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Deadrop - Game Review

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Deadrop is an exciting new free-to-play AAA vertical extraction shooter (VES) game that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to bring online multiplayer competition to new heights. Developed by Midnight Society, a studio led by the well-known YouTuber and content creator Dr. Disrespect, Deaddrop is sure to be a hit with players of all skill levels.

Midnight Society is a game development studio founded by the well-known content creator, Dr. Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV. On July 30th, 2022, the studio launched their latest game, Deadrop, which is a vertical extraction shooter. The game is a fresh take on the popular battle royale genre and has already gained a large following. Deadrop gameplay is fast-paced and challenging, making it a perfect fit for fans of competitive games like Call of Duty.

To enhance the player experience, Midnight Society has introduced a Founders Pass, which includes exclusive NFTs, allowing players to unlock unique in-game content. The latest updates to Deadrop game have also included new features such as customizable loadouts and game modes. The founders pass NFTs are a way to reward dedicated players and provide a sense of ownership within the game.

Deadrop's gameplay is not only immersive but also visually stunning, featuring stunning graphics and intense gameplay mechanics. The game's vertical extraction shooter format adds a unique twist to the battle royale genre and provides players with a fresh experience.

Overall, Deadrop is an exciting addition to the gaming world, created by the talented team at Midnight Society, led by Dr. Disrespect Beahm. The game's release date and subsequent updates have been met with enthusiasm from the gaming community, and its innovative approach to the genre has made it a must-play for fans of action-packed, competitive games.

Whether you are an experienced gamer or new to the world of NFTs, Deaddrop is a game that offers something for everyone. Its high-quality gameplay and multiplayer features make it a must-try for fans of action-packed, competitive games.

Deadrop Prologue

Set in the year 2020.b, Deaddrop takes place in a world where climate wars have led to the rise of city-states as the dominant form of governance. With pollution and population levels at an all-time high, the game is set in a world where towering structures called Refiner States are used to extract toxins from the stratosphere. These mega towers, known as city-states, are self-governed and their only export is a substance called Space Dust. The game offers a unique and immersive setting that is sure to captivate players.

In Deaddrop, the valuable Space Dust is shaped into bricks and sold to the urban cities surrounding the vertical city-states known as Refiner States. The trade in this dust and the wealth it generates has led to the forced occupation of these structures by various gangs and factions. These groups are locked in a fierce competition for control of the resources and gear inside the towers. Players can choose to align themselves with the Skins and Syns or the Cleaners as they fight for control of the Refiner States.

Deadrop NFTs and Trading Access Passes

The early birds and zero community members of the game shall have an access to the trading passes. These NFT access passes are limited in nature and will get a release window every now and then. The NFT technology is user-friendly and the NFTs will have an affordable base price. So, what is the benefit of the access pass?

The players holding an access pass shall have complete ownership of it. It will grant various exclusive Variant perks to the players having the pass. These perks will let a player hold a certain status within the Midnight Society community as well as inside the studio's games. The player may please to sale the access pass in open NFT marketplaces after a 30 days period of lockdown.

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Best Game Review - Deadrop

Deaddrop is a free-to-play AAA vertical extraction shooter (VES) NFT game that brings online multiplayer competition to new heights. The game's studio is Midnight Society, led by the famous YouTuber and content creator Dr. Disrespect.


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FAQ Deadrop - Game Review

Deadrop is an AAA vertical extraction shooter VES NFT game that is available for free and raises the bar for online multiplayer competition.

Midnight Society is a AAA blockchain gaming studio that has the famous YouTuber and content creator Dr. Disrespect at its back as co-founder and visionary, their proud title is Deadrop.

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