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Cryptopia - Game Review

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Looking for a game that combines blockchain technology, resource mining, and a real economy? Cryptopia Land might just be the game for you. This play-to-earn game, currently being developed on Ethereum/BSC, offers players the chance to explore and mine resources across different planets, all while designing their own tools. With a real economy based on the Cryptopia Land Dollar (CLD), players can trade, research, manufacture, and much more. In this review, we'll take a closer look at what makes Cryptopia Land stand out and whether it's worth your time and investment.

Cryptopia Land is a play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum/BSC blockchain. It has a real economy based on the CLD (Cryptopia Land Dollar). The goal of the game is to let players take part in a wide range of business activities like trading, researching, making, mining, hunting, and more.

Cryptopia Land is always getting bigger as more resources are found, so people can keep mining with their tools. Native currencies are used to support the site. This lets users make payments safely and use the digital currency for staking and governance. Cryptopia Land's game engine is a one-of-a-kind game engine made just for decentralized game hosts like Cryptopia Land. The method for making transactions in Cryptopia Land is safe and clear, so users can be sure that their transactions are safe. The game platform is built on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, which are used by many companies around the world. Users can do a lot of different things on the app, like solve puzzles, make mining tools, and take part in other activities.

Cryptopia is a visionary concept proposing the creation of a blockchain-based city-state that prioritizes sustainability, individual freedom, and transparency. While it offers potential benefits for society, the realization of Cryptopia would necessitate extensive planning, cooperation, and innovation to overcome the complex challenges involved.
The existing global economic system, detached from the gold standard, has demonstrated vulnerability to manipulation by governments and economic elites. This, coupled with the potential economic collapse caused by climate change. Moreover, it necessitates a reboot of society based on a secure and transparent foundation. Blockchain technology presents an opportunity to establish a sustainable society by providing decentralized trust and transparency.

To showcase the viability of a society founded on blockchain technology, a fully functional city-state called Cryptopia is available. Also, it will operate independently from any foreign power and eliminate the use of fiat currency. Due to the absence of unclaimed land, Cryptopia will be built as a seastead on international waters, serving as a floating city-state that can be emulated by other nations.

Cryptopia Game Review

Cryptopia aims to provide a haven for humanity. Moreover, it offers a fresh start and an opportunity for society to not only survive but also thrive. Cryptopia seeks to create a secure and transparent environment for governance and commerce. It is attainable by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


Cryptopia offers both fungible and non-fungible assets represented by tokens, which can be traded in three ways: the Swap Marketplace, the NFT Marketplace, and external marketplaces like OpenSea.
In the Swap Marketplace, fungible tokens can be easily swapped at any time. The trading engine maintains prices for natural resources, materials, and products in Cryptopia's native token, CRT, based on market supply and demand. Also, swapping tokens involves calculating the conversion rate between the desired assets, ensuring fairness and avoiding arbitrage opportunities.
The NFT Marketplace is dedicated to non-fungible tokens. Players have the option to list their NFTs for sale using three pricing methods: regular auction, fixed price, or Dutch auction. Bidders can place offers in CRT or ETH, and the seller retains control over accepting the offered price. Meanwhile, players can continue using their NFT assets in Cryptopia World while waiting for a buyer to offer the desired price.
External marketplaces like OpenSea provide an additional avenue for selling non-fungible tokens. Through a bridge connecting Cryptopia to the Ethereum blockchain, NFT tokens can be traded on specialized 3rd party exchanges like OpenSea.


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Best Game Review - Cryptopia

Get ready for an out-of-this-world game experience that combines blockchain technology, resource mining, and a real economy. Come to Cryptopia Land, the best game you can play to make money that is currently being made on Ethereum/BSC. Cryptopia Land is different from other games because you can explore and mine resources on many different worlds and make your own tools. And what's best? The real economy of the game, which is based on the Cryptopia Land Dollar (CLD), lets you make real money.


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Cryptopia is an independent city-state society based on the blockchain, where citizens can buy, sell, vote, and perform other essential activities using a safe, secure, and transparent system.

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