards through gameplay progression.

4. What is the significance of player card upgrades?

Player card upgrades are a key feature of Genesis League Goals. By merging duplicate cards, you accumulate experience points (XP) and unlock new skill and equipment slots, improving the capabilities of your cards. This not only enhances your gameplay but also increases the market value of your NFTs.

5. What are the different foil types for cards?

Player cards and other cards in the game come in two foil types: non-foil and illustrious gold foil. The gold foil cards represent rare assets within the game's ecosystem, offering collectors and players a unique experience.

6. What types of gameplay options are available in Genesis League Goals?

Genesis League Goals offers various engagement options, including collecting cards, renting them, participating in ranked matches, joining leagues, and competing in tournaments. The game provides a comprehensive soccer gaming experience for fans.

7. How does the in-game token, $GLX, work?

$GLX is the in-game token for Genesis League Sports. It plays a crucial role in the game's economy, serving as a medium for transactions, rewards, and upgrades within the platform. Players can earn, trade, and utilize $GLX to enhance their gaming experience.

8. Is Genesis League Sports affiliated with Major League Soccer (MLS)?

While Genesis League Sports collaborates with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) for Genesis League Goals, it is a separate entity and not directly affiliated with MLS or its teams.

9. How can I get started with Genesis League Sports?

To get started with Genesis League Sports and Genesis League Goals, you'll need to create an account on the platform, acquire player cards, and explore the various gameplay options available. Detailed instructions and tutorials are typically provided within the game to help newcomers.

10. Is Genesis League Sports available on all platforms?

Genesis League Sports may have specific platform requirements. Check the official website or platform-specific information for compatibility and availability on your preferred gaming device or system.  

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Frequently Asked Questions Genesis League Sports: Play-to-Earn Soccer Game with NFTs - Review

Genesis League Sports stands as a blockchain-powered platform tailored for play-to-earn gaming, focusing on sports games and NFTs. The minds behind Splinterlands and Genesis League Sports have teamed up with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) to introduce a dynamic strategy game, utilizing NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain. Genesis League Goals, the result of this collaboration, draws inspiration from the MLSPA roster.

Game Description

Genesis League Sports stands as a blockchain-powered platform tailored for play-to-earn gaming, focusing on sports games and NFTs. The minds behind Splinterlands and Genesis League Sports have teamed up with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) to introduce a dynamic strategy game, utilizing NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain. Genesis League Goals, the result of this collaboration, draws inspiration from the MLSPA roster.

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