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Abeats Hero

Abeats Hero is a fun NFT game where the player must battle, breed, gather, train, and create their own clan for their heroes. The play to earn mechanism allows players to take pleasure in the game while working toward the objective of earning more revenue and obtaining the true monetary value of the economic system.

Players with more skill get rewarded for it with bigger rewards. The gameplay allows users to create long-term strategies that allow them to rank higher and earn more in-game rewards.

Currently, it is the first phase of Abeats Hero and there are just 45 cards in the mix. Each character card has its own name, race, class, skills, and other attributes. The game is also quite ruthless, as you have to collect your loot and rewards on time otherwise other players may loot it.

Ways to earn:

The most common way to earn in Abeats Hero is to obviously compete in the matches. To get better rewards you should aim to appear at the top tables of players.

Once you earn rewards you can upgrade your characters and as they are NFT’s you can earn limitlessly on them based on what their demand is and how good they are compared to the rest of the flock.

Abeats Hero has 4 different classes

Mage- Mystic or psy-power experts are capable of doing a great deal of damage.

Tank- a class capable of guarding allied heroes well and providing teammates with support in the form of buffs.

Hunter- When faced with unusual circumstances, these are cards with a distinctive role, meaning they have certain special skills and they can also offer some defense.

Warrior- A balance between offensive and defensive.

Abeats Hero Gameplay


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