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Anichess is a chess theme strategy NFT game that meets blockchain technology to give you a play to earn gaming experience. Strategize, attack, conquer!

The game is developed by the famous Animoca Brands, Lympo, and Play Magnus Group comes this chess-themed strategy game that is a must-try. The game is still under development and there are no visuals of the gameplay for the public thus far. But the game developers have excellent credentials and by the looks of it, the game will reach heights in the near future. Though chess does not have too many followers, an NFT-based game with a large community is probably exactly what the game needed.

The game, according to the company, is partnered with Play Magnus Group (PMG), a pioneer in the chess industry with Magnus Carlsen as its founder. Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster and the current five-time World Chess Champion. He founded PMG in the same year he won his first world title.

Through its major chess market brands, including Chess24, Chessable, iChess, New in Chess, Everyman Chess, Silver Knights, Aimchess, the Play Magnus app suite, and the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, the PMG company also provides entertainment and e-learning.

Anichess Launch Window

The game will launch in 2023 and will combine GameFi and chess to offer a groundbreaking and distinctive gaming experience.

Lympo, a seasoned partner in GameFi and sports NFT, will take the lead on the game's development and launch.

Through the partnership with PMG, Lympo has access to more than 30 chess grandmasters who will review, feature test, and play Anichess to create an engaging gaming environment with an emphasis on the little things that will appeal to a wide range of fans.

In order to combine two worlds, the game's alliance aims to draw chess players to blockchain gaming and vice versa.

Top chess players have been invited by PMG to offer assistance and advice on the appearance, feel, and responsiveness of the chess engines in order to enable enjoyable gameplay for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Till then, check out another play to earn board game review by clicking here.

Anichess Gameplay

The game isn't simply about playing chess. It introduces an interactive new option for learning with the global chess masters and champions. And if you are lucky enough you might even be able to play with them. This will allow talented players to come forward. Moreover, they will learn from the grandmasters like Liem Le, Magnus Carlsen, and the legendary Jan-Krzysztof Duda. And make their mark in the world of chess. These players will be listed on the leaderboard and will be able to pursue the chess game as a career. The game will have PvP, PvE, and tournament battles.

Growing Fan Base

The game is steadily increasing in terms of popularity day by day. It seems like utilizing professionals to assist in the gameplay is something that has the fans interested. Moreover, a large number of players will probably be playing the game as soon as it launches.


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